The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader Chapter 36

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Zhao Jiangui stares blankly at the scene, temporarily he actually doesn't know how to speak.

The two people continue eating their meal with sealed voices, Ji Han suddenly opens his mouth and says to Zhao Jiangui, "Your body is uncomfortable, certainly I can call the doctor to come over and treat you?"

Zhao Jiangui almost chokes to death on a mouthful of food.

Ji Han can't help also...can't help also being a bit too honest.

He isn't sick, see what doctor, ah! Treating him would expose him!

Zhao Jiangui coughs for a long time, swallows that mouthful of food with great difficulty, hastily says, "No need!"

Ji Han sees him suffering from choking, lifts his hand, seems to want to give him a clap on the back to mollify him, but that hand is raised a long time, then he lets it fall.

He still has a bit of hesitation, at the same time he says, "Don't lose your head, what Yan Daifu says is always very strict in the sect."

Zhao Jiangui, "There's truly no need..."

Ji Han says, "Don't hide sickness for fear of treatment."

Zhao Jiangui rambles incoherently, "I'm very good..."

If the doctor comes then it must be bad.

The points of Ji Han's eyebrows knit slightly, he appears extremely puzzled, "Just now didn't you say your legs are weak and you're uncomfortable?"

Zhao Jiangui, "Just now that was...that was..."

He also doesn't know how he should want to circle this lie.

Ji Han is silent without words, Zhao Jiangui also doesn't dare open his mouth again to speak.

The head maidservant thinks the mood is awkward, she also thinks this move of Ji Han's is improper, can't bear but to take advantage of the opportunity of being beside Ji Han's ear, whispers a few sentences in a low voice.

Ji Han is astonished, "No need to ask for the doctor?"

The head maidservant's expression is imposing, but she still nods.

Ji Han thinks he already understands this matter, soon opens his mouth, "Then there's no need to ask for the doctor."

Zhao Jiangui releases a breath.

Ji Han speaks to the head maidservant, "Go fetch medicine."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


What medicine?

What did they really just say?!

No, he can't randomly take medicine!

Zhao Jiangui's mind has a clever thought, he faintly recalls such a phrase regarding medicine in the old word book.

He suddenly takes his hand from the table, firmly grips Ji Han's hand.

Ji Han can't help turning pale with fright, "What are you doing!"

Zhao Jiangui, "There's no need to go get medicine."

Ji Han doesn't understand at all, "If you're sick, see a doctor, using medicine is just fine."

Zhao Jiangui strives to play the part of being adoring, "You are my medicine."

Ji Han, "..."

The head maidservant who has already gone out the door, "..."

The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader Chapter 36

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