The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader Chapter 40

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Without a sword at his side, Zhao Jiangui can't help being somewhat nervous.

Ji Han is confident in his highly skilled martial arts, however outside the door there aren't a number guards keeping watch, even if it's like this, if they're able to kill those few guards in one move, it's already an exceedingly dreadful enemy.

The head maidservant's complexion pales, but she still appears very calm.

Ji Han doesn't know at all what has happened, even if it's like this, he already understands this can't be a good thing.

He already smells the scent of blood.

Outside the door there are three people who step in.

A white-faced scholar with a little beard stays, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old young lady in black clothes, and also a wizened old man leaning on a walking stick.

This is actually an odd combination, but Zhao Jiangui nevertheless hardly thinks it's interesting.

For the Demon Sect Leader, Hanya indeed sent their top three masters at the same time.

They didn't find it worthwhile to stealthily lie in wait, because their gongfu is already sufficient to kill the majority in Jianghu.

The first to open his mouth is that white-faced scholar.

He is called s.h.i.+ Ge.

His gaze stops on Ji Han's face for quite a while, he utters a sigh of regret.

"Who'd have thought the Demon Sect Leader would be born this kind of attractive and charming." He sighs, "What a pity."

Ji Han, "..."

The black-clothed girl's face is filled with disgust, "Can you not talk so nauseatingly."

She is called Xu Jingying, she was previously the disciple who had been handed down skills directly from Emei's chief. She looks like she is still a young girl, but in actuality she is already twenty-eight years old.

She also uses a sword, moreover she uses it extremely well.

The remaining old man's surname is Sun, there is no one who knows his given name. Jianghu has named him Guaizi* Sun, because his weapon is that same strong walking stick in his hand.

For the most part, Ji Han can already guess who these people are.

He is inevitably a bit nervous.

Guaizi Sun asks, "That person is indeed Zhao Jiangui, Zhao Daxia."

Zhao Jiangui says, "Yes."

One side's s.h.i.+ Ge clicks his tongue.

"Who'd have thought the number one swordsman would also be born this confident and at ease." He mutters, "It's just such a pity to me."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

What is the meaning of this speech, how did he misunderstand what he heard.

Guaizi Sun coughs lightly, "Zhao Daxia, our target isn't you at all, is it possible to request for Zhao Daxia to make things easier."

Zhao Jiangui says, "I won't."

s.h.i.+ Ge sighs a breath, seems to feels it's very regrettable.

"I heard a servant here say, Zhao Daxia's body isn't well, that he's surely unable to fight." He says, "Since this is the case however he's no match for us, why not simply abandon this Demon Head for your own escape."

A long while before Zhao Jiangui and Ji Han understand the meaning of s.h.i.+ Ge's speech.

The two people's faces slightly flush almost at the same time, and that side's s.h.i.+ Ge is extremely astonished. He sighs sorrowfully, "Shockingly they spoke the truth."

Xu Jingying lets him have it, "Shut up! You're not allowed to speak again!"

Ji Han also doesn't want to speak more with them.

He had signaled the head maidservant with his eyes earlier, the head maidservant has already grabbed Zhao Jiangui and moved him aside.

Zhao Jiangui is puzzled, "You, this is..."

The head maidservant takes out a flexible sword from her waist, she seems to also know some gongfu.

She says to Zhao Jiangui in a low voice, "Zhao Gongzi's body is unwell, please don't force yourself to do anything."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

He isn't at all unwell anywhere!

The head maidservant says earnestly, "Zhao Gongzi, you must please believe in Jiaozhu!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


*拐子/guǎizi means cripple

The Wrong Way To A Demon Sect Leader Chapter 40

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