Outside The Law Chapter 11

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Warning: There is NSFW content in this chapter.

Ping City had extravagant dance parties every day, but a party like the one Mr. w.a.n.g had hosted this time, with Luo Yu, Ruang Zheng, and He Yonggui all in attendance, was truly the first and only.

The host, w.a.n.g Wenguang, came from Ping City's old money. He got along well with everyone and was obsessed with social gatherings. He also loved building relations.h.i.+ps with the people he thought were worth it.

Because of Ruan Zheng's ident.i.ty, every time he sent invitations to Zhen Ting, he would always write Ruan Zheng and Jiang Qi are cordially invited to attend together, even though Ruan Zheng had never attended before. This time, when Zhen Ting was confirming their seats, they had suddenly announced that Ruan Zheng would be coming. The secretary in charge of the event's coordination immediately reported this news to w.a.n.g Wenguang. w.a.n.g Wenguang had been so shocked his jaw had dropped open.

Not even half a day later, everyone knew Ruan Zheng would be coming to the party tonight. Several people who had originally not planned on attending hurriedly rushed back from out of town; everyone wanted to see what Ruan Zheng looked like. 

This was Ruan Zheng's first time attending a public party. He wore a low profile three piece suit and congenially smiled at the host standing across from him. 

"Ah Zheng, this is Mr. w.a.n.g," Jiang Qi introduced to Ruan Zheng.

w.a.n.g Wenguang and Ruan Zheng shook hands. In his head, he was suspicious as to why Ruan Zheng looked so young. Was this a fake?  

"Qi Zai," He Yonggui strolled in confidently through the door. His gaze fell on Jiang Qi and the person beside him. He acted like he knew nothing and winked at Jiang Qi. "Your new pet?"

Jiang Qi emotionlessly expressed, "This is Mr. Ruan."

He Yonggui's eyes widened. "Is that so? I thought he was a little master you picked up from White Nest."

The fact that he had hired people to ambush Luo Yu had been exposed with his failure. Though Luo Yu had yet to act against him, he knew that something was most definitely going to happen soon. However, He Yonggui wasn't scared at all, because he didn't have much time left to live anyways. Originally, he had wanted to prepare the road for his son's succession, but who knew that Luo Yu was so fortunate? He had survived and returned from country U. Now, He Yonggui had finished preparing an escape for his son. He wasn't scared of anything anymore.

Jiang Qi had jumped s.h.i.+p to Ruan Zheng's from under his command. He hadn't liked Ruan Zheng from very early on.

"Elder He," Ruan Zheng held a hand out to him, not caring what he thought. "How has your health been recently?"

He Yonggui's smile lessened. He shook hands with Ruan Zheng. "I'm fine, thanks for asking."

Ruan Zheng took his hand back and said, "That's for the best."

He Yonggui turned around and saw Luo Yu who was standing off in the distance. He had an idea. As if scared there wasn't enough conflict in the world, he said, "Isn't that Mr. Luo? Won't Mr. Ruan go say hi?"

Zhen Ting and Huan An's discordant relations.h.i.+p was old news. He Yonggui believed that the person Ruan Zheng hated the most was probably Luo Yu.  

Ruan Zheng turned his head to look at Luo Yu who was chatting with someone else. He lightly said, "I should go say hi."

Luo Yu had already seen Ruan Zheng. His original plan was to walk over and stand in a more obvious location, but he was called to a halt by Qi Ye.

He chatted with Qi Ye while focusing on Ruan Zheng with his peripheral vision. After a long conversation, Ruan Zheng finally approached them.

"Mr. Luo." Ruan Zheng made his way over. He first glanced at Qi Ye who was across from Luo Yu. Qi Ye didn't recognize him, only feeling that he looked familiar, so he simply nodded politely.

Ruan Zheng realized that Qi Ye didn't recognize him, so nodded back. Then, he held out a hand to Luo Yu. "Zhen Ting, Ruan Zheng."

Off to the side, Qi Ye was shocked. He hadn't expected Ruan Zheng to look like this. In his predictions, Ruan Zheng should've been taller and larger than Jiang Qi.

Luo Yu looked down at Ruan Zheng's hand. Ruan Zheng's fingers were devoid of any accessories. Luo Yu reached a hand out too and quickly shook hands with Ruan Zheng. He immediately let go after. His fingers were empty too.

The noise levels of the conversations around them diminished. Everyone's attention was glued on the actions of the two bosses of Zhen Ting and Huan An, renowned for not getting along. They were all waiting to watch the drama unfold. 

Luo Yu brushed away Ruan Zheng's hand and called a server carrying a plate of champagne to a halt. He grabbed two gla.s.ses and handed one to Ruan Zheng. "Want a gla.s.s?"

Ruan Zheng took the alcohol, clinked gla.s.ses with him, and downed it in one gulp. 

w.a.n.g Wenguang was terrified that they would randomly start fighting. He hurriedly apologized to a few guests he had just been talking to and rushed over to the two. Who knew that before he could even enter their vicinity, Luo Yu had already thrown the gla.s.s in his hand on the floor. Ruan Zheng's gla.s.s landed on the ground too. 

The champagne gla.s.ses shattered one after the other on the marble tiles. The sound they made was crisp and loud.

The guests all became silent, turning their attention onto the commotion on the other side. 

Only to see Luo Yu let go of Ruan Zheng's wrist, ruthlessness displayed clearly on his face——A fight is about to break out! All the guests thought.

w.a.n.g Wenguang urgently rushed over. He struggled to maintain a smile as he asked, "What's going on?"

"Elder w.a.n.g, do you have any empty rooms?" Luo Yu turned to inquire w.a.n.g Wenguang. "I want to have a good chat with Mr. Ruan."

w.a.n.g Wenguang froze, then hurriedly said, "Well there are some……"

There was a small private room in the corner of the dance hall. w.a.n.g Wenguang personally guided them over and opened the door for them. Jiang Qi and Xing Licheng followed too, and were originally planning on walking inside. Luo Yu stopped them. "A private chat."

Ruan Zheng nodded at Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi took a step back.

After entering the room and closing the door, Luo Yu pushed Ruan Zheng onto a stool. He looked down at him.

"Why the att.i.tude?" Ruan Zheng asked him kindly. He sat with legs crossed, and appeared both well-behaved and obedient. The cold edges that had been present when he was speaking with He Yonggui had disappeared. He was still Su Jiawen.

Luo Yu lifted a hand to squeeze Ruan Zheng's chin. He lowly inquired, "You're finally willing to come out?"

"If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to see Mr. Luo," Ruan Zheng said smoothly. His right hand reached out to grab Luo Yu's wrist. He stroked down the back of the other's hand, all the way to his fingertips.

"If you wanted to see me, why haven't you contacted me for so long?" Luo Yu leaned down to inquire by his ear. "Is it fun keeping me hanging?"

Luo Yu was always a bit out of control when he was facing Ruan Zheng. He couldn't maintain absolute composure. When they returned to Ping City, Ruan Zheng had gone off the grid, but Luo Yu didn't want to be the one to initiate contact. Now, all his pent up frustration was being released on Ruan Zheng. 

Ruan Zheng pushed Luo Yu further away. He smiled, "Is a week very long?"

As they spoke, Ruan Zheng's phone started vibrating. He took it out and saw that it was Jiang Qi, so answered.

"Still alive?" Jiang Qi asked him.

Ruan Zheng answered "un" while he stared at Luo Yu. Then he told Jiang Qi, "Don't bother me."

Ruan Zheng hung up, only to see Luo Yu still glaring at him. He jokingly said, "I don't have your personal number. Can you give it to me?"

"Oh?" Luo Yu released his chin and took two steps back. "Then what will you give me?"

Ruan Zheng jumped off his chair, walked in front of Luo Yu, and kneeled. His face was close enough to touch the thing between Luo Yu's legs. He reached a hand up to brush Luo Yu's belt. Upon seeing that Luo Yu wasn't doing anything to stop him, he lifted his head to ask, "I'll give Mr. Luo a b.l.o.w.j.o.b. Is that okay?"

Luo Yu looked down at Ruan Zheng and didn't say anything. The erection between his legs was enough of an answer.

He undid Luo Yu's belt and pulled down his pants, then easily took Luo Yu's hard member into his mouth. Ruan Zheng's oral cavity was wet and hot. He sucked hard and licked at Luo Yu's c.o.c.k too. Luo Yu pushed inside some more. He looked down at Ruan Zheng's lips that glistened red like flower petals; the same lips that were wrapped around his erection.

Ruan Zheng swallowed him in deeper. As if he were whining, he hummed lightly from his nose. Luo Yu immediately felt a fire light in his heart. He grabbed Ruan Zheng's shoulder blades. "Deeper."

Ruan Zheng obediently swallowed more of the c.o.c.k. Luo Yu kept a hand on his head and thrust inside his mouth.

In the end, Ruan Zheng's mouth was almost numb from Luo Yu's pounding. Luo Yu finally pulled at Ruan Zheng's hair and came in his mouth. Ruan Zheng choked a little. He coughed a few times, then spat out Luo Yu's c.o.c.k. There was still white fluid dotting the corner of his lips.

"So thick," Ruan Zheng said as he licked his lips.

Luo Yu emotionlessly zipped up his pants. He gripped Ruan Zheng by the collar and pulled him up. 

Ruan Zheng had spent so long giving Luo Yu a b.l.o.w.j.o.b that his throat was a bit sore. He scooted in right next to Luo Yu and helped him put his belt back on while asking, "What about Mr. Luo's phone number?"

He added, "I suddenly remembered. Mr. Luo said before that he would buy me a vase. He never did."

Luo Yu's face was dark as he pulled out his cardholder from his inside pocket. He slid out a card that had his personal number written on it, then yanked Ruan Zheng over. He pressed the card against his waist and stuffed it into his pants, by his pelvis. It was glued to Ruan Zheng's skin. He asked Ruan Zheng, "Didn't Jiang Qi buy one for you?"

"But you didn't buy it." Ruan Zheng lifted his face to kiss Luo Yu. Luo Yu didn't reject him. He only pushed Ruan Zheng away with furrowed brows after tasting the c.u.m in his mouth.

"Keep it safe." After saying this, Luo Yu undid his own tie and took off his suit jacket. He also rolled up his sleeves as he walked towards the door. "Come out later."

He opened the door, then slammed it behind him.

A while later, Jiang Qi walked in. He was like the rest of the guests outside and thought Ruan Zheng had gotten beat up. Who knew that Ruan Zheng would be comfortably resting on a chair. Upon seeing Jiang Qi enter, he pulled out the card Luo Yu had stuffed into his pants. He bragged, "I got his phone number!"

Jiang Qi trembled and almost slammed the door shut like Luo Yu had.

The car was silent on the way back. Ruan Zheng didn't like listening to music, so only the sounds of breathing and Jiang Qi tapping at his keyboard could be heard. 

"He Yonggui's going to send his son away?" Ruan Zheng suddenly disrupted the silence.

Jiang Qi stopped typing. He glanced at Ruan Zheng and said, "He's in the late stages of lung cancer. He doesn't have much time remaining. You saw how he looked today……Apparently he only has two months left. If he could've foreseen this, he wouldn't have caused such a commotion. Even daring to touch Luo Yu, no wonder he doesn't have much time to live."

Ruan Zheng heard the words "lung cancer" and suddenly felt an itch in his hands. He searched through the car and found a pack of cigarettes, then pulled one out and lit it. 

Jiang Qi lifted his hand, wanting to extinguish it, but Luo Yu moved out of his reach.

Ruan Zheng rolled down the car windows and took a few puffs. He flicked some dust off the b.u.t.t of the cigarette into the ashtray before turning to ask Jiang Qi, "Do you think me and Luo Yu still have a chance?"

His face didn't match the cigarette. It was like looking at a good student who had been led astray, and made one want to s.n.a.t.c.h the cigarette from his hand.  

"You're asking me?" Jiang Qi scoffed. "How would I know?"

Ruan Zheng's smile was cute. "The audience can see clearest."

"Isn't he still being led along by the nose by you?" Jiang Qi turned his gaze back onto the computer screen. "Who knows what you guys did together today."

Ruan Zhen laughed suggestively. He pulled out his phone and dialed Luo Yu's personal phone number that he already had saved in his phone since long ago. He leaned against the car seat and took a draw of his cigarette. Luo Yu picked up right then.

Maybe because of the digital compression that occurred when speaking over the phone, Luo Yu's voice could be considered gentle. 

Ruan Zheng asked him, "Where's Mr. Luo?"

"At home," Luo Yu answered his question.

"Are you preparing to sleep?" Ruan Zheng continued. He gently said, "I haven't reached home yet."

Luo Yu didn't speak, so Ruan Zheng did all the talking. "Has Abel been good these past few days?"

Luo Yu paused again before inquiring, "What's your real question?"

"Has Mr. Luo been good?" Ruan Zheng softly asked.

Luo Yu seemed to stop breathing for an instant. He directly hung up the phone. 

But Ruan Zheng appeared very happy. He told Jiang Qi, "He answered my call."

Jiang Qi thought this person must be an elementary schooler. He accidentally blurted it out too. Ruan Zheng didn't bother with him, taking out the card from his pocket to observe once more. 

A moment later, Luo Yu called back for some unknown reason. He told Su Jiawen, "I asked for you. The dog has been good lately. If you like him, you can take him."

"A token of promise?" Ruan Zhen questioned.

"Breakup present," Luo Yu responded icily.

Ruan Zheng froze. He felt embarra.s.sed for a.s.suming. He went "oh", then added on a while later, "You keep it."

Thankfully, Luo Yu didn't hang up either. Neither of them hung up. 

Finally, Ruan Zheng's phone ran out of batteries. It beeped in warning before the screen went black and the line cut off.  

Luo Yu stood by the window. There was no Su Jiawen by his side, or Ruan Zheng.

The courtyard was very empty. Half the view from his room was the ocean, the other half was mountains. He hadn't asked the housekeeper about how Abel had been recently. After hanging up, he regretted it immediately. He wanted to speak with Ruan Zheng more.

Luo Yu gazed at the stars and moon above the peak of the mountain. He suddenly remembered something Jiang Qi had told him. He said that Ruan Zheng had waited for him at the top of Jian Island for an entire night.

He couldn't help calling Xing Licheng again. He asked, "Did Ruan Zheng schedule a meeting with me three years ago?"

"Three years ago?" Xing Licheng quickly checked his past schedules in the computer and relayed, "Zhen Ting did. But the signature was Ruan Zheng's."

"How come I don't remember?" His tone carried hints of displaced anger. Dissatisfaction brewed in his voice.

Xing Licheng thought about it and said, "At the time, Zhen Ting was hosting a gala. Mr. Luo had to make a trip to the capitol, so I rejected the invitation for you. Ruan Zheng called to say that he would wait for you. However, that was just the normal, polite thing to say, so I didn't tell you. But Ruan Zheng personally called that time, which is why I remember it especially clearly."

Luo Yu had an idea in his mind. He asked Xing Licheng to start a detailed investigation; three years ago, was it actually a gala or a date. 

But what did it matter now? It was all a misunderstanding. Ruan Zheng asked Luo Yu out, but Luo Yu never showed up. Yet to Luo Yu, things seemed somewhat different. He wanted to understand Ruan Zheng more.

The reality now was, he hurt when Ruan Zheng hurt. So he wanted to dig for the truth and find out why Ruan Zheng hurt.

Outside The Law Chapter 11

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