I Just Want To Be In A Relationship 129: Isn't It Obvious Since You Are So Clingy To Each Other? (2)

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He was thinking about making some instant food for Huo Qu, but when he entered the kitchen, he saw a full table of dishes. They were all cold, without any traces of being touched at all.

These dishes might be sent by the bodyguard or chauffeur of Huo family. Yu Qinghuan turned on the gas stove to heat them up.

As soon as he held up one plate of dish, he was held from the back suddenly. Huo Qu laid his jaw on Yu Qinghuan's shoulder, sticking to him like a huge marshmallow.

“Hey, I can’t cook now,” said Yu Qinghuan. After a few seconds, Huo Qu still didn’t let him go. Just as he turned his head to one side and was about to say it again, Huo Qu quickly kissed on his lip corner.

His eyes were starry, straightly and shyly, discarding all the caginess in the past. They seemed to say: What’s wrong? Wasn’t it my right to kiss my boyfriend?

Yu Qinghuan totally gave in to him. The warmness from his back gradually touched his heart, melting all the previous burden.

Thus, Huo Qu held his boyfriend throughout the cooking. He moved as the one in his ams moved, stopped as his lover stopped. Until all the dishes were ready, he reluctantly let him go.

“Just take a few bites,” said Yu Qinghuan, but he still pushed all the dishes before Huo Qu.

Huo Qu nodded and picked up the chopsticks awkwardly.

“You eat. I am going to make a phone call.” Speaking of which, Yu Qinghuan took out his phone, intended to go out. But his wrist was held by Huo Qu.

“Make the call here.” It was the first time Huo Qu proposed his demand in a strong tone.

Yu Qinghuan stunned for a second and sat back to his seat, “OK.”

 “It’s Rui ge, he called me for some new arrangements.” Yu Qinghuan explained to him when dialing Zhao Rui’s number.

 “Hey bro, did you call me for the new arrangement of Orange?”

The current box office of Orange had approached 500 million RMB, although the rising tendency had gradually slowed down, it still a big hit. It was said that even some films’ premiers were postponed due to the movie.

But the publicity period of Orange had already been over, what would Zhao Rui want him to do?

 “Orange has been nominated for the best picture of the season, and it is going to be released in Macau.” There were no signs of excitement in Zhao Rui’s voice, he was talking as if this outstanding film had nothing to do with him. “I want you to go with me.”

 “I…think I am not necessary in this trip.” Generally, such activities only required the director and the producer, while the actors’ presence was not a necessity.

Yu Qinghuan hesitated for a bit and then asked, “Or… Do you have some other special plan?”

He was just back from work, the next thing to do on the schedule was the publicity of The Line of Life and Death. He hoped to accompany Huo Qu more during this spare time in between.

“Ahem.” Zhao Rui made a cough and spoke vaguely, “I just, hmmm… I just saw your news these days.”

Thinking Zhao Rui was speaking about the gossip of him and w.a.n.g Chengcheng, Yu Qinghuan replied, “The gossip has been clarified, and those netizens are all blaming w.a.n.g Chengcheng for it now. I am out of this thing now.”

“Not that.” Zhao Rui made up his mind and poured out his thought, “Those villagers said the one sat beside you could won the mahjong. I… What I am trying to say…is if you can go to the casino with me.”

Yu Qinghuan: “…”

Suddenly he kind of missed the Zhao-nit-picker-Rui with grumpy face in the past.

As he was just about to excuse himself from this invitation, Huo Qu suddenly grabbed his left hand, stopped having the meal and stared at Yu Qinghuan without any facial expressions.

Knowing that Huo Qu was just afraid of his leaving, Yu Qinghuan held his hand and gave him a comforting glance. “I am so sorry, ge, I have other arrangements. My schedule is really tight,.” he reclined Zhao Rui.

 “What arrangements?” jeered Zhao Rui, “There is still some time before the publicity of The Line of Life and Death.

“To accompany my boyfriend.” Yu Qinghuan continued without hesitation.

Zhao Rui silenced for seconds and asked, “Is it Huo Qu?”

As a man regarding life and death as nothing, Zhao Rui didn’t consider h.o.m.os.e.xual as a matter.

But Yu Qinghuan was shocked. “How did you know?”

He and Huo Qu just confirmed their relations.h.i.+p tonight, how could Zhao Rui know about it? Was he a prophet?!

Zhao Rui had a smoke and replied calmly, “On man! Look at you two! So clingy to each other! Only the dope like Zhao Qingyuan cannot notice your relations.h.i.+p.”

 “…”Labeled with “clingy”, Yu Qinghuan didn’t know what to say.

Since all the cards were put on the table, Yu Qinghuan felt less pressure to refuse his invitation. “Ge, you know how tight my schedule will be. So I only want to stay with him during these days.”

“You can take him with you.” Zhao Rui still insisted, “I only need you when I am in the casino.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

He had to admit that Zhao Rui’s suggestion was reasonable to some extent. He had never travelled with Huo Qu even though they’d known each other for so long. “When do you plan to go?” he considered for a second and asked.

“The day after tomorrow.”

The day after tomorrow was Sat.u.r.day, Yu Qinghuan covered the receiver and asked Huo Qu, “Do you want to go travel with me?”

Traveling with the beloved one was a whole new experience for Huo Qu. He thought over and nodded earnestly. “Yes.”

 “OK.” Yu Qinghuan said to Zhao Rui, “Let me check if Huo Qu has a pa.s.sport. If he has, we will go with you.”

 “Alright.” Zhao Rui fully understood the consideration. “Inform me as soon as possible,” Zhao Rui then hang up the phone.

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship 129: Isn't It Obvious Since You Are So Clingy To Each Other? (2)

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