I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 138: “No Hurry, I'll Just Wait For You At Home.” 1

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Chapter 138: “No Hurry, I'll just Wait for You at Home.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The next day, Yu Qinghuan rose up with the lark and arrived at the airport early.

The night before, he was seriously short of sleep. When entering the lounge, he pulled down his hat brim and dozed off on the back of the chair. As he was about to fall asleep, he was suddenly awakened by a strong push. Then, his ear came in the annoying voice of Zhao Qingyuan, “Did you see the video sent to you yesterday? Why didn't you reply to me? Was it...”

Although he didn't make it clear, his winks and his facial expression had explicated everything.

Yu Qinghuan glanced at him with a straight look. “You can also try to get up at 4 in the morning to catch the flight.”

Last night, he and Huo Qu did that thing until the middle of the night. In the end, Yu Qinghuan felt like a salted fish drained of water, while Huo Qu was still energetic and lively. He felt so envious, and at the same time, curious.

When Huo Qu showed him that dirty little video with a face of shyness, Yu Qinghuan realized that it was all Zhao Qingyuan's little game.

This was why Huo Qu suddenly got the hang of it with no one teaching him before?

Yu Qinghuan didn't want to talk to Zhao Qingyuan at first, but he couldn't hold the babbles of the man, who was always looking for a sense of presence in front of him.

Seeing that wretched smiling face, together with the grievance that professor Huo had'crushed' on him in all aspects, Yu Qinghuan's anger came up.

When Yu Qinghuan lifted the brim of his hat and was about to speak, Zhao Qingyuan asked first, “Qinghuan, to be honest, do you and Huo Qu...his family has no objection?”

This was a question that Yu Qinghuan had always been evading. He sighed and wanted to ask Zhao Qingyuan if he had any suggestion, while the other party continued, “Do you think Huo Rong will wroite you a check of dozens of mission directly and then let you leave Huo Qu?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

He straightened up and suddenly reached out and wobbled Zhao Qingyuan's head.

He did not use much strength, and Zhao Qingyuan actually was enjoying it. He grinned and asked, “Well, Qinghuan. Do you find that I am more handsome than Huo Qu now?”

“No.” Yu Qinghuan looked at him coldly, “I'm trying to find out if you're out of your mind.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan, “Maybe you're born with a stupid skull.”

Zhao Qingyuan: QAQ

As the plane was about to take off, it started to drizzle. Fortunately, the flight was not delayed. Towards noon, they landed in the destination city.

The roadshow of The Line of Life and Death was carried out by two groups. Liu Jia'an's group had Zhao Qingyuan, w.a.n.g Chengcheng and Yu Qinghuan, they focused on first-tier cities. And the deputy director Jiang Qi, brought Fang Zhongxi and Li Hongxiu with him to promote the movie in the second-tier and third-tier cities.

During this period of time, Yu Qinghuan's social status had ascended quickly. He had not only gained popularity in the mainstream movie circle, but also beloved by the fas.h.i.+on circle since he had cooperated with the famous brand Ada as his first-time endors.e.m.e.nt. He had even been contacted by many famous magazines, which asked him to take covers for their magazines.

Therefore, even if Fang Zhongxi and Li Hongxiu had a word of this arrangement, they could only restrain it in their hearts.

Due to the tight schedule of the roadshows, Yu Qinghuan's group hurriedly put their luggage in the hotel and rushed to the scene under the arrangement of the sponsors.

The Line of Life and Death had not yet been released, so their current roadshows were all held outdoors. They would only enter the cinemas in major cities after the movie was released.

A movie generally had roadshows after it was released. Since this was the first movie that Liu Jia'an made after he returned China seven years later, he would inevitably put more heart into it and arrange publicity before and after its release.

This stop was in a broad stadium, where a lot of roll up banners of the movie on the spot, and the scenes were decorated closely related to the movie.

Before the roadshow began, Liu Jia'an was still worried lest there would be few partic.i.p.ators. But when he really came to the stage and saw the people on the seats, he finally felt much relieved in his heart.

Oops, not bad.

The popularity of the actors could be best demonstrated at a roadshow. The overwhelming majority of fans arriving today came to support Zhao Qingyuan and Yu Qinghuan. w.a.n.g Chengcheng had only a few fans, and they prepared very few nameplates for her, which were obviously inattentive.

Liu Jia'an's personal style was sharp, he carried out every task with drive and sweep. After a few simple introductions at the beginning, he got straight to the point and released the trailer of The Line of Life and Death.

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 138: “No Hurry, I'll Just Wait For You At Home.” 1

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