I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 14: He Caught The “I-Can't-Look-At-Qinghuan” Disease 2

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Chapter 14: He Caught the “I-can't-look-at-Qinghuan” Disease (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
While they were glutting themselves with delicacies, the Huo brothers were squeezing in the car, reading the papers in their hands, which were the results they had investigated about Yu Qinghuan.

"This son is so pathetic, "After a few seconds silence, Huo Rong opened his mouth since he was the first to finish those.

Yu Qinghuan was born in a village and his parents had died when he was young, but still he went to the best college. What was more, this guy, who had been poor since he was young, donated over half of the lottery money he won to his hometown.

“Watch your language, son!” Right after Huo Rong said that, Mrs. Huo slapped his back of head. She was really p.i.s.sed off every time she saw her two useless sons.

She could give it a go that they opened an entertainment company. But they also learned those bad habits from the circle, dyed their hair, and became nocturnal animals like the owls.

“Look at Qinghuan, well disciplined, with great personalities.” Mrs. Huo looked at Yu Qinghuan's photo and praised, “I wish that I could have him as my son. How could you badmouth him like that? You…”

Mrs. Huo poked Huo Rong's forehead and said, “What should I say about you?”

Huo Rong could not stand his mother's poking, and tried to dodge away.

Hadn't she also started from a C-list star? Now on seeing Yu Qinghuan materials, she immediately changed her tone and even scolded them.

They wouldn't mind if she thought they were no better that their little brother. But now they couldn't even compare with an outsider? What kind of mother was she?

"Are you still trying to quibble?" Looking at her second son, Mrs. Huo raised her chin and asked with a sneer.

Feeling like his father's sharp eyes suddenly fixed on his body, Huo Rong's body got stiff and he immediately surrendered, “No, no, no, every word you said is absolutely right.”

Mrs. Huo goggled at them, "why don't you drive home now? Not enough shame?"

Huo Rong: "OK."

Mrs. Huo then said, "I told you that Qinghuan is an employee of your company, so you should take good care of him. If he hadn't sent Qu back that day, the consequences would be disastrous, you know?"

"Yeah, I know," Huo Rong made a turn and watched his mom from the rearview mirror, and said, “I promise I'm gonna give the best resources to him, OK?”

Mrs. Hall snorted." That's more like it."

They left just in time, because Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu just finished eating.

"According to the map, there is a market for flowers, birds, insects and fish nearby. I don't know if they sell fish in winter." Yu Qinghuan put away the phone and said to Huo Qu.

Just now they were sitting in a small box. The boss was very good at decoration, putting a tank of colorful goldfish in the corner. Since he wouldn't move his eyes from it, Yu Qinghuan could only promise to buy him one.

"Yes," Huo Qu gave him a confirmative answer like he had gone there before.

Yu Qinghuan crossed the road according the navigation. On the half away, he saw that Huo Qu was still standing there, as silly as a toad. He remembered that this kid didn't know how to cross the road. So he immediately went back to pull him, “You've got me.”

He still didn't understand why Huo Qu couldn't cross the road. Even if he couldn't himself, he had him now and he could just walk after him.

"Qinghuan, don't be afraid of me.” On hearing Qinghuan was blaming him, he immediately got nervous and s.n.a.t.c.hed a corner of Yu Qinghuan's clothes.

He also knew that he was different from others, but he had never cared about others' judgments about him before. Now he heard Yu Qinghuan said that he was afraid, and suddenly his heart skipped a beat and a kind of indescribable pain rippled in his chest.

Huo Qu vaguely touched his chest, he was really ill.

"...I'm not afraid." Yu Qinghuan twitched his mouth while touching his forehead with a hand. Seeing Huo Qu's suspicious eyes, he added," I'm not afraid of you at all."

Afraid that Huo Qu might say something shocking, he pointed to the milk tea shop in front and said, " I'll buy you a cup of hot drink. You stay here and don't you ever talk to anyone, you got it?”

"Got it." Huo Qu put his hands along the creases of his trousers and nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

"Don't go anywhere by yourself."


Yu Qinghuan then felt a little relieved and went to buy him a hot drink.

The moment Yu Qinghuan entered the milk tea shop, a group of people carrying cameras ran to Huo Qu.

It is a new entertainment show launched by the national TV station. A fixed part of the show was interviewing pa.s.sers-by. Huo Qu was handsome, tall, and bland, looking quite outstanding among the crowd. So they immediately nailed him.

Although the national TV station had a detached status, most of its programs were too serious, so it was not in line with the taste of young people. The newly appointed director had great ambitions, so he directly decided to launch a variety show specially aiming at the young people.

National TV production, of course it would make a hit, plus the great contrast between an entertainment show and the orthodox national TV station, of course it had attracted a lot of audience. Therefore, once this program was launched, it swept all over the country. Before Season I was finished, lots of people were already urging Season II on Weibo.

The program crew stopped in front of Huo Qu, the hostess put the microphone before him," h.e.l.lo handsome boy, we are the national TV program "Young People Want High", may I interview you?”

The hostess looked beautiful and graceful, with a sweet voice also. Now she was wearing a sweet smile, which no one could not resist.

While she was confidently waiting for Huo Qu's affirmative answer, he suddenly turned his face to the other side with a cold eye.

Qinghuan told him he should not talk to strangers, so he listened to his words!

The hostess: “…”

Other people of the crew, “…”

Are they so scary??? Monsters growing on their faces??? What is going on? Confused...

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 14: He Caught The “I-Can't-Look-At-Qinghuan” Disease 2

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