I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 183: The Grand Prize! 2

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Chapter 183: The Grand Prize! (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The moving day happened to be Sat.u.r.day, and Huo Qu was also at home. The task Yu Qinghuan arranged for him was to tidy up and pack up things.
That was what Huo Qu was best at. His works amazed everyone there. Zhao Qingyuan even took out his cell phone and took a few photos.
“Holy c.r.a.p! This is absolutely f.u.c.king awesome!” Zhao Qingyuan looked at the perfectly symmetrical and neatly folded clothes in the suitcases and sighed, “How on earth did this happen?”
“Why bother so much?” Zhao Rui gave him an impatient stare with a cigarette in his mouth. He bent down to put the bag beside on his shoulder and said lightly, “You can't learn anyway.”
“Ah, Zhao Rui, what do you mean?” Zhao Qingyuan ran after him with arms folded, saying angrily, “What did I do to offend you? Like you can learn it!”
“Oh, I can't, either.” Zhao Rui simply ignored his provocation and said with a straight face, quickening his pace.
Zhao Qingyuan felt like his punch hitting on the cotton and almost choked out a mouthful of blood. After a long time, he managed to smooth down the anger in his chest and went on working angrily.
These several men were strong and worked fast. Even if Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu had a lot of things, they still had them all moved out by evening.
“I'm so exhausted.” Zhao Qingyuan slumped himself on the couch in the living room, looked up and shouted at Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, throw me a bottle of water!”
Yu Qinghuan tore open the package of mineral water, threw a bottle to him, and opened one himself. He drank like a fish because of thirsty.
By this time, Zhao Rui had already made a round in the room. He stopped on the big balcony ab.u.t.ting the living room. Feeling the night breeze blowing, he turned back to Yu Qinghuan and said, “Qinghuan, your house is really nice.”
Yu Qinghuan spent a lot of effort in communicating the design plan, so the decoration was very good.
The master bedroom and living room were all equipped with bright floor-to-ceiling windows, from which a panoramic view of the Yanhe Bay could be seen. The decoration was modern Chinese style with warm colors and unique design rather than European style. At first glance, it looked very comfortable.
“You can also buy one here.” Yu Qinghuan laughed. “We could be neighbors.”
Zhao Rui thought for a moment and nodded, “That's a good proposal. I'll go and look for one some other day.”
Zhao Qingyuan refused to be outdone, “Then I'll buy one, too. It's no fun living alone. Let's be neighbors.”
Zhao Rui clicked his tongue when he heard this, “Then Qinghuan will have to walk the Husky every morning.”
Zhao Qingyuan didn't understand what it meant at the beginning, and then responded Zhao Rui with a kick, “Why do you always have trouble with me today? Get out of my sight!”
Yu Qinghuan did not take part in the civil war between the two. Looking around, he did not see Huo Qu, so he pushed the door and entered the master bedroom. Then he saw him packing as busy as a bee.

“Take a rest,” Yu Qinghuan handed him a bottle of water and watched him take a few sips before continuing. “Take it easy. We still have a whole weekend.”
“No.” Huo Qu firmly rejected his proposal, wiped the moist corners of his mouth, and continued to hang clothes according to his own rules, “It looks very uncomfortable this way.”
Yu Qinghuan, “...”
Well, his boyfriend's obsessive-compulsive disorder came again.
What could Qinghuan do for having such a boyfriend? Of course, he had no choice but to clean up with him!
However, Yu Qinghuan never expected that his offer was rejected by Huo Qu.
Huo Qu folded again the clothes which were already tided up by Qinghuan and said, “Qinghuan, you folded them the wrong way, I'd better do it myself.”
Yu Qinghuan, “...”
He really didn't know why Huo Qu, a person with zero life skills, would be so good at folding clothes! Yu Qinghuan felt that even if he practiced all his life, he could not reach the level of Huo Qu in this field.
“Then I'll leave them to you,” Yu Qinghuan leaned on the cabinet, pointing to those bags on the ground and saying deliberately, “You can handle all these by yourself.”
Unexpectedly, Huo Qu nodded without thinking, “Well, anyway, I always have to redo your work.”
Yu Qinghuan, “...”
Yu Qinghuan was so angry with him that he simply ignored him and went to the living room to talk to Zhao Qingyuan and others.
Yu Qinghuan hadn't logged in his Weibo for several days. Since he had nothing to do at the moment, he logged in his account to see what had happened recently. Zhao Qingyuan glanced at Qinghuan's mobile phone screen out of the corner of his eye and felt worried.
Yu Qinghuan still didn't know that he was once boycotted because of the donation. Although the internet trolls finally got scolded, ran away despondently, and couldn't stir any more storms, those foul words still existed. Today was a perfect day. He didn't want Yu Qinghuan to be in a bad mood because of this.
He traded gazes with Zhao Rui, stretched out his hand to Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, lend me your mobile phone.”
If it was Zhao Rui who borrowed the mobile phone, Yu Qinghuan would hand it over without saying anything, but... given Zhao Qingyuan's IQ, he really did not dare to hand it to him.
However, before he could ask the reason, Zhao Qingyuan reached out and grabbed it directly. Yu Qinghuan, of course, would not let him do that and dodged.
The two men fought for the mobile, but none of them noticed that Yu Qinghuan's finger accidentally pressed on a Weibo and forwarded it. His input was just a bunch of symbols and random codes, which looked an apparent mistake.
That day was too tiring, even Zhao Qingyuan, who always indulged in the internet, did not open Weibo that night. After supper at Yu Qinghuan's home, he went home to sleep.
As a result, none of them saw the Weibo forwarded by Yu Qinghuan.
Unfortunately, the Weibo was a lucky draw from a famous condom manufacturer. Only one winner for the grand prize and the awards were s.e.x toys of all series from this brand, plus one box of their new product: Platinum Icy-cold Condom!
And there were numerous other small prizes as bonus.
And Yu Qinghuan, relying on his incredible good luck, defeated other users at one stroke and won the grand prize!
So, when the product's official Weibo @ Yu Qinghuan and congratulated Mr. Yu, the lucky netizen, for getting a complete set of s.e.x toys and a box of condoms and asking him to inform them of his home address in a private message, the whole Weibo fell into a dead silence at first, and then…

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 183: The Grand Prize! 2

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