I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 221: Extra 4: Honeymoon 2

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Chapter 221: Extra 4: Honeymoon (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad

It would take at least one month for them to get the marriage certificate. Yu Qinghuan had already booked a holiday house in Jasper. They would stay there until they get the certificate.

It happened to be the peak tourist season. Fortunately, the place where they lived was not noisy.

The house was exquisitely decorated with an oversized bathtub, terrace, and a small garden. Of course, the rent was also very expensive.

Their life pace seemed to slow down at a draught. Although they did nothing every day, both of them felt extremely satisfied.

That morning, the sky was slightly dark. Yu Qinghuan watched the weather forecast and saw that it did not show rain. He decided to go to Jasper Park as planned.

He chose a thick sweater for Huo Qu and brought some necessities. Then, the two drove to Maligne Lake.

They were lucky. Perhaps because the weather was bad, perhaps because it happened to be a working day, there were very few tourists. Under the grey dome, the clear Maligne Lake was like a jasper agate, quietly inlaid among the snowy peaks, looking amazing.

Yu Qinghuan did not book a cruise s.h.i.+p but drove slowly forward along the long and narrow banks. Occasionally, they would see several milu deer pa.s.sing by unhurriedly.

They were not in a hurry, stopping and going all the way and leaving time for short breaks. The trip was very leisurely and comfortable.

“Huo Qu, let's have a rest,” Yu Qinghuan stopped his car at a low and smooth edge of a small cliff and pointed forward.

Huo Qu nodded and followed him out of the car.

The weather was not good and a little cold, but tolerable. Yu Qinghuan looked at the green lake below and felt the autumn wind gently blowing through his ears. What a quiet and good day!

Here, no one knew them. So they could do whatever they wanted without scruple, cared nothing about their own image, and no need to guard against cameras that might exist at any time.

Yu Qinghuan took Huo Qu's hand and looked up at him. “Huo Qu, let's take a picture.” It was strange. The two knew each other for two years and being together for one year, but never took photos together.

Huo Qu immediately leaned over to him.

With a 'click', two smiling faces were recorded on the mobile phone screen. Yu Qinghuan stared at it for a few seconds and thought the photo was nice. He was trying to take back his cell phone when he heard Huo Qu's words, “One more time.”

All right. Yu Qinghuan didn't have much photography skills and knew nothing about Photoshop, so he took several more. Huo Qu, however, seemed addicted to it. He would ask to take photos every time they stopped along the way and let Yu Qinghuan send him copies so that by the time they returned home, the storage of their cell phones nearly ran out.

As soon as they got home, it began to rain outside. At first, it was drizzling, but then the rain increasing.

Mixing with the cold wind, the chilling rain rolled up the dead leaves floating on the ground. The gloomy weather would let one have a chill.

After dinner, Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu had nothing to do, so they stayed in the living room to watch movies. Huo Qu chose Revenge starred by Qinghuan.

Although he had seen it several times, he still enjoyed it.

Yu Qinghuan leaned against him and said with a smile, “If I don't star in any movies in the future, will you watch it repeatedly in your rest life?”

Unexpectedly, Huo Qu really nodded. His hand pa.s.sed under Yu Qinghuan's armpit and put his arms around Qinghuan from behind his back. His chin was laid on Qinghuan's shoulder with tenderness and seriousness, “I'll only watch your movies.”

Yu Qinghuan asked him, head tilted, “What's your preference before you know me?”

Huo Qu said without thinking, “I didn't watch movies before.”

“You're really a sugar pie,” Yu Qinghuan said with a smile and rewarded Huo Qu a kiss. Huo Qu raised his hand, holding the back of Qinghuan's head and deepened the kiss.

In the ninth week of Canada, Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu finally got their marriage certificate. A piece of hard paper printed with brown lace firmly connected their lives. They had become real husbands. Wherever they went, as long as same-s.e.x marriage was legal, their relations.h.i.+p was recognized by law. No one could deny their relations.h.i.+p again. Even if this piece of paper was useless in daily life, but for them, it was the most reliable guarantee they could win.

Reddish rims revealed around Yu Qinhuan's eyes, he gently rubbed the hard-won marriage certificate with emotions.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu hugged him and asked, “Are you happy?”

Yu Qinghuan took a sniff and secretly wiped the tear on the corner of his eyes, “How about you?”

Huo Qu hugged him, fondling Qinghuan, “I am so happy, then…”


Huo Qu's lashes quivered and he clasped Yu Qinghuan's hand, “Let's have a drink to celebrate.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 221: Extra 4: Honeymoon 2

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