I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 22: I Want Qinghuan To Have A Look At My Fish 2

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Chapter 22: I Want Qinghuan to Have a Look at My Fish (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Seeing Gao Yuncheng put down the script with a ready-formed plan, Yu Qinghuan snorted, holding the scissors in his hand while slowly walking to the front.

Yu Qinghuan was never a vengeful person, because he would always pay his debt on the spot!

Although he looked like a push-over on the surface, he could never be trampled upon!

Gao Yuncheng did not know Yu Qinghuan's thought, so he felt ecstatic now. What he was going to perform was the scene where Ye Sheng wanted to get off the plane, which he thought was simple. Weren't there rumors that Liu Jia'an was the most stubborn director? Well it seemed the director was quite undeserved his fame since he was also afraid of offending the investors, thought Gao Yuncheng.

Pia! Gao Yuncheng threw the script on the table next to him and cleared his throat. When he was about to start his performance, suddenly he felt a sharp stare fell on him. He looked back involuntarily and was almost scared out of his wits.

Yu Qinghuan was now standing very close to Gao Yuncheng, holding scissors sullenly, staring at Gao's face as if he were about to come and stab the other side to death the next second.

Gao Yuncheng was afraid of death and cherished his life, but he cherished his face even more. Therefore, when seeing Yu Qinghuan like this, let alone acting, he even couldn't wait to run away immediately.

Yu Qinghuan must intent to destroy him so he could not rob Yu's role!

Gao Yuncheng's heart was beating wildly. The more he thought about it, the more afraid he felt. He instinctively retreated.

The people around him waiting for his performance were getting impatient.

So he thought he had the courage to play in The Line of Life and Death? This little star must be crazy! Jiang Qi was muttering to himself when he saw Gao Yuncheng suddenly darting behind a pillar like a rabbit. Gao shouted grimly, “Get Yu Qinghuan away from me! Otherwise I wouldn't play my role.”

Jiang Qi, “…”

Didn't he ask for the performance himself?

Liu Jia'an didn't want to waste any more time on him, so he waved to those bystanders to leave and smiled to Gao Yuncheng, “Go back and tell the one behind you, if he wants to squeeze someone into my production team, wait another 100 years!”

Jiang Qi was more scrupulous than Liu Jia'an and was the first one to notice the abnormity. What triggered Gao Yuncheng's emotional breakdown since he was so confident for the audition at the beginning?

Looking at Gao Yuncheng being pushed by the securities to leave, Jiang Qi turned back to ask Yu Qinghuan whether he knew what had happened, but just got a jump scare on seeing Yu Qinghuan holding a scissor in his hand, “Qinghuan, what are you doing with a scissor? Be careful.”

“I just cut the label with it.” Yu Qinghuan smiled at him and handed the scissor to the log keeper.

Hearing this, Jiang Qi's doubts were dispelled. Looking at the handsome and vigorous Yu Qinghuan, Jiang Qi was in a good mood, “Come on, let's rehea.r.s.e the scenes you're going to play this afternoon.”

Like an elder brother, Jiang Qi put his arm around Yu Qinghuan's shoulder and left together with him.

While in Huo Family, after hanging up the phone, Huo Rong suddenly bounced off the sofa, walked to the back of Huo Qu, poked him who had been staring at the goldfish all day long and was about to turn into a “fish watching stone”, and said ruefully, “Stop sitting in a daze, your good friend's role was nearly robbed.”

Finding that his words were too complicated for his younger brother to understand, he said in another way, “Your good friend has been bullied. He is very sad.”

Huo Rong didn't know what attraction these ordinary goldfish had to Huo Qu. Since returning home, Huo Qu had been guarding the fish tank like a treasure, and paid no attention to any other things. Even when eating, he had to keep the fish tank at his hand, just like worrying about it being robbed.

No matter what method the whole family used or even got him several difficult problems in quantum mechanics from the research inst.i.tute, he could not divert his attention.

“Qinghuan?” Huo Qu's ears reacted. He finally looked up at Huo Rong and said his first words in two days.

Huo Rong almost wept with joy and cried excitedly, “Mom! Mom! Come here! Huo Qu has spoken!” His voice was heard throughout the whole living room.

Such excitement was like Huo Qu was a baby that just learnt to speak.

Ms. Huo rushed down from the upstairs like a wind. The facial mask on her face dropped by half. She pushed Huo Rong aside and looked at Huo Qu pleasantly, “Qu, Qu, need your mom? Mom is here. What did you just say? Just tell your mom.”

Huo Rong was stunned.

Cause he was the one having called her.

Huo Qu was indifferent to his mother's words. He squeezed his head out of Ms. Huo's arms and looked at Huo Rong, worried, “What's wrong with Qinghuan?”

“It's okay, he was just a little not in the mood.” Huo Rong waved his hand, “He only needs a little comfort from you.”

“Comfort?” Huo Qu repeated the word confusedly. The smartest brain in Hua Uni. was in a blank at this time.

Comfort… What was that?

So Qinghuan was in sadness and so in need of his comfort?

Huo Qu kept holding his fist and walked impatiently up and down in the living room, his eyes flushed with suppress, like a cornered beast.

But what on earth was comfort?

Huo Rong was startled by his little brother's behavior, while Mrs. Huo felt more terrible with her face turning white. Huo Qu was a very simple person and also a hair-splitter, if he went on like this, they would not even dare to think about the consequences.

Huo Rong gave his chest a hard hammer in regret and walked to his little brother, “Huo Qu…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Huo Qu suddenly stop and looked at him with excitement, “Rong, I, if I let Qinghuan see my fish, would he feel better?”

These two goldfish were the most precious and favorite things given to him by Yu Qinghuan. Since Qinghuan was his good friend, he would like them as well.

Qinghuan would definitely feel better, thought Huo Qu.

Huo Rong was stunned at first, then his tears gushed out.

His younger brother had isolated himself from the world since he was born. Whether illness, sadness, happiness... all his conditions and emotions, he would refrain from telling others.

Even his closest family could not enter his world.

For more than 20 years, his family had made great efforts, but Huo Qu, like a rock, had always stuck to his own small world and refused to open his heart to anyone else.

Now, he was finally like a small snail with its tentacles carefully outstretched but with good expectations, and began to share his likes and feelings with the people around him.

Huo Rong wiped her eyes severely, held Huo Qu, and said firmly in a dumb voice, “Yes.”

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 22: I Want Qinghuan To Have A Look At My Fish 2

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