Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 13 Running From Aokiji

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There a man with white s.h.i.+rt ,grey jacket ,blue headband and Chinese while his curly hair and ice around his body really described himself.

" Zone Control: Air Throw !"

Diabsol Quickly throw Ace and the others out of the way because he was on the lead so when he turned back he was the furthest.


" YES SIR!!" All three others except Ace Replied with strong voice even though they're still on the ground that slowly turning into ices.

" What about you? If you can't survive then I'll stay , at least there will be a better chance to live." Ace who didn't know that Diabsol had singlehandedly holding his grounds against th three admirals for several moments feel worried and wanted to help.

" It's Fine No Matter Who Will Become Pirates King , I'll Will be The Best Mercenary Merchant who satisfies All his customers. "

" I Won't Die At least Not Now!!. Now GO!! " Diabsol said with a conviction.


Ace then ran towards the other three who already far and waiting for Ace to follow.

" Now Now , Do you think anyone of you can escape? " Kuzan said in Intimidating voice.

"As long as you're near me it won't be a problem. SORU !! " rushed to Akainu " ABSOLUTE ZONE : TELEPORTATION DOORS "

Then Diabsol disappeared when he was 5 meters away from Kuzan and reappears with extreme speed from behind " Bushoushoku SPECIAL ATTACK : EXPLOSION DEACTIVATOR" . Kuzan crumbled and appears several meters away with a blood appears in the corner of his mouth.

" Really close, To think even the explosion would have haki on them. You're dangerous. "

" So!? I need to surpa.s.s that after all , if I'm not be able to do at least this much in the future chaos i wouldn't be able to do anything. "

" I see, you even know about that. But you better be careful when you're mentioning that. Your Bounty might rise to the limits of whatever the world government could give."

" What? why don't you say us? Are you already quitting? "

" Well you could've said it that way. "

" Then out of my way. Go Off somewhere else. "

" Sorry , can't do that, can i?

" Of course , just go ! ".

" Didn't you had the ability to kill me? why ?"

Aokiji asked confused because both him and Diabsol didn't released their true power yet.

" Let's just say i wants to achieve my dream . "

Diabsol said with a proud face. And then his face change into a devil one " Hehehe .....and you still have your mission. "

" Let's say i owe you one. Now Excuse me ..."

Then Kuzan disappeared into the ice that flew away.

{ Shxt is that a new skill? Fortunately i worked on that type of counter ability. }

" Now Let's the Chase start. !!. " Diabsol started to rushes his way for several hundred meters then stopped.

{ Hmmm.... better let them trained themselves , let's taake a vacation.... hehehe}

then he turned towards the city once more and ran.

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 13 Running From Aokiji

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