Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 9 Going To The Unstable Island

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After several days they're now reached the Headquarters of Diabsol Mercenary Company.

It was like a big city underwater covered by thick with eight hole for the air circulation pipe. The city in a shape of the turtle sh.e.l.l that has 6 entrances.

There also stone and steel across the to become the support pillars and bone.

There's also a man made light that hanging out above the underwater base. The hangars was a big triple gates on each 6 entrance. They let the underwater s.h.i.+ps in with opening the first gate. then they closed the first and drained the water and then opened the second gate to let them pa.s.s and checked whatever inside. If they pa.s.sed the check then the third gate will be opened .

Because it was a private s.h.i.+p of the owner himself ,they're being let through pa.s.sed easily. When they entered ,they could see all sort of things from modern buildings ,shop,store , all things that you could found in the world you are now and maybe some that's not even exists yet. It was a very beautiful city with the center of it a 5 buildings that made from thick woods while the windows from high-quality The building itself were 50 floors with high-tech lamps decorated inside the walls to create a beautiful pictures of many types of weapons that includes devil fruits and legendary weapons , and all of them being ordered inside a circle from upper were the highest quality weapons till the lowest below.

Not to mention there were many gardens , and trees that could made this place self sufficient. The Financial power that needed was very a ma.s.sive one. Diabsol should not be able to collect all the capital to do this but that's another story to be told.

In short this was more than what a modern country could be. Diabsol and Ace made their way out with guides that was Thoump.

They're being picked up by a luxurious car that looks like a limousine but with more s.p.a.ce in the middle and fewer doors.

They reached the Headquarters in 29 minutes

and 30 seconds. Diabsol go to his office to read the reports when he was gone. when all the things had been checked ,he observed everything that deemed important before he leaves once more.

But at the last second of closing the door to walk out ,he turned back and looked at the report that was flipped in the middle of important and unknown reports. When he saw what being written his face changed into one that shocked and then happiness.

meanwhile Diabsol to the office Ace going to the training center to gain more power . After 4-5 hours a girl with secretary suits called out to him.

" Sir Ace , there's a call for you!."

" Yeah, who is it? " Ace said while he walked towards the secretary with sweating topless body that revealed his 8 packs.

" .... " The secretary was dazed and infatuated but Ace didn't understand that and just keep asking while saying " You're weirdo, But it's not my place to say it though ,hahaha."

" It's from Diabsol -sama. " after woke up from her daze ,she managed to tell him without stuttering while Ace already took the denden mus.h.i.+ and talked with Diabsol.

" Well, it's done . Thanks " Ace said with a smile while giving back the denden mus.h.i.+.

The secretary walked away with satisfied and happy expression along the way till she out of his sight. Diabsol who was watching from the Monitor on his office laughing out loud while holding his stomach because what he seen.

Because the girl fainted right after she made it out with smoke all over her body and red face .

Ace was training even more with equipment that looked like a gymnast equipment from modern city with more weights on them. not to mention there even a field where Ace can train with a weight clothing, wrist band, legs band , boots, and head band. He train with push up and equipment that weight 200 Kg on his body. The body could barely afford it but he kept going while thought { Unstable Island , three week, New devil fruit , Need more train and Kurohige !!} with that thought he focused more on his training than he ever had.

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 9 Going To The Unstable Island

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