The CEO's Loser Wife 20 Beauty Is Skin Deep Part 2

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In the bustling market area, a ragged man was slumped in the corner lazily with his eyes almost closed. He dusted off his cigarette and took a couple more puffs, staring into the distance.

"mmm .. people watching is getting a bit boring.. I might as well return to the old place", w.a.n.g Yu lazily leaned back a bit more and prepared to take a quick nap.

He was disappointed since he had lost track of Su Lin earlier that week. She seemed pretty entertaining and shrouded with mystery. "Tut tut .. for sure she would have kept me entertained for a while"

Picking his teeth, he scanned the surroundings one more time expectantly. And there she was .... licking her fingers after finis.h.i.+ng her meal....

"Tut tut .. what an unladylike behavior ", smirking w.a.n.g Yu rose up, dusted his behind and inched closer to Su Lin. He didn't want to miss her again.

Without realizing that the number of her followers was steadily growing every day, Su Lin burped after that hearty meal and headed back to her store.

And w.a.n.g Yu followed her like a lost puppy..

While Su Lin entered the shop and began to busy herself a.n.a.lyzing all the herbs she had in the store, w.a.n.g Yu settled outside puffing his cigarette.

Being engrossed in her work, Su Lin had no idea that two pairs of eyes were watching her steadily... one quite obvious and out in the open .. while the other a bit more stealthily.

s.h.i.+ Meng finally stopped surveilling Su Lin in person and hired one of Yang's close friends that he had recommended.

If this was her previous world, Su Lin would have sensed these intruders long back and swatted them like flies ... but here ... she neither had the intuition nor the instinct to sense anybody..

After about 7 hours of unperturbed research Su Lin got a bit weary and decided to head inside for the night. And then finally she noticed the extra addition to her storefront.

It was not as if w.a.n.g Yu had concealed himself or anything. He was sitting pretty obviously out in the open. Not surprised that Su Lin noticed him, w.a.n.g Yu threw out an awkward, "Yo ! How's it going".

Su Lin was a bit surprised but she did recognize him from before. Nodding her head and acknowledging him, she opened the door, "Glad to know that you weren't too badly injured in the accident."

Taking another puff, w.a.n.g Yu just sat there quietly.

Curious as to what he was doing here, Su Lin said, "what brings you here"

Again with an indifferent att.i.tude, w.a.n.g Yu replied, "oh just idling away."

Recognizing that this fellow was not going to give her a straight answer, Su Lin shrugged her shoulders, locked the front door and turned in for the night.

And not entirely surprising, when Su Lin opened the store next morning, w.a.n.g Yu was still there, squatting by the side corner, like a pimple on the street full of posh storefronts and well maintained lawns. With saliva dripping on one side of the mouth, he was not a sight to see first thing in the morning.

Rubbing her temples, Su Lin was at a loss for words. Being as cold and heartless as she was, she still couldn't bring herself to kick him out. There was a sense of profound loss and loneliness about him. She felt touched.

And since he clearly meant no harm and posed no threat to her, Su Lin hesitantly decide to keep him around for a while.

Phat... A not so gentle pat jerked w.a.n.g Yu awake. "Do you want some breakfast ?"

"Hmm.. mmm.. yes that wouldn't be too bad", still half asleep, w.a.n.g Yu replied groggily.
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"Here is some cash. Go grab some breakfast and bring me back some food as well."

Still staring awkwardly at Su Lin, w.a.n.g Yu finally understood what was going on. Amused at someone actually treating him as an errand boy, w.a.n.g Yu let out a small chuckle and grabbed the bills.

"Oh and get the things in this list as well", Su Lin gruffly shoved a piece of paper in his hands as well.

"Heh .. as you wish young madam", letting out a chuckle again and waddling slowly, w.a.n.g Yu soon disappeared out of sight.

Meanwhile the tall lanky man s.h.i.+ Meng had employed to keep an eye on Su Lin, called Yang and reported the complete lack of any exciting events.

Rubbing his head, Yang noted down the date and events in a separate notepad.

"What is so special about this one man. I am super confused", the private detective Jian enquired inquisitively.

Not wanting to go into further unnecessary details, Yang brushed him off saying a few words. "Nothing man... just the routine ... you know... wanting to keep tabs on your ex sort of thing."

Yang thought that if he was a good enough detective he should be able to figure out the details by himself. At least that way it can help them confirm their sanity.

The CEO's Loser Wife 20 Beauty Is Skin Deep Part 2

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