The CEO's Loser Wife 8 Herbology 101

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After the shop keeper handed her a list of herbs and their details, Su Lin returned back to the hotel and used the computer in her room to do some research and reading on them.

Unfortunately, she couldn't find many details online except for the basic description and uses.

Tapping her fingers on the table, Su Lin was wondering what to do. If these were in fact all the uses and properties, was her sickness really incurable ?!

"Hmph. I held my heart in my hands and managed to barely escape from that world.... Only to come here and die as a n.o.body ! h.e.l.l no !"

She then tried to look up the type of cancer she had and the current treatment methods. But alas, the old Su Lin was not a scientist or a doctor and did not have any idea about any of the scientific or medical terms.

She tried understanding some of the words and sentences, but soon felt a blinding head ache. She was so tired. It felt like her body was being ripped apart. Gritting her teeth, Su Lin waited patiently for the pain wave to pa.s.s.

" Hmm.. I can't do this. These people and their medicine... They are so short sighted..."
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"Some of the cells in my body have just a little bit extra energy and are expanding more than the others creating havoc. That's all it is..."

"But these people call it terminal illness ?! And they actually flush the body with harmful radiation or energy waves to get rid of them ?! "

"This is completely insane."

"I don't have the time right now to go through and try to understand all of this useless nonsense."

Murmuring to herself, Su Lin looked at the big parcel with all of the dried up herbs from the shop....

"Hmph.. I am not dead yet !"

Slowly formulating a plan of action, Su Lin strengthened her resolve and started to work.

She gently removed all her clothes and took a steaming hot shower first. She then cleaned the bath tub throughly and filled it with scalding hot water.

She carefully removed all the herb packets and organised them neatly next to the tub. She then gently stepped into the tub full of hot water and seated herself in a cross legged position.

"Agghh" She let out a moan as her body got used to the hot temperature in the tub. It started to feel exceedingly comfortable and relaxing.

She slowly took the first herb, sprinkled a bit of water to make it into a paste and then swallowed a small portion of the paste. She then gulped a mouthful of water and closed her eyes.

Just like in the hospital, she consciously focussed her attention on each individual cell of her body and how they responded to this medicinal herb.

After a few minutes, she took the next herb and did the same thing..

So this one cleanses my digestive system and helps with the excretion. And this one improves my blood flow and keeps my organs healthier.

a.n.a.lysing the herbs one by one, Su Lin slowly went through all of the herbs which the shop keeper had provided her. Because they had already lost so much efficacy, these herbs were almost completely useless.

But one particular herb did interest her.

"Hmmm.. So this one makes my body a bit cooler and is helpful in reducing the fever...."

"Interesting. It makes my body cooler by dissipating some internal energy."

"Wonder if I can use it to target the cells with the excess energy..."

Drying herself and changing into fresh clothes, Su Lin got ready for bed. Since it had been a long and tiring day, she immediately drifted off to sleep.


Nothing is as refres.h.i.+ng as a good night's sleep, followed by a freshly brewed cup of coffee. But Su Lin was throwing up like crazy and her eyes were buried in dark despondent circles.

This is the tenth time already ! If it was someone else, the cab driver would have dropped them off at a hospital by now and gone on his merry way. But this is Mrs. Meng. He had to obey her orders.

Ahhhh.... She looks very sick and weak though... What to do .. It might be better if she faints. I can just drop her off at the hospital and place a call to Mr. Meng. She does look like she is going to faint...

While the cab driver was debating what to do in his mind, Su Lin quickly washed her mouth and face with a bottle of fresh water and got back into the car. "I am good. Let's go."

Nervously, the cab driver started driving again. Just to be safe, he was driving a "teensy" bit faster than the speed limits this time around. He really wanted to drop her off at the destination before something serious happened.

With her head rested on the car window pane, Su Lin watched calmly as the blurry images of the tall and flashy buildings in the city pa.s.sed her. For a second, a wave of sadness swept over her and she felt all alone in this strange new land.

Soon they reached the outskirts of the city and the roads here were especially b.u.mpy, which caused Su Lin to be even more uncomfortable.

"Are we almost there ?" Su Lin's dull voice came out.

"Yes madam. Just 5 more minutes."

Opening the car window, Su Lin was pleasantly surprised at the waft of fresh breeze a.s.saulting her. Her cheeks were immediately blus.h.i.+ng red and her mood perked up as well.

"Here madam. This is the fresh farmland and garden the local herb farmers use. We have the Junpang mountain range nearby and also a very beautiful and spectacular waterfalls nearby. Please take your time visiting."

Politely bowing, the cab driver immediately got into the car and disappeared from that place in an instant.

The CEO's Loser Wife 8 Herbology 101

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