Transfer Into NPC World 6 Chapter 6

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Hoping that it would make large damage, I quickly switch my weapon to the Lolipop-Staff. While Aeon still froze there for a few seconds.

"Anniversary Staff Lolipop"

Magic Damage: 3x Enemy Level

Weight: 15
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Cla.s.s: Mage

Additional Effects: A blast from the Lolipop has an unpredictable damage effect

This staff will give random damage to an opponent based on their level and their magic stats. The charging cost of this staff took a lot of mana but luckily my stats allow me to play any cla.s.s I want because I distribute the attribute point equally.

The charging of the staff took only a few seconds and I unleash the magic of the staff. A blast of fire that does unpredictable points of damage was aimed at Aeon and he cannot dodge it because he has frozen there. Aeon was on fire and take extra damage, he screams in agony while he was in that flame.

"Quick Switch!"

Swapping my weapon to ChocoBanana and me about to deliver the final blow to Aeon but suddenly a hand come up from a portal in front Aeon and stopped my attack. The hand started to pull me and my sword to the portal. I quickly let go of the sword and step back.

"This human giving you trouble Aeon? You're are the one of The Great Satan Exion General and a human is beating you."

The fire that engulfed Aeon disappeared and another demon appeared beside Aeon. I check his profile, his stats, level, and the t.i.tle was similar to Aeon.

Name: Ozger

t.i.tle: Demon Lord/Fallen Abyss

Race: Daemon

Level: 213

I knew that I was in trouble because if they started to fight me together I would lose this battle. While I was suddenly thinking, big portals were open behind them and many demons come out from that portal.

"Now Aeon lets redeem your mistake and take over this town and this world for The Great Satan Exion but first let eliminate this human that giving you trouble."

My stats booster will only hold on for four minutes more. If the fight is one on one I will emerge victoriously but this is just too unfair, a man fights two demons lord and its army is just impossible.

Even though the demon army is a low-level soldier that the only level 30 but there were just too many.

"Human! I will give you this chance to surrender and you will die quickly and easily."

Even the hope is 0% but the fight will continue, I can't run away either. I must stop them and make sure they will never take over this town.

"Sorry, but I intended to survive and defeat you all."

Ozger laughs and he commends my fighting spirit, "But I think this is why the human race was foolish, Demons soldier! attack that human."

All the demons soldier start to attack me, the demon army manage to overwhelmed me by their number and I cannot defend myself as I will run out of stamina soon, I on the verge of losing. I was to focus fighting and I didn't notice that one demon soldier was already behind me and was about to attack me.

"c.r.a.p! I can't dodge this.."

An arrow suddenly hit the demon soldier behind me and all the demon soldiers stop their attack on me. All the demons soldiers were confused where that arrow came and suddenly I heard a voice shout.


I know that skill, Blast Barrage is a bow attack skill that fires an arrow up in the air, which splits and rains down in a series of ma.s.sive explosions over an area.

I didn't realize that I was on that skill area and completely defenseless against that attack. The explosion began and many of the demon soldiers start to run away. The explosion damage and AoE radius were very large and I have to run away from that affected skill area.

The explosion continues as I still running away, but it seems many of the demon soldiers were annihilate by that explosion. Who is the one that uses that skill? A skill that only can be used if someone reaches Level 100. Thinking into that it may be a player using that skill.

"It must be but if the demon lord was level 210 and above, it may be an NPC."

A female voice can be heard not far from my place and she was shouting at me.

"Get over here quickly! We're about to use Ohgma Infin..."

After hearing that word, I ran as quickly as possible but my stats booster was already reaching its time limit and now I am running at a normal speed. My stamina drop very fast and my speed is decreasing, I checked if I still have MP left.

Magic Points: 686/3500

There no time left, I have to use the skills even it will cost my mana and health. A layered of a magical circle can be seen in the sky and the Ohgma Infinium was ready to be used.

"No time left, Active skill Sprint III."

Sprint III boosts Speed by 60%. Drains your MP and HP while active. The explosion has begun and I still keep running from that place and my MP and HP are on critical state right now. I didn't realize that my stamina was low and without stamina, I will collapse to the ground.

Suddenly a young adult girl grabs me when I was about to collapse and quickly teleported me to somewhere else. I fainted because my stamina is empty.

"Uhh, my head" I woke up and realize that I was in a tent. Lily was sleeping beside me.

What happens to me? I remember that a young adult girl saves me and...

Suddenly a man enters the tent and starts shouting when he sees me already waken from my sleep.

"Commander! He already awake!"

The man gets knock over his head by that girl that saves me earlier.

"There is no need for shouting! I was just outside the tent and besides there a patient here!" she yells at that man.

"But commander... You also shouting just now."

The girl is getting angry and told that man to go outside the tent to prepare some food. The man quickly left the tent, then she glares at me.

"Uhmm... h.e.l.lo?" I say with a bit anxious.

Transfer Into NPC World 6 Chapter 6

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