Transfer Into NPC World 8 Chapter 8

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Xaniela stood there and then approach Greg. "What took you guys so long to get here, the king already waiting for us." She sounds a little angry.

"I'm sorry, I was too happy knowing this man was one of the chosen beings and I forgot that we should meet up," Greg says that with a calm voice.

After hearing that she couldn't believe what Greg has said. "Greg, you sure he was from another world too?" She wanted to confirm it cause she still could not believe it.

Greg asked me to show Xaniela my teleporter items and after she gets a close look at it. She quickly took my hands and went into the castle. Xaniela seems to be happy about this matter.

"The king will be happy to hear about this news."

The castle interior was big and the color was too s.h.i.+ny because of the golden color. I wonder that if this castle was made of gold and the king must be a rich man. If not how could he build his kingdom?

When we enter the throne room, the room was filled with knight and I saw the girl that I save at Town Baroda, she was already there speaking to the king.

I looked at the king and I awe for a moment. I was so amazed by the king armor, it was a full armor set of the legendary Phoniex Armor. If I remember correctly it was the most powerful armor because it has the perfect offense and defense stats. It even boosts your stats and has 80% magic resistance of any magic.

In the meantime, I check the king profile and I couldn't stop myself to be amazed by his level. I know that the game max level was level 500 and he was nearly there.

Name: King Rainard

t.i.tle: The King Of Golkiem

Level: 482

Race: Human
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18 level more to reach level 500. I guess I know why he was the king now, he was so powerful. This world could not surprise me more.

"We have arrived, your majesty," Greg the bow down to the king.

Xaniela also bows down and when I saw they all bow down I quickly follow it. Lily still stands up beside me. "Lily can you bow down because of we in the king's presence."

King Rainard heard what I said to Lily. "I don't mind, she was only a child and besides that, I don't like people to bow for me. I'm a human and not a G.o.d so please don't bow."

After we heard what King Rainard said, we all stand up. Xaniela then approaches King Rainard and started to whisper something. Upon hearing what Xaniela said, he orders the knight and all the people in this room to leave except me, Xaniela and Greg.

"Your majesty, can Lily stay here?" I ask because King Rainard do not mention about Lily.

"I'm sorry, this is an important matter" He then asks Greg to take care of Lily, while we talk about these issues he said.

I said to Lily that she needs to leave the rooms for a while because I have something to discuss with the king. "Greg will take care of you for a while." Lily nodded, then they leave the rooms.

After all the people leave, King Rainard stands up from the throne chair and puts his hand on my shoulder. I was surprised by the king's action because a king should not put his hand like that.

"Your Majesty? you should not act like this." I said that with full of respect towards him.

King Rainard started to laugh, "Why should I act like a king to a fellow gamer and another person that also been transferred here."

Upon hearing what King Rainard said I was in a state of shock. "That means you also a player of the game that has been transferred here." I couldn't believe that this guy also a player in the game.

King Rainard continues to laugh, "Hahahaa!, Yes I and Xaniela were the player of the game."

"Wait a minute! Xaniela was also a player in the game." I couldn't believe what King Rainard said at that moment.

"You didn't realize Xaniela was a player, she was the in the top 10 of the best player in the game."

I try to recall back my memories of the game top player. Suddenly I remember, Xaniela the only female player that was in the top 10 best players and also the leader of BlackRios Guild.

"I remember now! Sorry about my memory problem." I guess it my fault not knowing people in the game because I was too focused on my quest. Well, nothing to regret it now.

"Good, could you tell us what your name and your level?" King Rainard wanted to know about me.

I was just about to tell my name and my level but there is something weird here. "Couldn't you guys check my name and level using the game system of yours?"

King Rainard was a little shock upon hearing what I have said.

They look a little confused as they don't know what I'm saying here." Like when ingame, your check someone or NPC profile to see their stats and level."

King Rainard pats on my shoulder, "That your special skills!"

"My special skills?"

"It seems like you don't know about it." Xaniela started to explain it to me. People that been transferred here gain some special skills that not existed in the game before. "You use the game system while we can't, that means that your special skills."

"So you guys can't use the game systems?"

"We can't, but we have also had special skills but it's different from you."

"I'm a little bit curious about your guy's special skills and I wanted to know about it," I ask them if they can let me know about their special skills.

"Of course you can know about it, but first, can you tell us your name and level. We can't use the game system like you." King Rainard pats on my shoulder again.

"I'm sorry, My name is Arias and my level is 162." I am a little shy about saying my level because my level was low compared to them but I wanted to know their skills.

"So could you tell me your guys skills?"

Transfer Into NPC World 8 Chapter 8

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