The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

t.i.tle: The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother

Translator: Fringe Alpaca
Chapter 11 -  Poverty Stunts Ambitions (1)

Fantasies were pretty but the reality wasn’t quite so . As much as Yan Shuyu wanted to just move away so that the male lead’s controlling father could experienced what it meant by “losing one’s pants” but after she had reached for the original owner’s phone and checked her bank account online, she had no choice but to give up on that idea .


Unfortunately, money talks . Yan Shuyu couldn’t figure out how the original owner, who had tens of thousands of dollars when she left the night scene, had only less than $10,000 left after just two months .

Most likely even the original owner couldn’t answer that question . Yan Shuyu tried long and hard and finally had to give up on trying to figure that out and turned to look for other options .

Ten thousand dollars might be a lot for a student . Yan Shuyu looked down at her instant son that was sleeping in her arms and thought to herself that it was not feasible to move to a different city with her little burden . She heard that it’s costly to raise a child, and raising herself… could also be quite costly .

The spoiled Yan Shuyu would prefer not to have to lower her standard of living .

Alright, so she might not be able to move to a different town, but she could still move, right? Yan Shuyu worried that human resource at her current workplace already has her address on file . It’d be alright if CEO Zhou didn’t care about what had happened . If he felt that he was taken advantage of, he could find out her whereabouts easily and would be able to retaliate . Or, it’d seem like she was playing hard to get . Plus, this was the center of the city and not too far from the Zhou’s headquarters . Even if Zhou Qinhe didn’t care about what happened last night, she’d still worry that she’d run into the father and son one day and that wouldn’t be too pleasant either .

So, for the sake of safety, it’s best that move from the center of the city to somewhere a little more remote . That way her chances of running into the wealthy father and son would go down significantly .

Unfortunately with the remaining amount in the original owner’s card, it might be difficult to move . Yan Shuyu had looked for places with her friend previously . She had an idea that when you move to a new place, you’d need to pay a few extra thousand dollars for deposit . She did not have enough money for deposit .

The financially broke Yan Shuyu looked around the quite elegantly decorated room and suddenly had a very naïve thought – the original owner had only been living here for two months and the room was kept in an immaculate state, perhaps she could go ask the landlord for the deposit back?

Thinking about that, Yan Shuyu wanted to reach for her phone and call the landlord . The slightest motion from her woke up Zhang Yuanjia . He rubbed his eyes with his little fists, blinked, and asked in his little kid’s voice, “Mommy, is it time to go to school already?”

“School?” Yan Shuyu had to pause for a second before she suddenly recalled, “Oh yeah, you started kindergarten recently!”

And it was particularly expensive as well . Yan Shuyu finally recalled why the original owner was so broke – kindergarten fees for Zhang Yuanjia was $4,000 a month and paid by the quarter . So that alone was over $20,000 .

Over $20,000, Yan Shuyu’s heart hurt just from thinking about it .

Then she thought about it some more . The original owner didn’t have a lot of choices . She lived in a first-tier city . The cost of living there was already high, not to mention that they were living in the central part of the city, so they did not qualify for the much cheaper public kindergarten . Private ones were expensive, and the one that Zhang Yuanjia was attending was already a relatively cheaper one .

The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 11

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