Son God Marvel Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Weapons Making

  The weapon that Zhou Yi thinks is best to have enough sharpness, heavy weight and convenient carrying possibilities.

  For now, the head of the Adamentium alloy is sufficient for sharpness, but in terms of weight, even if the Sword is made of Adamentium alloy, it is difficult to meet the needs of Zhou Yi.

  In terms of his strength, the best weapon, especially a weapon like a rifle, is best weighted between 200,000 and 300,000 pounds. It is equivalent to a dozen units when it is converted into an ancient unit of measurement. Ten thousand pounds.

  There is such a weight, do not say anything else, as long as Zhou Yi came to an acceleration and casually go anywhere, basically a level with the bomber. But unfortunately, in order to achieve this weight, it is a daydream.

  Think of the mythical monkey in the mythology, the guy weapon in his hand is only 135,000 kilograms. There are not a few myths that can be compared.

  It is conceivable that it is impossible to achieve the weight of Zhou Yi's mind.

  On the contrary, this requirement in terms of portability is not a problem.

  Alpha nano metal type 6. That is, the previous version of the material used in the dawn armor will basically meet the needs of Zhou Yi.

  Compared with the alpha nano-metal type 7, in addition to the heavy ma.s.s and the inability to cancel the magnetic interference, he and the alpha seven are basically the same. No matter the energy conductivity, self-compression ability, high temperature pressure resistance, metal memory repair and secondary deformation function are not much different. In fact, the explanation is white, that is, the quality is a bit pitted, and the weight per cubic centimeter reaches 144 grams, which is about six times heavier than the metal crucible. If you want to make a Sword of the second, it means that the weight is close to one ton.

  Even so, such weight is not acceptable to most normal people, and any manufacturer can't stand the battle of their own wars.h.i.+ps. The reason is that they are too heavy.

  This made Zhou Yi, who was aiming at the development of aeros.p.a.ce metal materials, frustrated. He simply used this technology as his own toy. More than one ton of weight is not a good thing for Zhou Yi, but it can barely be used.

  Although there is a discount on the weight for the purpose of nano-compression, it is not much different. The manufacture of Alpha nanometals can be completely made by Medusa itself. Just let her know what I want, and then he can wait for Medusa to finish.

  However, there is no point in arguing about this. At most, the naming rights are different.

  In his hands, such things are already a peerless weapon. The fierce and aggressive head of the Sword looks like a st.u.r.dy and short sword. The body of Zhang Er. The geese are thick and thin, and the whole body is a fine scaly-like eagle, flas.h.i.+ng with the light.

  The bottom of the Sword, shaped by a triangular pyramid, is about a few feet long, and the internal blood channel is also the weapon of No. 1 killing. Looking far away, the whole Sword is majestic and domineering. Unlike the vulgar weapons, it is similar to the mythical legendary soldiers. Of course, this kind of thing is still some distance from the soldiers. At the immediate conclusion, Zhou Yi was able to reach out and mention it lightly, but it was also durable enough.

  At the moment, the waist is twisted, and the wind of the hula is whistling. The huge Sword head is already the first to go out. Then the Sword body is like a dragon, the Sword head is like a thunder, and the group is chaotic. Huo Huo Yinguang is entangled together, making people look dizzy, not knowing the geometry. In order to block such an attack, it is really nowhere to go. Come fast, and get it fast. In an instant, it was the cloud that collected the rain, and the scenery was very beautiful. Zhou Yi only held a long shot in his hand, and he couldn't see the traces of the human Swordshot.

  This is a combination of strength and skill, and extremely advanced skills. Looking at the big Sword in his hand, Zhou Yi has a feeling of love. With such weapons in hand, in the future, for some difficult guys, they will have a little more control, and their own combat power will be more than one point. Slightly twisting the base of the big Sword in the dark, the Sword body in the middle is like a mercury surge, sharply shortened. In an instant, there is only one palm left, so that when you look at the big Sword, it becomes a double-edged dagger, and it is a different kind of usage.

  Thinking of this, Zhou Yi could not help but ponder, perhaps can develop a means of long-range strike, but how to do it, you need to think about it.

  ”Medusa, I need to use this weapon as a basis to get a long-range strike weapon. Do you have any suggestions?”

  And Medusa wants to not let him down, this time it makes him a little surprised. Originally, he thought that Medusa offered him a long bow at most, and then precisely made what type, how many arcs and so on. But he did not think that Medusa directly crossed the limits of the cold weapon and directly gave him a big surprise.

  ”Sir, how about the latest developments in electromagnetic railgun?”

  ”I only know that General Atoms seems to have just completed the prototype test.” Zhou Yi scratched his face, as a consistent use of the doctrine, he really did not pay much attention to these things. The snacks will only be put on when needed.

  ”So far, the electromagnetic railgun inside the US military have been basically formed. The main battles.h.i.+ps are equipped with nuclear power to provide energy. The test of twenty pounds of ammunition can achieve five times the speed of sound, and the range is up to three hundred kilometers. Its Mercury research has made a big breakthrough in electromagnetic orbital launchers, which can achieve electromagnetic acceleration of large volume and heavier ma.s.s objects, but limited by the strength of pulse energy. In theory, if there is enough energy, Mercury Scientific's electromagnetic orbit launcher can carry your weapon.”

  "How much energy is needed?" Zhou Yi sensibly asked, he was pitted more than once by Medusa, and Medusa, who has no human mindset, often suggests some that seem feasible and actually very problematic.

  Of course, when these problems are solved, it is the perfect solution.

  ”There is a need for two nuclear reactors on the Nimitz-cla.s.s aircraft carrier to fully output.”

  ”I should have known it long ago.”

  The full energy of the 10,000-ton aircraft carrier is absolutely a neuropathy for normal people. It is enough to sustain the full energy of a giant aircraft carrier. But for Zhou Yi, what energy is not a problem at all. Just like Tony's Ark reactor, which has been under study, Zhou Yi can be said to be an oversized reactor, and it is also the kind of nuclear fusion. Providing energy is not a problem for him.

  This is like the sun turning on the lights for billions of years. People have the capital, they don't care about this consumption, even if it consumes the light source and temperature problems that represent most of the solar system.

  ”Contact Mercury Scientific Research and collect the data I need from them. I will see the samples as soon as possible. Tell them that the sooner the problem is solved, the less the research funding for the next quarter will be. Otherwise, let them wait for another owner.”

  For several scientific research inst.i.tutions under the hand, Zhou Yi generally gives the greatest financial support and also gives the greatest spiritual oppression. Although the guys who have been full of brains have been removed when they acquired these inst.i.tutions, they have reduced as much as possible. Internal interdiction. But you can't deny that as long as it's a guy who is engaged in scientific research, there are basically such stinks, and it's not a few years for a theory to be inked for a few years.

  Therefore, Zhou Yi has never given too many good faces to deal with these guys, so it is purely worthy of being with himself. After all, he is a businessman, not a human development promoter who sponsors the development of science. What he needs is something that can bring value to himself, not a bunch of useless data. Medusa clearly conveyed the meaning of Zhou Yi.

  After everything was completed, Zhou Yi took his new weapon and opened the door of the laboratory and went out. For him, there is another guest who needs to entertain.

Son God Marvel Chapter 26

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