LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 177 Chapter 177: You Are Not Qualified!

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The ma.s.sive divine broadsword let out an ear-piercing cry as it split the clouds while hacking down at the angel, Kastiel and the white-robed priest of the holy church. The ma.s.sive divine broadsword released a magnificent golden light that turned even the white clouds golden and made all those who sensed the unusual power feel inferior. It looked like the supreme judgement of the G.o.ds, descending on the sinful duo from the sacred chambers of the heavens.

In fact, the raw power of this attack took Kastiel and the white-robed priest by surprise and the later stood there, gazing at the divine guardian weapon with fearful eyes and a trembling body. He felt a ma.s.sive pressure on his shoulders which prevented him from taking a step back. His golden eyes were fixed on the divine guardian weapon that could take his life the next second, yet he was too fearful to even make a sound.

"Don't you dare look down on the Angels of the heavens!" Kastiel completely lost his majestic demeanor and roared like a savage. He had to confess that he too was stunned by Cyrus sudden leap in power and he definitely felt threatened by the ma.s.sive divine guardian weapon but then again, he is an angel who survived Samael's rebellion, fighting alongside Demos and other guardian spirits. He has witnessed things much more terrifying than this and for that reason alone, he was able to snap out of the daze and react quickly in a bid to safeguard his life and that of his summoner.

"Flaming sword art: Divine devouring flames" Kastiel roared and his blazing orange divine weapon instantly lit up and powerful flames poured out. Gripping the broadsword with both hands, Kastiel let out a deafening roar as brandished his divine weapon at the ma.s.sive divine guardian weapon.





Kastiel was forced to retreat continuously as he desperately defended against the continuous a.s.sault. His hands trembled and it fell like someone was stepping on his wrist, making him feel a sharp pain.

"A mere mortal dares challenge a higher life form like me? Such insolence!" Kastiel roared and an angelic light shot out of his body, flying above the clouds.

"Break! Fal!! Divine judgment!" Kastiel roared as he grabbed the void and pulled down.


The clouds cleared and ma.s.sive golden executioners ax appeared above Cyrus and instantly hacked down at him.

"What? So fast!" Cyrus was stunned by this technique which took shape in less than a second and attacked almost instantly. As much as he hated to admit it, the angel was quite powerful and more adept in casting spells than all the humans he has seen so far. He instinctively raised his hands to block this attack, using his aura to form a protective layer of defense around his body, since he was not prepared for this and his guardian weapon was too far away from his position.


The executioner ax was forced to retreat as it slammed into a ma.s.sive death scythe which appeared above the life mage. The death aura which escaped from the black scythe swiftly lunged forward, tangling itself around the gold ax preventing it from moving.

"Derik?" Cyrus was stunned, only to look down and see Derik wink at him with a warm smile. Even though Derik did not say a word, he could tell the death mage was laughing at him and was trying to tell him he owed him one.

"You…." Cyrus had a defeated smile on his face but didn't dally around any longer as he gathered his power and urged the guardian weapon to continue a.s.saulting the angel, putting more pressure on it while he battles the priest alone.


"Don't you dare take your eyes off me!" Aldora roared like a ferocious animal as glorious golden spears appeared around him and shot towards Derik who was winking at Cyrus at the time.

"Humph! You actually wish to make me take you seriously? You are not qualified!" Derik said with an indifferent look as he waved his hands and numerous bone spears appeared behind and shot towards the golden spears!





The battle raged on for over a minute but none of them seemed to have gained the advantage. Even though the bishop was at a low level of the gold realm and his foundations were more solid than that of Derik since he was only using external sources to temporarily raise his power level, the bishop only possessed light magic. This is normally effective against all forms of dark magic but when meets death magic, the light magic is only as good as any other normal magic.

"Light can never overcome darkness… only Life can stand death… Unfortunately for you, the life mage is on my side…" Derik said these words as he calmly flew towards the bishop with his hands wrapped together above his chest.

"SILENCE!" Bishop Aldora was already p.i.s.sed by the humiliation he received a few moments ago at the hands of the death mage. He just wished he could strike down this death mage at this very moment.

"Divine judgment spear!" Aldora roared as he urged his life energy, creating a five-meter long spear which shot towards Derik.

"Didn't I tell you… I am Invincible" Derik said casually and he received the attack with his bare hands…


The spear smashed into Derik's palms and quickly dragged him above the clouds, yet Derik still had a calm look on his face as he struggled against the golden divine spear, he didn't looked fazed one bit.

"THIS ENDS NOW!" Aldora roared like an ancient beast, turning into a beam of light while chasing after the death mage. Soon they flew so high in the air that the other silver realm elites fighting in midair looked tiny.

"HA!" Derik roared as he finally gathered enough power, quickly crus.h.i.+ng the divine spear with his hands. His fiery darkish purple eyes light up as he waved his struck forward and a human-size darkish purple flaming skull shot out, lunging towards bishop Aldora.

"Death magic: Exploding blazing skull!" Derik growled and he twisted his hands in a strange way. Instantly the hollow eyes of the darkish purple flaming skull lit up and it let out a soul-chilling cry, increasing its speed in an instant.

Seeing this, a frown appeared on Aldora's face as he quickly changed his route in a bid to escape the blazing skull but to his greatest surprise the skull chased after him.

"Want to escape my blazing skull? You won't find it that easy!" Derik sneered. He proceeded to spit out another four flaming skulls.

With another four added to the chase, Aldora's face turned pale. He flew at his greatest speed, taking the form of a golden spear but he still couldn't escape Derik and his exploding skulls, who brought the darkness with him as he moved.

"c.r.a.p!" The bishop cursed as he was soon surrounded the flaming skulls, with no viable escape route.

"Light magic: Divine embrace!" He roared, quickly setting up a defensive wing barrier around himself.

"Humph! Explode!" Derik snorted disdainfully and with a wave of his hand, the flaming skulls dived in for the kill









Kastiel spat out a mouthful of golden blood while he retreated with the defeated wingman priest in his hands. He couldn't react on time since his focus was on his summoner who had lost one of his wings and a limb. If this man died, he will be forced to return to the heavens and this was not something he wanted.

The light sword in Cyrus hands meant for the priest, pierced the st.u.r.dy chest of the angel and his body s.h.i.+vered as golden blood jetted out of the injury. He bit his lower lips as he took the opportunity to strike at Cyrus who close by now.

"Devouring divine flames!" Kastiel roared, disregarding the injury on his chest, he swung his blazing orange divine sword at Cyrus and a wave of golden flames poured out.

Seeing this Cyrus was not bothered. Instead he gripped the void tightly and pulled down, ordering his ma.s.sive guardian weapon to strike down the angel for good. Although this could be considered a risky move, he completely placed his trust on the two cosmic spirit hosts, overseeing the whole battle and aiding those who needed help!

The silver realm elites of the holy church possess a crazy amount of magic equipment which in turn boosted their overall power, up to a level where the silver realm experts of the Gyro kingdom could not compare. If everything was equal, the Gyro kingdom silver realm elites should have been destroyed by now but due to the presence of Kalos and Kuen, the tide of battle changed and the Gyro kingdom regained the advantage. The true strength of these two was displayed as they played the support role in the battle.


The wave of golden flames appeared above Cyrus a second away from it cras.h.i.+ng down on him, yet he totally ignored it, controlling his guardian weapon which appeared above Kastiel and the defeated priest, hacking down at them.

"Open!" a calm voice resonated from afar and a ma.s.sive portal appeared above Cyrus' head, with its powerful suction force, it pulled in all the divine golden flames.

This stunned Kastiel, as he didn't expect anyone to join hands with the life mage at this crucial hour. The portal reopened below him and the golden flames appeared from below, shooting towards him and from above was the ma.s.sive guardian weapon, threatening to tear him apart with a single blow.

Kastiel panicked at this moment.

He quickly tried to move back but he suddenly felt a force around him preventing him from escaping that s.p.a.ce. His eyes turned bloodshot as he instantly pinpointed the source the spatial magic and gravity magic!

"I'll kill you!" Kastiel roared while steering at Kuen and Kalos who wore calm smiles on their faces.

"Light magic: Divine deity!" Kastiel hurriedly activated his greatest defensive spell, turning himself golden, like a statue in the process.



The attacks bombarded the angel and the priest from two sides and numerous screams could be heard. Quickly a figure shot out of the golden flames, retreating even further. His body was covered in divine golden blood and his right hand was dangling weakly, making him unable to maintain his grip over his divine blazing sword and it fell off. In his left hand was a lifeless black figure which most likely died due to severe burns.

The wingman priest was dead and the angel Kastiel would soon vanish… But Cyrus was not satisfied!

"To me!" Cyrus roared as he released a wave of golden aura, which quickly caught Kastiel's divine blazing weapon which was free falling.

"Die!" He roared as he gripped the void and pulled, instantly the ma.s.sive guardian weapon shrieked and shot towards Kastiel

"You will pay for this, host! I swear it!" Kastiel roared like a madman after his divine weapon was stolen and since the priest was dead, he could feel an unknown force pulling him out of this plane of existence.

His eyes were bloodshot as he watched the guardian weapon approach and before it could reach, he vanished…

"I will make you pay…." His voice resonated from the void.

"You are just an angel… a lesser being in my presence…You are not qualified to stand in the same battleground with me… vanish and never show yourself to again!" Cyrus retorted with a vicious smile on his face, while grabbing on to the divine blazing sword.

With the angel gone and his divine weapon in Cyrus' hands, crazy thoughts flowed into his head. All this while he has been submissive to the former king, Robert, and the Gyro family. In the eyes of the people of Gyro, he's just like any other member who possesses enough power to stand at the top but outside he is nothing, no reputation, no name… nothing… Unlike Derik, the messenger of death, whose name seemed to be getting more popular by the second. Such a person has gained the recognition of people all over the continent!

[This has to end… I must forge a new path for myself and now is the perfect chance… I will become someone people can look up to!] Cyrus swore in his mind while biting on to his lower lips tightly.

"HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Cyrus' eyes let out a golden glow and numerous dazzling golden beams shot out of his body, das.h.i.+ng towards the numerous silver realm elites of the holy church!

"Aaaahhh! Wait!"

"No… no, don't!"

"d.a.m.n you!!!"

Numerous screams of pain and anguish resonated from the sky as multiple silver realm elites of the holy church burst, turning into blood mists. In just a single move, Cyrus had killed over half of the elite forces of the holy church!

Numerous beams of light shot out of the blood mist, flying towards the clouds above but they were soon stooped by an invisible force, which greedily held on to them. These are the souls of those who were killed by his attack, they were drawn towards Derik who was battling the bishop above the clouds.

"Ooo No you don't!" Cyrus roared as he took hold of the void and pulled down. Instantly the souls, dashed towards him, entering his body, instantly raising his power as well. Just like Derik who could still a person's soul and use the power of his life force to strengthen himself, Cyrus could do the same, just like the fallen archangels, Samael who used this method to raise his power and reach the peak grade of the demiG.o.d level before he waged war against the creator and the other guardian spirits of the various elements.

With his power level constantly on the rise as he absorbed the life force of those been murdered in the chaos all around him, Cyrus golden glow was magnified greatly and he looked like  a divine deity looking down on mortals. He raised his hand and a divine spear appeared in his hands and with a roar he shot towards the mages of the holy church who were hara.s.sing the allied forces of gyro together with the silver knights of the holy church.

His resounding laughter introduced fear to the hearts of his enemy while his allies cheered on and fought fearlessly and with more vigor!

"The death mage is certainly a bad influence on this child… their relations.h.i.+p is quite toxic" Kalos commented with a bitter smile on his face.

He could tell what was going through Cyrus' head with a single glance and he was also shocked that Cyrus used the same method which the former king Robert offered him back then to use and raise his power in preparation for Derik but the life mage refused. He knew this case was quite different, as Cyrus only stole the life force of his enemies but he was pretty sure the life mage did not do it because he just felt like it. It was simply because he wants to catch up with the death mage, his best friend.

"Ahhh forget it…. This is the beauty of having a rival" Kalos said and looked away.

He had no reason to bother. This rivalry will only lead to the rapid increment of the strength of both sides and judging from the hards.h.i.+p both of them have suffered together, he really couldn't see a situation where Derik and Cyrus would turn against each other. He simply ignored Cyrus' existence and focused on providing more support to those who needed it on the battleground!

LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 177 Chapter 177: You Are Not Qualified!

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