LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 227 Chapter 227: Empire 5

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Within the death domain, Derik could do and undo, he could create and destroy! To be able to battle him in this domain, one requires to be at a higher level. The earth and fire dragons would have been able to pull this off but unfortunately, the side effects of using their second forms have started to kick in and at their current state they could barely maintain this form. The fact that they were even able to gather enough energy to attack stunned Derik and this increased his urge to draw these beasts over to his side. Unfortunately for them his method has always been crude and sly!

What keeps a kingdom together is not love and respect, these emotions can only take you so far, such emotions can easily be quenched at any moment. Only fear is absolute! The power of fear can never be underestimated, Derik intends to create a reputation where even after his death, he will still be feared greatly and people will be too scared to mention his name.

"This power… Death power! You are the enemy of all living things!" the fire dragon finally panicked and cried out.

"Are you the reincarnation of that man of that time?" The earth dragon asked a trick question. It didn't want to expose the ident.i.ty of one of the guardian spirits that joined hands to defeat it. Without mentioning the name of the man but asking about an event related to the defeat of the four ancient dragons, the earth dragon wanted to know Derik's relations.h.i.+p with the death guardian spirit. 

Of course, Derik easily understood the intentions of the earth dragon and chuckled in his heart. He, like every other guardian spirit, was aware of the events of the past, where the guardian spirits alongside the angels battled the powerful inhabitants of this planet! During that time the four ancient elemental dragons were considered the weakest amongst the powerhouses of the planet. They could not be compared to the rulers of the other continents in this world, only when they join hands can they face against those terrifying beasts. In reality, the new inhabitants of this continent are lucky that they paired with just these four elemental dragons, if it were any other ruler level beast, even Derik and Cyrus won't be able to face them even if they join hands together.

"That man? I am no reincarnation…. That man you speak of is my master and I'm his successor!" Derik said proudly as he grabbed the void in his domain and pulled. The void tore open and a figure shrouded in the darkness appeared.

The man was dressed in a sleeveless black and purple robe, his eyes were like a pair of blazing purple flames, and his black and purple hair was combed back neatly. This man's figure was flawless and his skin was slightly paler than usual, his fingernails and lips were dyed black and behind him was a human-sized death scythe right beside his pair of majestic black wings!.

"Aaah… we meet again… little dragons" Demos spoke softly. His aura was like a vast sea that filled the whole area, no one except for Derik who has spent a reasonable portion of his life in the presence of this guardian spirit noticed that his power has dropped once again. At this moment, Demos was at the low grade of the demiG.o.d realm!

"You! Messenger of death! I knew it, only someone related to you can possess such diabolic powers!" The earth dragon was completely terrified, even the fire did not dare look into the eyes of death!

Kalos, Aldora, Ahika, and Kaido were stunned, only Cyrus was not moved by Demos' appearance. The other gold realm masters could feel Demos oppressive aura, even though the angel of death has lost a reasonable portion of his power, he was still as dangerous as ever.

After a few moments of observing, Cyrus finally noticed the change in Demos' power, he could tell that the angel of death has gotten weaker and Derik was the reason. This is the reason why Derik has always been improving at a stunning rate!

How much has this being sacrificed for Derik? Why is my Guardian spirit so dormant and thick-headed… He's really lucky.

"You seem to be doing well… Little host…" Demos noticed Cyrus smile and shot him a meaningful smile. Back then, his original intentions for Derik were to help him grow faster, so that he will be able to defeat the life guardian spirit host in the future but after a while, he realized that the bond between these two was not something that can be broken easily. They both have each other's back, together they make an almost undefeatable team.

"You… You too…" Cyrus tried to calm himself down as he replied.

Demos nodded in response and shot a glance to the others before returning his attention to the dragons whose body has been submerged underground, leaving only their heads on the surface.

"Forgive my little host, he can be more vicious than myself… Normally I won't subject my foes to such torture, I just kill them off right away and use their soul to increase my own realm… it's really a pity you met him… I apologize for his cruel acts…" Demos said with a charming smile. For a moment there it looked like he actually cares about these ancient dragons.

"The wind and sea dragon lost to us at Baldmar and we let them flee, for the sake of the survival of this world, I'll give you the same chance… Leave and never bother us again… The various races are gathering at the southern region of the continent, the magic beasts can live where ever they wish to stay, I'm not bothered…. Should I ever receive news of people been killed by magic beasts again… I won't hesitate to wipe out all the magic beasts in this continent… The four elemental dragons included" Derik said with a stern face.

He didn't give the dragons a chance to speak and the chains quickly pulled their heads into the ground.


The circular chain formation appeared again and a purple light shone out from the center, from it the two dragons shot out from the pa.s.sageway and fell to the ground. Without wasting any time, the two dragons, turned into beams of light and fled.

LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 227 Chapter 227: Empire 5

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