LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 240 Chapter 240: Path To Freedom 2

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Derik was stunned by Demos answer, he sprang on his feet and waved his hand lightly, conjuring two thrones made of piles of bones. With both men taking a seat, Derik nodded at Demos, signaling him to continue.

If the creator can kill those carrying its soul imprints with just a single thought, how is he supposed to end its life? Derik deeply intrigued by this topic since his original goal from the very beginning is to become a separate ent.i.ty that relies on no one.

"You must not be the one to do the killing… there are other beings or creators like ours out there… a war is about to break out amongst the G.o.ds, its only natural it won't come as a surprise if our creator should be killed in this war.. By the way people die…" Demos said these words so calmly that even Derik felt chilled in the spine. 

Wasn't this being meant to be the trusted ally of the creator? Why would it talk about the possible death of its master as if it were any normal person was going to die!

"If the creator dies and its soul vanishes, shouldn't all its creations die as well?" Derik pushed his suspicion to the back of his head and asked Demos that question.

"Yes, that is so… That's why it is best to try and seize control of the creator's soul when it's at its weakest… only then can you jump in and try to take hold of its dying soul, that's when you have the highest chance of success…" Demos responded quickly.

"Doesn't that mean I have to be in the frontlines in the battle to come… I need to achieve the demiG.o.d realm first and even if I do, I will still need to survive the clash between the G.o.ds and finally, when an opportunity should arise, I definitely won't be the only competing for the creators fading soul… there are other demiG.o.ds present, there are G.o.ds present, even the guardian spirits and cosmic spirits will jump in… Do you think this is something I can do?" Derik asked with narrowed eyebrows as he stared at Demos with suspicious thoughts springing up in his mind.

No matter how he looked at it, no one is entirely good in this life. Everyone has a price, some people are extremely expensive while the others are quite cheap, even his only parent and sibling betrayed him. As grateful as he is to Demos for his 'selfless' acts, he couldn't deny that Demos sacrifices are the main reason he is as powerful as he is today, but the question that keeps echoing in his mind is, why?

Why would someone who initially had the intention of controlling his body suddenly turn good all of a sudden?

Why would a death mage who has left for thousands of years, suddenly decide to invest a huge portion of his power into a mere mortal like him?

Derik may still be young but his experience was undoubtedly one which a normal person would require a full lifetime to acquire. Derik knew that nothing comes for free in this life, the only thing is that Demos was yet to state his price.

At this point, Derik was not really scared of anyone, unless his foe can successfully sneak up on him and kill him with a single strike, there is no way he can be killed, once he flees into his domain just like the fallen archangel, Samael, no one will ever be able to catch him. Even if he should battle Demos here and now in his domain, he was confident that he will force the angel of death to flee in shame, by the way, he is the sole G.o.d of this domain.

His problem was not that Demos may ask something he may not be able to offer in return for all his services, Derik's main fear was that Demos may try to take his reward while he is unaware of it, catching him off guard.

"This is only one of the three options… I strongly recommend you do not even bother considering this method…" Demos shook his head lightly as he spoke.

"The second option is quite similar to the first… Kill a cosmic spirit and consume its soul!" Demos continued speaking with glimpses of viciousness flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

"Killing a cosmic spirit?" Derik was greatly shocked by Demos' words! In his eyes, cosmic spirits were like invincible beings which can defeat the all-powerful guardian spirits in battle! Even the various G.o.ds dare not cross these strange beings.

"Yes… why do you make it seem impossible? Cosmic spirits are just beings at the lowest level in the G.o.d realms… they are considered weak amongst G.o.ds and in some planets, they can only be seen as lower leveled deities… the only thing terrifying about these beings is their numbers and unity… the G.o.ds are divided, while the cosmic spirits are united… they can easily band together and kill a G.o.d… But if the G.o.ds ever find a reason to join hands and battle these beings, the battle may only last a few decades at most" Demos chuckled with hints of disdain in his eyes as he spoke.


Derik swallowed hard a large ball of saliva when he heard Demos's words. He and Cyrus only battled the fire dragon for three weeks straight and they needed a long time to recover their power, they always considered this as a ma.s.sive achievement but hearing Demos speaking on a battle that lasts for decades as if it is merely a few hours, he couldn't help but feel stunned.

"This…." Derik muttered.

"hahaha! Don't look down on yourself, the guardian spirits found your battle with the ancient fire elemental dragon alongside the life mage entertaining… We spoke on it for days… even the creator stole a glance at you guys when the battle raged on… you should feel proud… not everyone can get the creator's attention!" Demos laughed as he spoke.

"The creator set his eyes upon us during that battle?" Derik's eyes narrowed and his eyebrows knitted together.

To normal people, this could be considered a great achievement, but to Derik, this was a problem!

LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 240 Chapter 240: Path To Freedom 2

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