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"Sasuke! You stupid!" Kiba glared at Sasuke. Even though he couldn't move, Kiba could use his mouth. He would use this mouth to curse Sasuke to h.e.l.l right now.

"What the h.e.l.l are you doing!? They just helped us." Kiba glared at Sasuke who was not even listening to him.

Akamaru looked down and let out a whimper.

Kiba who was pointing at Sasuke looked down at Akamaru, who was s.h.i.+vering. He was stunned for a while looking at Akamaru, who was scratching his pants. Kiba patted Akamaru trying to soothe him.

"Akamaru, what happened?" Kiba could feel Akamaru s.h.i.+vering.

Chōji looked seriously at Sasuke then pulled Naruto back and said in a low voice, "Something is wrong with Sasuke." Chōji was ready to take part in the battle and make a paste out of Sasuke if needed.

"Sasuke is under the effect of 'Curse Seal'. That symbol on his neck is making him do all this." Raito explained and added a small lie, communicating in their head.

After a small pause, Raito looked back at everyone and added, "I will take care of him."

It seemed that Ino was still angry about Raito using this technique as she was pouting.

Hinata giggled looking at Ino's face. She had already forgotten about the dangerous Sasuke in front of them.

"I have the seal-work ready to seal that 'Curse Mark'. Help me later, kay?" After saying that, Raito closed the connection between him and the gang.

"Sasuke," Raito called and at the same time took off his bulky jacket. It made a light 'Bang' sound when it reached the ground.

[Training Jacket]

Special: Added weight Seal - 40 kg

"What?" Sasuke smirked feeling the power coursing through him. He turned around with his creepy smile and black tattoos on his face.

Clenching his fist, Sasuke looked at Raito. He opened his mouth but remained silent for some time before saying, "I feel like I can crush you to pieces.

"I wanted to say that I am not really a bad person." Raito smiled and started to unb.u.t.ton the cuffs in his arms.

Taking off his Metallic arm bracers, Raito threw them down, making a 'bang' sound.

[Arm bracers]

Weight: 20 kg

[Arm bracers]

Weight: 20 kg

"Your stats are really too high for me right now. Your strength is probably more than mine right now and with your Sharingan, dexterity is also bound to be higher." Raito smiled and crouched down, his feet pus.h.i.+ng on the grounds.

"There he goes again." Naruto rolled his eyes, thinking about the game references. It had been a long time since they had played any games.

s.h.i.+no looked at his bugs, communicating with them as even they felt ominous about Sasuke's chakra right now.

[Uchiha Sasuke Lvl 28]

STR: 180

DEX: 200

[Yos.h.i.+zawa Raito Lvl 32]

STR: 168

DEX: 133

"Let's try with this much first." Raito pushed the ground and dashed towards Sasuke, appearing in front of him in an instant. Raito swung his fist ready to destroy Sasuke's face.

"Heh!" Sasuke smirked as he moved his hand lazily and caught Raito's fist with his palm.


Even though Sasuke was sure, he couldn't help but feel the burning pain on his palm but the pain was too little to cause any effect. The curse seal had dampened all the pain sensation by creating havoc in his hormone system.

Raito's and Sasuke's hands remained in the air struggling for dominance. Both of them didn't want to use their other hand, just trying to push other's hand away, pus.h.i.+ng back and forth.

"Baka Sasuke! If you don't stop, that 'Curse Seal' will kill you. That power is not yours, it's from a traitor of the village, the contractor of snake summons, Orochimaru." Raito said in a low voice so that only Sasuke hears it.

He had heard about Anko many times what the 'Curse Seal' actually did and most of the time it was him asking about the curse seal. She had explained to him how she struggled with it and how problematic it really was. The pain was unbearable and the only solution was to seek him. There seems to be some kind of voice telling her to return to Orochimaru. Hokage-sama and Jiraiysama had used almost all of their chakra that year to seal the 'Curse Seal'.

"So what? Power is power, no matter where it is from. If it isn't mine then I will make it mine. I will get stronger… stronger!" Sasuke revealed his crazy side and started pus.h.i.+ng back, looking into Raito's eyes. His red Sharingan eyes glowed for a quick second then spun before the light disappeared. A casual look like that had activated a Genjutsu… just like that and it didn't even take five seconds.

[Gamer's mind activated.]

[Genjutsu resisted.]

Raito slowly drew his back his left and weakening the right. Activating the 'Rock Fist' black rocks covered his fist forming a hard outer sh.e.l.l.

"Something weak like that will never affect me." Raito blew towards his face.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes but didn't loosen his grip.

Stomping the ground once more, Raito raised his left, swinging from the bottom towards the sky.

Eyes glowing, Sasuke opened his closed palm and at the same time pushed Raito's right fist. With some pus.h.i.+ng force affecting his body, Sasuke tapped the fronts of his foot, leaning back and dodging the dangerous uppercut.

'Sword. One.'

A wooden sword appeared in Raito's hand out of thin air, covered in yellowish chakra.

"[Cleave]". The wooden sword descended down in a smooth and quick motion.

Sasuke who was ready for a counter-attack after finding Raito defenses open immediately canceled his plan and rolled to the side. The sword was only able to hit the ground making a cavity below.

"Why?" Sasuke crouched in all fours, gritted his teeth in anger. The magatama around his pupils spun responding to his anger.

"This?" Raito played with the wooden sword and changed hands. "It's called Fuinjutsu, you know. The one you said was a waste of time."

Raito smiled and pointed his rock hand towards Sasuke. "[Rock Bullet]"

It now looked like Raito was just playing with Sasuke.

Finding that the rocks were much faster than the last time, Sasuke jumped in alarm, dodging the rocks thrown at him. Glaring at Raito, Sasuke gritted his teeth in anger. Punching the ground, he said, "I am gonna show you."

Even before standing, Sasuke had completed a set of hand seals and now, he was taking a big breath in.

"I knew it." Raito had a big smile on his face. Just as Sasuke was going to breathe fire, Raito with a half 'Rat' hand seal, made the ground below exploded into earthen walls covering Sasuke by all four sides. "[Earth Wall]"

"Baka Sasuke, I have seen that jutsu hundred of times now. You can only beat me in your dreams." Raito laughed looking at the 'Earth wall'.

"Are you sure that was me?" Sasuke's voice sounded from behind as he stood with kunai pointing towards Raito's neck. This time, the black tattoos on his body were even more, nearly joining into one.

Just as Sasuke was about to plunge the kunai, Raito smiled, turning into rock and breaking into pieces. "I knew that wasn't you."

"Coward!" Sasuke shouted throwing the kunai in a random direction.

"Woah! You nearly got me." Raito walked out from behind the tree and plucked the kunai embedded in the tree trunk.

Kiba who was looking at the fight, narrowed his eyes, "What happened just now?"

s.h.i.+no who was resting on the tree trunk, moved slightly, making himself more comfortable. And while no one expected for answers, s.h.i.+no spoke up. "Raito-san seems to have made a switch."

Licking his canines, Kiba continued to look at Raito. "I wanna know how he is doing that…"


"Quit playing! Fight me." Sasuke roared, the purplish chakra on him exploding with more ferocity.

[Uchiha Sasuke Lvl 24]

STR: 200

DEX: 200


With a stomp, Sasuke appeared in front of Raito, his punch just inches away from Raito's face.

Bang!! Crack!

A loud crackling sound came with chips of stones flying in the air.

"That was dangerous." Raito had a serious face looking at the s.h.i.+eld in front of him, blocking Sasuke's punch. The rock s.h.i.+eld had cracks all over it, showing how ferocious the attack was. If he didn't have 'Fast thinking' automatically activated, it would have been really troublesome.

"Total of 500 kilos… To make a crack at that… That would have hurt." Raito sighed. Sasuke just punched a rock s.h.i.+eld with the impact part being of the highest density. It was indeed fearsome. What would have happened if Sasuke had punched him?

Quickly jumping away Raito touched his arms where seals were placed. He would have to sacrifice his training.

'Sorry, Lee.' Raito clapped his hands, releasing one of the Fuinjutsu seals on his body.

"[Fuinjutsu: Weight Training Seal - - Release]"

[Yos.h.i.+zawa Raito Lvl 32]

STR: 168 > 208

"I'll show you what's unfair." Raito snorted and activated his skills. He was angry about the recent punch.

'[Chakra Enhancement]', '[Chakra Control]', '[Chakra Strength]', '[Chakra Speed]'

With the activation skills, his stats increased rapidly and crossed two-fifty points and came to stop at 260.

[Yos.h.i.+zawa Raito Lvl 32]

STR: 260

Even though there was no aura type of thing coming from Raito, Sasuke flinched.

Completing a set of hand seals, Sasuke blew hard letting a dark red fire cover the ground in front.

"You made me do it Sasuke." Raito transformed his hands into rocks.

"You wanted to fight, right? I will let you know that against me…" Raito tapped the ground below and disappeared, crossing the fire and directly appearing in front of Sasuke.

With narrowed eyes, Raito punched and broke the kunai in half first, pa.s.sed through his guard then hit square on the stomach.

Sasuke felt like his organs were s.h.i.+fted and felt like everything was trying to come out of his mouth. He vomited to the side and peddled back while looking at Raito on his face.

"Do you think it was bad?" Raito walked slowly, looking down at Sasuke.

Sasuke twitched as he tried standing up. He clenched his fist trying to sense the energy in his body. The only thing that could help him was the seal on his shoulder. He tried manipulating his chakra but found that his chakra was in a mess. Without handseals it would be difficult in manipulating chakra.

Just as Raito was going to grab Sasuke, Sasuke threw the dirt on Raito's face and kicked. His kick landing on Raito's rock hands, giving him that slightest bit of time to weave a set of seals to activate a Genjutsu and disappearing in thin air.

"Genjutsu?" Raito had no trouble countering this technique. Although Gamer's mind didn't work in these kinds of Genjutsu, it was easily countered by his 'Chakra Sense'.

Sasuke knew Raito had some kind of technique for Raito's fast reflexes but he didn't know about Raito's 'Chakra Sense'.


Sasuke looked in disbelief at the broken kunai in his hand and a circular rock s.h.i.+eld in front of him, appearing out of nowhere and hovering there.

Turning around, Raito released his 'Rock Fist' Technique and pointed his fingers forward. The rocks from his fist quickly transforming into a binding, locking Sasuke's arm and legs, even making a blindfold for his eyes.

"[Ninja Art: Pressure Points - Forced Sleep]"

Raito jabbed with his fingers on the various points in Sasuke's body and at the same time pa.s.sed chakra there.

Since it was now impossible for Sasuke to be affected by Genjutsu, Raito had to use an alternate technique that he had not used very much. But it still worked due to the level difference. With the help of Gamer's body and different skills, Raito could easily learn the jutsus. Although there are some restrictions, most of the techniques skill doesn't require much. But they have to be leveled up which takes a lot of time.

"Come, Naruto!" Naruto walked towards Raito and started taking out a big scroll from his storage seal.

Raito looked at Sasuke then shook his head.

Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram

"[Summoning Technique - Treasure Chamber]"

A big, hollow stone cubicle appeared with talismans flags at four corners. Inside it, there were already seal-work which Raito and Naruto had worked on for helping Anko in making an Evil Suppressing Seal and once and forever destroy Orochimaru's Curse Seal.

"Am I really doing this?" Raito sighed.

Raito looked back at the remaining members outside and shouted, "Can you guys get another Heaven Scroll? After I seal this 'Curse Seal', we have to go to the tower."

Hinata nodded and immediately activated her Byakugan. Ino-s.h.i.+kCho were done preparing and now were waiting for Hinata to point in a direction.

"…And I thought it would be an easy journey." s.h.i.+kamaru sighed and stretched. The pain in his arm was gone like it was never there.

Walking inside, Raito dragged Sasuke, forcing him to sit at the center of the concentric markings on the floor. All the four corners and ceiling had scrolls opened which were filled with Character Seals.

"We prepared for so long and now we are going to use it on him?" Naruto frowned and crouched down looking at the 'Tomoe' on Sasuke's shoulder. He was going to put his finger on the 'Curse Seal' but was stopped. Naruto looked at his own finger and blinked several times before narrowing his eyes.

"Anko-nee wants some result before she tries it out herself." Raito took out a rope and started tying Sasuke before placing him in a hole. Using earth jutsu, Raito made sure that Sasuke could not escape in the middle of sealing.

"Then I'll get started." Naruto opened the scroll and placed it near the door.

The scroll had several large chakra storage seals on it. It was for Naruto and Raito both but looking at Naruto's CP he wouldn't really need it. So it was for poor Raito.

Naruto stood behind Sasuke facing Raito.

"Okay then, here goes nothing." Golden chakra oozed out of Naruto, seeping into the chamber. The character seals on the scroll trembled, on the walls and the ceiling, forming a black spot on their respective scrolls.

This gold color chakra was only visible when Naruto did Fuinjutsu and not anytime else.

"Step 1 Complete." Naruto gave a thumbs up to Raito and smile. It went exactly as he had thought.

"Step 2." Raito closed his eyes with a 'Rat' Hand Seal. Since the seals on Sasuke had some modification done and was a little different from Anko's, Raito also had to make some changes to the seal work but almost everything else would remain the same.

After half an hour of trying to find ways, Raito found out that it was impossible to completely remove it before stabilizing with the second seal. Obviously, it dampened Raito's mood but he had to show some results.

"As long as you don't go for the second step, you'll be safe, Sasuke." Raito smiled then chakra threads came out of Raito's glabella connecting with each of the scrolls on the walls and ceiling.

After some time, the black spot on those scrolls widened, leaving a red dot in the middle.

"Cough! Cough!" Raito kneeled on the ground and started coughing.

"Raito are you okay?" Naruto shouted wanting to move from his spot, worry appearing on his face.

"Stay there! Don't move, Naruto!" After wiping his mouth Raito stood up and touched one of the seals on the scroll. Golden colored chakra flowed into Raito as he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Naruto, can you do six?" Raito asked.

Naruto nodded with a smile on his face. He shouted as he punched his palm. "I have worked hard for this. I can do it."

"Concentrate." Raito sighed clapping his hand and activating his chakra. While Naruto controlled six, Raito had to control the rest of the scrolls.


The black spot on the scroll wriggled, moving in a strange pattern.


Then they turned into a needle shape pointed and extending towards Sasuke's shoulder, targeting his tomoe.



On their shout, the black needles exploded and gathered from five directions on Sasuke's shoulder, just around the tomoe, creating a cage of black with red spots.


Purple chakra bubbled on the surface of Sasuke's shoulder, trying to spread again and again but was confined by the black cage, which was shrinking slowly.

"No good. I need more chakra." Raito connected with the scroll behind him activating all the three seal.

"Naruto, you okay?"


"We have to stop at exactly the same time. I will tell you to stop then only stop, okay?" Raito shouted beads of sweat flowing down.

"Okay." Naruto had his eyes closed focused on the seal.

'Just a little bit more.'

Just as Raito was about to be done, the inky back cage seeped into Sasuke's shoulder and the heavy feeling also went with it.

[Fuinjutsu Complete]

[Fuinjutsu - Evil Suppressing Seal]

[Sealed - Cursed Seal of Heaven]

"Done!" Raito shouted plopping on the ground.

"Done?" Naruto who was still clapping his hand opened his eyes and looked at Sasuke's shoulder.

Now inside the magatama of tomoe, there were red dots in them and the magatamas of the tome were connected to each other using seal lines.

"Raito." A mature man's voice sounded in his mind as a notification appeared in front of Raito.

[Would you like to open communication with 'Yamanaka Inoichi'?]

[YES / NO]


"Hey, sensei," Raito replied releasing Sasuke from the bindings.

"Hokage-sama and 'everyone' is here. What is happening in the forest?" Inoichi was at the top of the Hokage monument, at the 'Sensory Department', connected to a machine and behind him, a big sphere of water hovered in the air.

This machine was the main equipment of the sensory department used as a tool by the sensor ninja to amplify his sensory powers. The amplification is directly related to the density of the chakra in the water sphere and the capability of the ninja himself. And as for the matter of range, it can be done by building transmission towers after every calculated distance.

"…We just got our scroll sensei. I didn't know you could do this." At the same time, Raito used 'Chakra Sense' to see where the chakra was coming from.

In one of the most important departments of the village, a room filled with the clan leaders, Hokage, the elder council, everyone was looking at Inoichi was wearing a receiver and connected to the big machine, with s.h.i.+kaku by his side.

Danzo looked at the man beside him and nodded slightly.

That masked man nodded then walked to Inoichi's side. Looking at Inoichi for a moment, he put the receiver on his head then sat down cross-legged, activating the jutsu and connecting to the system.

Anko was also there standing beside Hiruzen, with a straight face, and beside her two ANBUs with hands on the hilt knife on their waist.

"Anko-nee, it's me Raito." After quickly finding Anko, Raito gave a small signal to her and started chatting inside her mind.

As Raito replied to Inoichi's question, Inoichi also was replying to everyone in the room. While others nodded, Danzo looked to the masked man beside Inoichi.

Raito had a quick chat with Anko and found what he was supposed to say and what not to say.

"So what happened to Sasuke? How is he? Can he partic.i.p.ate?" Inoichi asked what everyone was waiting for, especially the elder council.

"Fuu, connect with everyone here," Danzo ordered.

"Hai, Danzo-sama." Everyone was now connected now and could hear Raito.

Hiruzen looked at Danzo but kept quiet.

"Kiba had a forced sleep Fuinjutsu, which is now removed. s.h.i.+no had broken bones but they are now lined and will probably take less than a day to heal with the help of his hive."

"Fuu," Danzo spoke up.

"Raito-san, please to the question at hand." Fuu's voice appeared out of nowhere making Raito pause.

"Even though Sasuke is important, we cannot neglect others," Raito mumbled.

After a brief silence, Raito continued, "Oh, well. Sasuke is in sleep and it's not due to a seal, like that of Kiba's. From what Hinata saw, Sasuke was fighting with Orochimaru and had merely exhausted his chakra. He would wake up in a couple of days after using the chakra transfer technique."

Danzo who listened to it started thinking. He looked at Hiruzen who had not spoken and decided that it would be not bad. Danzo tapped his cane once again, signaling Fuu.

"Genin-Raito, can you confirm if there are any markings on his body. Orochimaru likes to present gifts called 'Cursed Seal' to some people." Orochimaru looked at Anko when he said that making everyone in the room take a subtle glance at her.

Anko remained professional, unfazed by the looks, given to her.

"There isn't, Sir," Raito answered.

"How did you confirm that? If your information is false then-"

"Enough!!" Hiruzen flicked and the receiver worn by Fuu immediately came off, cutting the connection between Danzo and the system.

"Hiruzen! What are you doing?"

"You are threatening my Genin, Danzo."

"But this is important," Danzo replied back with a bit of force.

"So what if that information is false and what if that is true. Are you going to blame a Genin for this?"

"According to data, he has knowledge of Fuinjutsu. So-"

"Danzo!" A calm voice with heavy aura locked onto Danzo.

Homura looked at two and sighed in distress. "Important things first, you two."

"Hokage-sama, Raito says that they have gotten the 'Heaven Scroll' for Sasuke's group and would wait for a few days, reaching the tower just a day before the end date," Inoichi reported.

Step. Step.

"Inoichi, can you tell my son something?" a low buzzing voice came as a figure walked out of the crowd and stood in front of Inoichi.

"Sure, s.h.i.+bi. What would you like to say? Better, I will help you." Inoichi connected to s.h.i.+no who was asleep and pushed his hand outward letting s.h.i.+bi grab it.

"… s.h.i.+no, Drop out." s.h.i.+bi waited for a bit then walked back to the crowd.

Next, two huge dogs surrounded Inoichi and a woman with fang markings crouched down in front of Inoichi.

"Tsume, I know it's you." Inoichi pushed his hand, already linking to Kiba.

"Pup, you are gonna drop out. Come back home, we will be tranin' like crazy from now on." Tsume revealed a toothy smile as she talked with her son.

When Kiba heard that, he started panicking. "But mom!"

"No buts or you are wanna be locked up?"

"Yes, mom. I will drop out."

"What did ya say!?"

"Yes! Ma'am!"

Tsume snorted then walked back.

"Then… if everything is clear." Inoichi waited.

Just as expected Hiruzen stepped forward and said, "Inoichi, I would like to talk to the rookie nine."

"I understand, Hokage-sama." Inoichi quickly made a link between Hiruzen and Raito.

"Rookies be at my office, the top floor in the building," Hiruzen said one sentence then signaled Inoichi.

Even though Inoichi couldn't see. He could feel the chakra signal sent by Hiruzen. Inoichi sent a small message to Raito at the very last minute.

"Then." Inoichi took out the receiver then looked towards his side at the place where Fuu was a few moments ago. He could only sigh at his faults and choices.

In the forest, everyone stared at each other waiting for someone to talk.

Ino couldn't take it and started, "We are going to meet Hokage-sama. How about we dress up nicely and go. A warm bath…"

Her voice died down everyone else gave her an annoyed look. She turned around and hugged Hinata, crying fake tears.

Raito looked at the three sets of 'Heaven and Earth Scrolls' then looked at s.h.i.+no and Kiba who were awake.

After thinking for a long time, Raito raised his head looking at s.h.i.+no and Kiba, and said, "I want you two to promise me something."

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