Please Treat Us Fairly, Your Majesty Chapter 11: The Future With Prince Yunhai

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Under the bright moon and stars, Prince Yunhai gave her an affectionate hug under the dappled shade of trees.

Hua Qingxin had been yearning for this familiar hug, but there was an indescribable estrangement between them.

Hua Qingxin was somewhat absent-minded, "Your Highness…"

"Qingxin," Prince Yunhai didn't feel her heartfelt response and seemed to realize something, "I know, you are blaming me."

"No…" Hua Qingxin lowered her voice. She knew it was a lie, as she really wanted to blame him, but now she could only deceive herself, "I'm sure Your Highness failed me for some reason."

Yunhai let her go and sighed slightly, "According to the late emperor's last will, the emperor has ordered me to marry the legitimate daughter of the prime minister. He is testing me, to see whether I will obey him. I can fight against him, but it's not the right time now. Any precipitate offence can only enrage him."

Hua Qingxin looked at Yunhai with complicated feelings.

Yunhai fondled her face and asked worriedly, "What if he vents his anger on you? Will your life be at risk?"

Then I would die for you!

She almost blurted it out, but she restrained the impulse. Her death was not to be regretted, but she couldn't bear to see Prince Yunhai die for their love regardless of his great cause.

That was a wrong deed.

Yunhai continued to reminisce the old days with her and envision their bright future, but all of these just made Hua Qingxin sadder. The past was the past, while the future was beset with danger, which event went against her will.

"Your Highness, the emperor's banquet was about to end, do you have anything else to tell me?"

Yunhai clutched his fist. It seemed that he made a struggle in his heart, took a breath and said seriously, "Qingxin, you have to make sure the emperor will hunt behind this wood tomorrow."


"I have a plan. I'd rather not tell you, in case you carry too much burden in heart."

Hua Qingxin somewhat hesitated.

Prince Yunhai held her shoulder as he noticed her hesitation. He was also stumped, "Qingxin, this is all for our future, but I will not force you to do it."

"I…" Hua Qingxin indeed was a little reluctant to do what he asked her to, but she wanted to do something for him. Besides, she also looked forward to the future they envisioned, "Then how could I do that? I can't just give him an order."

Yunhai smiled slightly and pointed to the right, "There are fawns behind in this wood."

Hua Qingxin turned sideways and looked at the direction he pointed at. Behind the wood was gloomier, darker and deeper forest, as if ghosts were wandering around.

With fingers moving slightly, she finally gritted her teeth and nodded, "Okay, I' try."

Prince Yunhai and Hua Qingxin returned to the bouquet respectively.

Yuncang was reveling in drinking with his court officials and military officers. As he saw Hua Qingxin came back to her seat, he called her loudly, "Ronghua Hua, come here, sit by my side."

Li Zhuozhuo, Consort Ming and other consorts looked at Hua Qingxin subconsciously, with a little bit displeasure.

According to tradition, Ronghua was not a t.i.tle high enough to accompany the emperorin a tour. She could be here only because the emperor liked her.

And what they hated most was the emperor's favor of another woman.

Hua Qingxin sat beside him with apprehension. Yun Cang threw his arms around her shoulders and offered her a piece of meat, "Try this. I hunted it myself."

Hua Qingxin glanced at Prince Yunhai not far from her. She recalled his words and her breath became uneven. She didn't want to eat anything, "I… don't have any appet.i.te."

"How dare you to refuse His Majesty!" Li Zhuozhuo thought Hua Qingxin was faking it and got furious immediately.

"Does it concern you? As a woman, one should feel ashamed of having so much meat.  I'm fat enough." It was her first time to involve in a plot, so she was panicked. It was most fitting to vent her anger on Li Zhuozhuo to cover her anxiety.

Yun Cang hurriedly waved his hand to stop their conflict. He cuddled Hua Qingxin more tightly, "Never mind. You don't have to be so harsh with yourself. Do whatever you like."

"I don't want to eat that." Hua Qingxin raised her eyebrows and just took advantage of his favor.

"Hmm?" Yun Cang got more curious, "So, what kind of meat do you want to eat?"

Hua Qingxin pouted and spited him, "I want venison."

Please Treat Us Fairly, Your Majesty Chapter 11: The Future With Prince Yunhai

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