I Am A Good Man Chapter 3 Part3

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I am a Good Man- Chapter 3 Part 3

Arc 1: Childhood Sweethearts from Rich Households

Translated by ILoveToProcrastinate

"To suffer is to suffer," Zheng Jiayue had an indifferent face. Contrary to expectations, she softly said, "A Yang won't let me suffer too much anyway. He said he will work harder."

As long as they separate from the Ji family, she would rather suffer with him.

"It's also true. Ji Yang loves you so much, he certainly must be unwilling to let you suffer," Ning Wen smiled and joked. "You see yourself, when you were with him, when were you wronged? You indeed held on to his heart tightly."

She said a lot of flattering words everyday. Once she opened her mouth, words would come out.

Ji Yang naturally was a good man and a very responsible, honest man. She long has been interested in him. As long as she has s.e.xual relations with Ji Yang and gives birth to a child, she will have the confidence to enter the room. At that time, Zheng Jiayue will be heartbroken.

Ning Wen is disgusted every time when Zheng Jiayue talks about Ji Yang's shy appearance. She must make Zheng Jiayue experience the feeling of having her man robbed! See how she can still aloofly give alms to her [Ning Wen]!

But Ji Yang has left Ji business now, she felt a bit hesitant. After all, Ji Wei is the legitimate successor to the Ji family. Ji Wei also treated her well. As long as oneself is willing, she can hook up.

"Don't talk nonsense," Zheng Jiayue, with a more restrained look, said seriously, "I can't bear to let A Yang fight alone. My studio is going to open and it won't drag him down."

Ning Wen was stunned. For a moment, she was speechless and could only force a smile.

Zheng Jiayue's major is clothing design. She had studied drawing since she was a child, so her knowledge of the fundamentals was very good. However, she [Ning Wen] really despised it. If she also studied art since she was a child, she would be better than her!

"I heard that the Ji business will have interns come in every month. If they don't person well, they will lose their qualifications and be eliminated fiercely. Ning Wen, you have to perform well," Zheng Jiayue kindly reminded.

Ning Wen smiled more stiffly, "I know."

She had used her relations.h.i.+ps to get in and liked to use Ji Yang to oppress people. Many people were already dissatisfied and he also wasn't there anymore, it would be difficult to deal with this time. Next week is the day when the list of names is announced. She can't help but feel uneasy.

Could it be that she has to make a compromise with Ji Wei?

On second thought, Ji Yang is just an illegitimate child. At this time, he was useless. If she hooked up [with Ji Wei], isn't she pressing Zheng Jiayue firmly under her feet? (1)

"It's time for dinner soon, Jiayue. Shall I invite you to dinner? Yesterday, when I was shopping, I wanted to invite you to dinner, but you left first in the end," Ning Wen pretended that she had no intention of mentioning last night's matter.

She certainly wanted the dress and dress a bit nicer. Who stipulates that she and Ji Wei can't play with Ji Yang's feelings?

Zheng Jiayue is still there, and Ji Yang doesn't dare to openly be with her [Ning Wen], right?

It's also exciting to be furtive. Isn't a man not that virtuous?

"I had business last night," Zheng Jiayue never said much about Ji Yang and Ji family's matters. With an apologetic look, "I'm sorry, I'm not free in a while. A Yang is going to pick me up, and we are going to the movie theater together."

After she finished speaking, she didn't mention the dress in the slightest.

Ning Wen squeezed out a smile, "Next time, then. I remember that there is a new store on the floor of the customized dresses. The taste is pretty good."

She didn't believe that Zheng Jiayue didn't notice this time!

Zheng Jiayue looked down at the news from Ji Yang. Her cheeks flushed red, and she bit her lower lip with shyness. After a while, she said, "That store, ah. Is it beef? I went with A Yang yesterday. The beef's taste is a bit heavy and spicy. You'll have acne if you eat it." (2)

Ning Wen: "!!!"

She was angry to the point that her chest burned.

"There must be something that's not spicy, ah. Don't you like spicy food? It's fine as long as you like it, it doesn't matter to me," she almost couldn't maintain her smile.

"My period is coming soon. If I eat it, A Yang will beat me," Zheng Jiayue shook her head and said embarra.s.sedly, "I can't, I'll treat you to light food next time.

Ning Wen saw this behavior as a public display of affection. She scolded Zheng Jiayue thousands of times in her heart. Isn't it just having a man? What's the big deal? She's in such a hurry to use money to help her boyfriend and she still thinks it's something to be proud of.

Deep down, she [Ning Wen] was afraid that Ji Yang was as shameless as this.

Ning Wen was again furious and didn't dare to say more. She still had to maintain the image of being Zheng Jiayue's bestie.

She watched Zheng Jiayue go downstairs and she bit her teeth. Her eyes were filled with bone-eroding hatred and jealousy. She watched the woman downstairs rush to the arms of the handsome man.

He hugged her and looked down at her, not knowing what he had said that made the woman look up with a smile. She was happy without restraint and her face was lovable and charming. It stung her [Ning Wen's] eyes.

Ning Wen's slender fingertips pierced her palms, but she didn't notice the pain.

She won't admit her envy. Later, she will have everything. Ji Yang, this man, would be hers sooner or later. Also, Zheng Jiayue would only become a fool used by her!

Translator's Note:

(1) I'm a.s.suming that she wants to hook up with Ji Wei, but I'm not sure.

(2) The dish mentioned is 干锅牛肉 in Chinese. I simply translated it as beef. Here's a picture:

I Am A Good Man Chapter 3 Part3

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