System Anime-game-univers 14 Chapitre 14

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Seth spent the night with Shyarly, Kaori and Robin in his house which he had bought on the island at the time when the island of the fish-men pa.s.sed under the flag of the fifth Emperor, [The devil of the Seven Seas]. The house or rather the domain of Seth is near the underwater forest where the poneglyph was located which told the story of Noah, of Joy Boy and revealed the ident.i.ty of Poseidon, one of the three ancient weapons with Pluto and Ura.n.u.s. The area was 100m². Part of the underwater forest was in his domain. From time to time he would go for a walk with Robin to admire the beauty of this forest. This area is Seth's main house, even though Seth had a place where he lived in a kingdom under his protection. This area is where he stayed most of the time with Kaori, Robin, and Shyarly. This area is made up of part of the underwater forest, Seth's house, and the garden. The rear garden is a French-style garden like the garden of Versailles. Behind the French-style garden stretched a cla.s.sic garden with a huge tree or hung a swing on its lowest branch.

The house was not a castle or a manor house but remained a large house. The house is a two-story house. The facade of the house was the j.a.panese style. The house had a small front garden with a small Greek-style fountain. On the ground floor, the living room and the open kitchen covered half of the square. The other rooms are a toilet, a storage room, a cinema room, and a bedroom. The first floor is the floor where the people who live there sleep. So there are a lot of bedrooms, toilets, and bathrooms with four parental suites. The largest is the bedroom where Seth and his wives sleep, although they also have their bedrooms. The top floor is unprecedented. There are one or two bedrooms, a dressing room, a game room... The house also has a bas.e.m.e.nt, the bas.e.m.e.nt is a workshop, but also a training room, research room and other things that are better to do in a bas.e.m.e.nt than outside.
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Seth is lying with Robin and Kaori on the living room sofa. They are watching the last episode of 'Nisekoi'. Watching the end of the anime Robin pouted and showed a very disappointed face while Kaori made a happy face with a sly little smile which she threw at Robin.

"I told you, Robin, that Raku was going to choose Chitoge as his wife." taunted Kaori.

"Normally, you know, you and Chitoge are the same. Dirty blondes." retorted Robin, all the while whispered the last part so that Kaori didn't hear it. Unfortunately for her, it was not the case.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY? DID YOU TELL ME OF SALE BLONDE?" screamed Kaori who walked dangerously towards Robin. Robin didn't know what to say and quickly hid behind Seth. Seth tried to intervene between Kaori and Robin but with the deadly look that Kaori cast on Seth, he knew that if he interposed between them he was going to die. But not being able to let his wife die, he decided to try everything for all.

Seth stepped forward and hugged Kaori. After having embraced him Seth kissed Kaori with a pa.s.sionate kiss and teleported them to the island which was in the center of the lake of the island. Seeing Seth teleported with Kaori, Robin heaved a sigh of relief. Hearing all the heckling done by Robin, Kaori, and Seth, Shyarly came out of the kitchen to see what they were doing.

"What is this noise?" Shyarly asked Robin.

"Uh .... with Kaori we bet on who will become Raku's wife and Kaori won," replied Robin with a small voice.

"Eeetttt ..... why she started yelling and wanted to kill you." Shyarly asked again.

"Bah... I may have compared him to Chitoge ... and I may have been clumsy, without being deliberate, involuntarily called a dirty blonde." answered Robin with an increasingly slow and weak voice.

"You did WHAT," said Shyarly, finally yelling at Robin.

"Fuuuuhhhh" Shyarly let out a long sigh and comforted Robin.

"Forget Robin, you know how she is sometimes, so when they come back, apologize to Kaori and she will sponge the towel. After all, we are sisters and the sisters often argue."

Robin nodded and went to lie on the sofa waiting for Seth and Kaori while Shyarly returned to the kitchen to finish lunch.


Meanwhile on the side of Seth and Kaori.

Seth and Kaori appeared on the island. Kaori and Seth kissed, after a kiss of several minutes Seth and Kaori distanced themselves to resume their breaths.

"fuuu .... fuuu" They took their breaths for a few seconds. After those few seconds, Kaori gave Seth a bad look and pouted turned her face away.

"Why did you arrest me?"

"Why are you sulking, aren't you glad we're alone? And to answer your questions, I did it because you were going to kill her. Even if I love you, I also love Robin and Shyarly so every time you go kill each other I have to mediate. I'll never let one of you die before me. " Seth said with a small smile.

"You also know like me that she didn't want to say it."

"I know, I think I can forgive him. After all, this is not the first time we have been bickering and it will not be the last time either." Kaori continued.

"All right, let's go back now. I think Shyarly has already finished making lunch."



In the kitchen of Seth's house.

Robin and Shyarly put the dishes that Shyarly had cooked on the table. At the same time, Seth and Kaori arrived in the living room and went to the table.

When Robin saw them coming she walked towards them.

"Kaori, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry and that I didn't mean what I told you. I would like you to excuse me and have our old relations.h.i.+p resumed," asked Robin.

"I forgive you, Robin. I know very well that you said it because you were p.i.s.sed off. You and Shyarly remained my sisters and I will always love you." Kaori smiles.

"Enough talking, everyone at the table before it gets cold." said Shyarly.

System Anime-game-univers 14 Chapitre 14

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