The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 243: Hold On Tight.

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A year ago, I started this work, and I remember how half an hour after uploading the first three chapters, in the collections section, I saw the number 8. Then I did not know what it means, but now I know, and I'm very glad and grateful that over the year, this figure has grown in more than 7,000 people.

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Happy new year of 2020!

David squinted his eyes when the rays of the sun, running down his pillow, settled on the man's face. He stretched out, wanting to make the morning relaxation as long as possible, but the clock on the wall opposite said that before the start of the working day there were less than three hours.

The man rolled over on his other side, and his heart froze for a second, as it always happened in such moments. No matter how many times this is repeated, each time was for him as the first. His heart was beating, overflowing with joy, love and tenderness.

If they asked him what point he would like to repeat from time to time throughout his life, David would no doubt answer that one.

He gently raised his hand and brushed a few strands of hair from the face of the woman sleeping nearby. She was so deeply immersed in her world that even her breathing was almost elusive.

Touching with the fingertips of her face, he stroked her cheek, eyelashes, slightly trembling from his touch, and her delicate lips.

"Hey, sleeping beauty, it's time to get up," the man whispered in a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice after the night, "Tsk, how can you be such a sleeper?" David leaned over to his wife's lips and kissed her.

Elena remained motionless, the man's actions remained unanswered.

David's hand slipped under the covers and continued along the seductive curves of the woman, but the response of his own body was instantaneous than the reaction of his wife.

"Honey, I'm in a slightly ticklish situation now, and if you continue to sleep so sweetly, I don't even know what to do," he muttered to Elena in her ear, but his s.e.xual allusions were ignored.

"Elena... LENA!"

The woman instantly opened her eyes, and her gaze fell on her husband, his expression seemed scared, his hair was disheveled.

"Ah, yes, w-what is it?" Elena was trying to figure out what was going on when David pressed her to him and squeezed her so tight that it seemed that something crunched. His body was so close that she felt the quick beating of his heart as if he had just run a marathon, "David, is everything all right?"

"Good morning, my love," he replied, released his wife and gave her the most charming smile, "Sorry to wake you up, I just felt lonely. Aren't you offended?" He winked and caused the woman to smile back.

"Haha, of course not. Good morning, dear," Elena answered and raised herself slightly on her elbows to stretch out and kiss her husband.

She expected her light kiss to turn into a pa.s.sionate morning greeting, typical of David, but the man moved aside and sat on the edge of the bed with his back to the woman.

Elena saw how his shoulders rose and fell several times, he took deep breaths, and then raised his hands up and stretched. The sun's rays enveloped the contours of his body, and Elena pressed her knees to her chest, holding back a growing swarm of b.u.t.terflies in her stomach.

"What are you doing?" she asked, hiding behind the edge of the blanket she was covering her smile as David rose to his full height and slowly began to pull down the only piece of clothing hiding his b.u.t.tocks.

The man took two steps forward, allowing his wife to study Adam's seductive costume to the full, and David did not miss the moment when Elena bit her lower lip without taking her eyes off the man.

He walked around the bed at a slow pace, Elena's body turning after him, until the man stopped at her feet, standing in his full splendor.

The woman's eyes slid down his chest, along his abs, and froze for a few seconds below the waistline when she lifted them up, a playful smile played on David's face.

"Doesn't it seem a little dishonest to you that only you are entertaining your imagination at the moment, eh, my dear wife?" The man said in a low velvet voice, and Elena's toes tightened with his provocative tone.

David's eyes fell on the thin blanket hiding the woman from his greedy eyes, but Elena understood his thought a second later.


Before the woman had time to grab the edge of the fabric, in a blink of an eye it flew off her body and landed on the floor somewhere behind David.

The cool air enveloped Elena's body, causing a wave of gooseb.u.mps, but she was blocked by a new, even hotter touch.

"How about a little warm-up before the morning shower, Mrs. Anderson?" the man whispered to Elena in the ear and pressed her body to his own.

Every inch of her skin was enveloped in the heat of David's body, and the b.u.t.terflies below her belly began to play with renewed vigor, meeting the hot fire of his undisguised pa.s.sion that touched the innermost place of a woman.

"Mmm, you are such a naughty boy, Mr. Anderson," Elena whispered in response and wrapped her legs around David's waist, pressing the man's body closer to her, "I don't even mind playing with you a little," she licked her lip, provoking an animal groan in her husband.

"Then hold on tight," David growled in response, warmly covering her mouth with his lips and pus.h.i.+ng his hips forward.

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 243: Hold On Tight.

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