The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 267: His Christmas Present.

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Nick slammed the door of his room and took a phone from his pocket. After downloading the necessary application, he put the phone in the center of the room on the floor and went to the bed,

"Alice, activate the s.h.i.+eld screen."

[Scanning the s.p.a.ce.]

A voice a.s.sistant sounded, the telephone slowly began to rise from the floor, casting out the blue rays, similar to laser beams, around the perimeter of the room.

[The s.h.i.+eld screen activated.]

The phone hovered over the ceiling, lighting the hotel room with a dim blue light.

The young man took off his T-s.h.i.+rt, cold rays reflected on his tanned skin, the phone blinked and directed one of them at Nick's body, scanning the guy as an additional object.

[Bioscanning completed. Object: Nick Teser. Status: Critical. Revitalization required.]

"Tsk, critical condition, critical condition. What a tedious program, I know my condition perfectly well without you," Nick threw the T-s.h.i.+rt to the side and sat on the edge of the bed, a small gold medallion in the shape of the letter "A" flashed on his neck.

"Alice, what about checking the satellites? I need a report."

[Yes, sir. According to my data, all satellites are located at an equal distance from the surface of the earth, the network is connected by a single program. Most of the satellites are directed towards the sun. Access to nuclear weapons management is limited.]

"Hmm," Nick scratched his head, reflecting on the information received, "Alice, calculate the exact time before the flash."

[Making the calculation. The earth will reach the extreme point of perihelion in 14 days 5 hours 17 minutes.]

"2 weeks, then. Well, everything is going according to plan so far," the young man took off his trousers and lay down on the bed. A dim blue light had a soothing effect on him that he felt sleepy until one thought caused a big interest in him.

"Alice, I need access to the German military archives, the object of the search is the media data for the first Ahnenerbe expedition to Tibet."

[Will be done, sir.]

Nick pulled a pendant with a chain from his trouser pocket and put it on his neck. Along with a small pendant in the shape of the letter "A", this second pendant was more valuable for a young man than his life.

[Search completed. Processing the data output.]

Several photographs flashed in the air under the ceiling, Nick looked at black-and-white photographs without much enthusiasm until one of them caught his attention, "Hey, increase the third one!"

[Processing the pixels completion. 2D object scaling will be completed in 10,9,8,7-]

"Alice, it's not necessary to report to me about your every step, the result is enough," the young man rolled his eyes, the creator of this program, although he was a genius, apparently did it on purpose to pat the guy's nerves at such moments. The author of this voice a.s.sistant knew too well both his strong and weak features.

[Yes sir. Commencing editing personal settings. Restarting the settings will be performed after the completion of the previous program.]


[The photo is ready.]

Nick glanced at the enlarged photograph and his jaw, if it could, would literally fall to the floor. The young man crawled out of bed and walked over to the projected image, "What the h.e.l.l is going on here?"

From the photograph, among a group of unknown people, a young man who was an exact copy of Nick was looking at him.


[The clarity of the original image is insufficient for full a.n.a.lysis. According to current parameters, physiognomic coincidence is 79.3 percent.]

"Thanks," Nick didn't even have to ask a question, the program itself suggested and executed the command in advance. The young man once again admired the genius of its inventor.

"But how is this possible? I know for sure that I was not there! Unless ...," an absurd guess occurred to the guy, and he hastened to get rid of this strange thought, "Ahaha, nooo... it's impossible. Or maybe? d.a.m.n, to h.e.l.l with it. I don't know what it is!"

Nick waved his hand and the photo disappeared, he sat on the bed and thought. There were many things in his head that he would like to tell someone. But he couldn't. Even Lina, who knew more about him than the rest, knew only a small part of the whole truth.

If Elena remembered that conversation during her coma, she would be the best and most suitable person to whom he could open his soul. But, unfortunately, and maybe fortunately for Nick, she did not remember anything about it.

The first days he avoided her, afraid to look into the woman's eyes. But when he noticed that she did not show any particular interest or perseverance, he calmed down.

Moreover, David gave the guy so much work in the company that Nick was not up to the conversation.

"Alice, launch the last 3D projection, the level of settings is the maximum."

[System warning. Maximum settings will reduce the battery charge by up to two weeks.]

"Everything is all right. I won't need it anymore."

[3D hologram ready.]

A light flashed in the room and an image of a girl appeared opposite the young man. She was looking at him with a smile but did not utter a word.

Nick held out his hand, she looked exactly like a living person, but as soon as he touched her skin, his hand went through the girl, as if she were not there.

"You know, no matter how wonderful this hologram is, in my memory you are still much more beautiful," he ran a hand along the contours of her face and leaned to her lips, but instead of the expected warmth, the young man felt only cold air.

"Imagine, Christmas is in a week, people are bustling, getting ready for the holiday. Before that, I didn't understand why you liked this holiday so much, but now I seem to understand. It's only a pity that now it doesn't matter anymore."

Nick lay on the bed, his eyes did not leave the girl's image for a second, "Wait a little longer. Only two weeks are left and I can be with you again," he closed his eyes and took a deep breath,

"Alice, turn off the hologram when I fall asleep."

[Yes sir. Sweet dreams.]

Even if she was not real, this hologram at least softened the all-consuming feeling of loneliness that covered the young man at such moments.

He squinted his eyes so as not to think about sad thoughts, and clasped a small gold pendant in the shape of the letter "A" in his palm.

His Christmas present, which he never had time to give her.

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 267: His Christmas Present.

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