The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together 64 What List Are You In?

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"Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope your Sunday morning started well! Have you made yourself a cup of coffee, or maybe some popcorn? "Sunday Talks" is live, and I am your host, Juliette," the woman began the program as soon as the red light appeared on the camera.

"Today we have two amazing men in the studio. They are both so chic that my heart is about to jump out of my chest. You know one of them, his portraits are hanging on the walls of many women. He is a true model of gallantry and masculinity. But the other person is a mystery man! Our program will be the first one where he decided to reveal his ident.i.ty. His name became known to the public not so long ago, and everyone is looking forward to seeing this guy in reality. So, welcome our guests! Chen Lee from Lee Pharmaceuticals and Daniel Anderson from Greenline Inc!"

As soon as the men appeared in the frame, the hall burst into applause. The crowd shot in the studio included about a hundred people, but even that was enough to create the effect of a full stadium. Young ladies and older women, watching what was happening on the air, were dropping the cups of coffee on the floor or poured everything on themselves from the shock they felt. The live broadcast views jumped up three times during the first two minutes and began to grow exponentially.

While the audience did not want to stop the cheerful noise and kept applauding, welcoming the guests, the host was receiving the current information for the show through a tiny headset. The woman's eyes glittered. 'G.o.d, we haven't even begun yet. Definitely, this will be one of my best releases,' she thought, drowning in euphoria.

Asking the audience to calm down with a hand sign, she sat down in a chair and greeted the guests one more time, "Mr. Lee, Mr. Anderson, as you see, we are very pleased to welcome you to our studio."

"Thank you for the warm welcome," Chen said calmly.

"It was incredibly pleasant," Daniel answered in his low voice, and a wave of gasps and groans ran through the studio.

"Allow me to call you by your first names. Tell me, Chen, aren't you tired of the attention that you have had recently? The fact that you have been so famous lately probably influenced your lifestyle a lot?" the host asked.

"I can't say that this somehow influenced my daily routine. Although I began spending less time at my home, for sure. But there's nothing to be done about this; responsible work requires certain sacrifices. In any case, I am glad that I can be useful to the society," President Lee said calmly.

"Oh, Mr. Lee, as always, is very decent in his emotions, but this is exactly what attracts your fans. Do you know that you are in the first place in the list ?"

Chen's eyes widened in surprise. He never discussed such topics. "Khem, I am, of course, pleased for such a high rating, but I'm afraid I'm already too old to partic.i.p.ate in such lists," he replied, a little taken aback.

Elena watched her father's reaction, standing backstage. She returned to the studio a few minutes ago, after having put her emotions in order.

'It's no wonder that this show is popular. Such questions have never been asked to dad,' the girl thought and continued to follow the lively conversation between the host and the guests.

The host covered her mouth with her palm and giggled coquettishly at that time. "Chen, you seem to underestimate the degree of your attractiveness. You know that when you enter Chen Lee's name in a search engine, then , , drop out in the top of the queries..."

While the host was listing the following query topics, Chen just scratched his head and did not know what to say to that. He was used to various business interviews, and when he was warned that the conversation would go on general topics, such topics would never have occurred to him.

"One of the most popular puzzles is: "Guess how old President Lee is?" The most popular answer is 35. How close are we to the truth?" The host did not let up and made the guest to be even more perplexed with her unexpected questions.

"Um, I'm 46," the man answered, not knowing whether he was glad or not, that his age was so underestimated.

"Oh my G.o.d, are you serious?! I think all people in the studio, and our TV audience, are greatly surprised! How do you manage to look so amazing? Daniel, as far as I understood, you know Chen. How long have you known each other?" The host gave the question to the second guest to engage him in the dialogue more actively.

"I met with Mr. Lee a couple of times when I was a child, but even I was shocked to meet him today and notice that he had not changed much. Now I will think that Lee Pharmaceuticals is indeed in the process of developing the elixir of youth," Daniel laughed out loud.

Chen dropped a reproving glance at the young man but did not answer anything.

The host did not notice anything suspicious and continued the interview. "Daniel, this is your first television experience. How do you feel about it? Aren't you nervous?"

Daniel gave the lady a charming smile and turned his head toward the audience, "When I am greeted and supported by so many charming and beautiful women, I have nothing to worry about," he replied and winked playfully.

The action of the man caused a corresponding reaction, and the hall was filled with loud female exclamations.

"Daniel, it looks like you already have your own fan club. Chen is in the lead on the list of the most desired son-in-law, and what kind of list do you think your name would fit in?" the host asked him.

The young man thought for a moment and then replied slyly, "I think I would be in the first place on the list ."

The audience froze in bewilderment, but seeing the stunning smile of the man, the guests laughed, taking his words as a joke.

"Ahaha, Daniel, you seem to be joking," the host laughed. "But, you know, considering what attractive man you are, I cannot miss the opportunity to ask you this question: are you in any romantic relations.h.i.+p?"

"If you mean if I have a girlfriend, then no, I'm single. But I am happy to demonstrate the signs of attention, so I always have a romantic mood," the young man smiled foxily.

"Oh, I'm even afraid to imagine how many women's hearts were stolen by you. Judging by your answer, you do not seem to get married in the nearest future. What about you, Chen? Will you ever introduce us to Madame Lee? Do you have any plans for it?" the host asked cheerfully.

The face of President Lee instantly became more serious.

'What kind of idiot was preparing these questions? They do not feel the situation at all,' Daniel thought and tensed up a bit.

Chen took a little pause, as if he had thought about something, and then answered in an even tone,

"I am not ready to discuss the issues relating to my personal life. In the near future, I do not plan any relations.h.i.+p, nor, especially, marriage. I have an adult daughter and all my attention, at the moment, is focused on her well-being."

"You are truly a wonderful father! Your daughter is very lucky!" The host smiled sweetly and smoothly turned to the topic she was striving for initially, "I heard that your daughter is a clever and beautiful girl. Let's invite her to join us! I'm sure she also has something to share with the audience. Everyone, please welcome, Elena Lee!"

The audience burst with applause, and Elena, quietly standing behind the curtain, was completely confused when she heard her name. The a.s.sistant director approached the girl, quickly led her to the studio and made her sit between her father and Daniel. Elena looked around, trying to figure out how she got here and what to do now.

The host, smiling happily, whispered into her microphone, "You've got everything ready?"

"Yes, miss. All materials are ready. You can start," she received a confirmation in her headsets.

'Great, and now let's get to the most interesting thing,' she thought to herself with the antic.i.p.ation of an approaching sensation.

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together 64 What List Are You In?

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