Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth 148 House Cleaning Iii : 3Rd & 6Th Floor, Another Spirit User!

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Learning and mastering a spell was easy......well it wasn't that easy, but the crux of the matter was that, modifying a spell was a whole other ball game. Alex had the feeling that he could use Mana, and hence also learn magic, but he didn't want to bite off more than he could chew so he had instead chosen to focus on cultivation. However he had taken to studying a bit, and he knew the fullest measure of a mage, was when finally they made a spell their own, or created a spell of their own. Basically making a spell your own, is to modify it into something that serves and suits you better, creating a new spell formula, and adding more spells to the spell tree of the spell you had chosen to modify.

But that was a topic for another time, All of Jafar's Lackeys have been defeated, with Jafar bit being in too good of a shake either. But this was just the beginning, that was one floor down, there were five more to go. Alex looked up at the tower and noticed that there were people on the third all the way up to the sixth floor watching, guess there's no need to go knock on their doors. Alex gave a small smile as Anya waved at them besides him, and Louis beckoned with his finger for the student at the third floor to come down. He threw down a challenge, and they now had no choice but to accept.

Louis began to stretch as he waited for the members of the organization occupying the third floor to come down, he didn't have to wait long as they came down swiftly, anger very obvious on their faces. They were lead by twins, a boy and girl that had more in connection with Anya and Alex than any other person here, just like them, these two were from the dark continent, bit that it mattered, because they were now obstacles that Alex had to mow through to make an example.

"Our names are...…"

"We don't care! Louis wrap this up fast!" Anya called out from besides Alex, life disdain on her face, apparently there was something about this twins that she didn't like, Alex wish he knew what, but even her upset face wasn't any forthcoming with answers. 

Subsequently her blatant disregard for the Louis's opponent was like a spark on a keg of gunpowder, the twins blasted forward, but their aim wasn't Louis, rather it  was Anya they were aiming for, but the young girl didn't seem any bit disturbed as she rushed forwards to meet them, leaving Alex with his mouth open and the words he was about to say stuck in his throat.

Louis made a move, engaging the others who followed behind the twins, whilst Anya made a leap, jumping into the air and pulling still injured right arm backwards as flames began to gather around it. Alex widened his eyes in shock, even Louis was startled, Anya wasn't aiming to just knock them out, that move was going to kill them, not to mention that the one unbreakable rule of the academy was that killing of other students were Forbidden, breaking such a rule would place a target on your head. Said person would be dead before they even manage to get expelled from the academy.

Alex stretched forth his hand as the fire mask appeared, Louis created a s.h.i.+eld in front of the twins as Alex used his control over fire to snuff out the flames around her fist, which proceeded to smash into Louis's s.h.i.+eld, blasting it to pieces and creating a shockwave that sent the twins flying backwards until they but the wall of the tower and their broken bodies fell to the ground in a heap. They were still alive, but they would probably be bedridden for a few days. Xiao Mei quickly grabbed Anya as Alex raised his eyes to sixth floor where a man with bright pink hair tried to duck back into the tower, but Alex wasn't having any of it.

The fire mask was rapidly replaced with the blood mask as everyone single person on the sixth floor, all 38 of them, were dragged down, and brought cras.h.i.+ng to the ground in the most bone chilling display of power ever. It was literally raining bodies in a manner that was just horrifying to look like, and then just after they all hit the ground, they were all hung suspended in the air while Alex dragged the pink haired guy to the front.

(You're using too much of the mask's power, your spirit energy might be recovered but you're mentally exhausted! You don't need to use it this much, now release your hold from the mask, and let your mind rest! I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you have to make a display of power, using your brawn rather than your brain! That way you won't give yourself an aneurysm!)

Nezha's annoyed voice rang out in Alex's head, he knew the spirit was right considering he was beginning to feel the start of a very terrible migraine. Guess this time it would be better to rely on brawn rather than brains, but before he would let go of this power, he moved his head to the left as multiple resounding cracks rang out, and all 38 of the people he had dragged down from the sixth floor had their legs twisted into very awkward angles, each and every single one of them sporting the same type of injury.

Alex didn't notice, but they had gotten a significant amount of onlookers, so it was not just the people in the tower, but also people outside who were pa.s.sing through the entrance of the alcove and noticed the ensuing conflict. Which was to say quite a significant amount of people saw Alex's display of power, but even they did Alex was not going to pay attention to them. Alex turned to Anya, and saw shaking her head as she battled with bout of dizziness, from the moment Louis defeated Jafar, Alex had felt spirit energy in the air, but the thing is he was not the one using it. It wasn't until Anya decided to attack that he noticed just where it was coming from and just who was using it and what it was doing.

"Mind control is quite a powerful ability, and you seem quite familiar with it. I admire power, but the way you used it was downright sinister, you wanted her to kill people who were considered your comrades, not only would you have ended their lives you would have also ruined hers, and for what? A reputation that means nothing outside the walls of this academy, for a sense of superiority, a game? Are you a f.u.c.king child!? How can you comfortably stand there and implement such a scheme? Is there really no hope for anyone of you, are all of you just serpents and opportunistic hyenas in disguise. You make me sick! Keep your power away from my family, or the next time you use it again, I'll kill you, consequences be d.a.m.ned!"

There was no need to do anything, Alex was not one to hit an opponent that was already down, and so in one fell swoop both the sixth and third floor have been defeated, and by agreement those floors now belonged to them. Leaving the fourth, fifth and the seventh floor left to be challenged, but seeing as the sixth floor was supposed to be stronger and had more people than the fourth and seventh and Alex just dismantled the entire sixth floor in a second, it was safe to say that no one from the fourth or fifth floor wanted to have anything to do with Alex and his gauntlet.

"In the spirit of fairness! The fourth and fifth floor can send their strongest representative, you'll fight Louis one on one, if you beat him you get to keep your floors. And we'll back off from the gauntlet, but if you lose......well you already know what will happen." Alex said as he moved back and wiped his hands on his nose, there was blood on it. Using Spirit energy as much as he has, especially just after getting a new spirit was really tasking on his body.

There were so many whispers going around, but the question were mostly about who the h.e.l.l was Alex and why was he so strong. Of course it didn't take long for information about Alex to pop up, after all this was a digital age, and just asking the right questions online would get you the answers you're looking for.

Alex's feat from when he burst into the scene more than a year ago in the dark continent, to his adventures and feats in the Wudang sect, the Infernal prison Dimension, Macao and his startling display in the Forbidden City during the Emperor's birthday, and the biggest need of them all...…the fact that he was the fiancée of the ninth Princess who was practically the most famous individual in the academy and one that had so many talented suitors that any other man other than Alex being betrothed to there would be paranoid for his life.

But nevertheless Alex had given the fourth and fifth floor a chance to escape a rather humiliating display at his hand. Besides Louis had fought and used spells, by now he should be a little bit exhausted, so there was actually hope that they could beat him. But Louis was ready, after all he has been using so far was Mana and not Qi, and between the two...…Louis had more Qi than he knew what to do with, this was going to be another humiliating beat down! 

Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth 148 House Cleaning Iii : 3Rd & 6Th Floor, Another Spirit User!

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