A Straight Guy's Nightmare Chapter 7

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Supposedly there's an extra but I can't find it. If anyone comes across it, you can throw it to me and I'll tl it. It's called [Easter Egg: One thrust for every wrong answer]

Chapter 7, I was fingered in cla.s.s until I climaxed

As soon as the sky began to grow bright, Xia Chuan was woken by the extreme discomfort of his body. There were three grown men squeezed into a small single bed. Xia Chuan couldn't be bothered to think about anything else right now, and first tried to turn around.

The person behind him quickly perceived his movements through the part below that they were still connected it. Xia Chuan's mind blanked in an instant, and his sleepy mind had instantly become sober.

To be precise, Su Ming's semi-hard manhood was still shoved inside of his back hole.

His movements earlier had also woken up Jiang Xuehang. Still dazed, he stumbled over to hold Xia Chuan and plastered a kiss to his cheek. “Morning.”

Almost at the exact moment when those cool lips reached his cheek, he had been pushed away fiercely by Xia Chuan, and the force he used was so great that his head ended up hitting a wall and making a loud bang.

“What's wrong?” Su Ming's sleepy voice could be heard from behind him.

Xia Chuan gritted his teeth to endure that full feeling in his hole and tried his best to suppress the hoa.r.s.eness in his voice. “Pull it out.”

The person behind turned silent, but Xia Chuan could feel his hot breath at his back. And in a mere dozen of seconds, under the natural law of mornings, the organ buried within his back hole had already swelled to its hardest state.

“You a.s.shole, pull out right now!” Even though he had roared out with all he had, the exhaustion in his hoa.r.s.e voice had swept all its deterring power down under the rug.

“Your voice is hoa.r.s.e, that's what happens when you spend the whole night calling out to us.” Su Ming chuckled, not at all perturbed by the warning in Xia Chuan's eyes. He even began moving his lower body in a slow rhythm, and the hole that was being rubbed back and forth was making squelching noises.

Jiang Xuehang sat up from bed and put on his rimless gla.s.ses. Then, he swept his cold gaze over the part where the two were connected. “You should let Xia Chuan rest for a while.”

“You're right.” Su Ming revealed a look of pity. Then, his lower body ground against his hole for a little while longer before moving away reluctantly.

As soon as the rod left his hole, Xia Chuan quickly turned his body around and straddled Su Ming, reaching out for his neck and squeezing with all the force he had. Even the veins could be seen bulging from his arms. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

For something as fragile as a neck, the grip of an adult man was terrifying. Clearly, Su Ming couldn't take it, and he soon felt the pain of being suffocated. He tried with one hand to pry off Xia Chuan's fingers while he grabbed the phone underneath the pillow with his other, and brought the lock screen to Xia Chuan's face.

It was a very clear photograph of a man with a strong body straddling naked on top of two other men, and the two holes that differed from the norms were being used by the two at the same time. is body had already become filthy from the rape, and his s.e.x still contained trace of a white fluid from having just e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed. The face of the man who was clearly indulging in their lovemaking had flushed cheeks, and his eyes were misty with pa.s.sion. Tears were still streaked across his face and his red lips were slightly parted as if he were revealing his erotic moans with his masculine voice…

The man photographed in that obscene position was Xia Chuan.

The instant he caught sight of that photo, Xia Chuan could feel all the blood in his body swelling up to his brain. All the emotions of shock, anger, humiliation, and shame burst out instantly, cras.h.i.+ng down on him like a heavy weight, and his entire mind was buzzing. In his daze, the hands clasped around that neck loosened subconsciously.

Su Ming coughed and reached up to touch that bruised spot, unsurprised. “What're you still sitting on top of me for? Unless…Do you want to try riding it?” He had deliberately lowered his voice as he spoke the latter half of that sentence, sounding exceptionally sordid.

“If you don't want this photo to be the hot topic in school, then agree to our terms.”

“Since you're unwilling to go out with me, then you should date the two of us.”

“Both of us together, at the same time.”

Su Ming had already sat up and the words that he spat from his mouth were filled with threats.

With his hand that was still holding the phone, Su Ming reached out to wipe the cold sweat from Xia Chuan's forehead, but he was forcefully grabbed by the wrist, and the Sony Xperia was slapped out of his hands. The phone flew past the railings of the single bed and landed straight onto the ground from high above. A loud sound could be heard from its crash.

Jiang Xuehang pushed up his gla.s.ses and said, “Did you make any backups last night?”

“Of course.” Su Ming still had a leisurely grin on his face.

When they saw how silent Xia Chuan was being with his face so pale, Jiang Xuehang gave a light peck on his lips and he spoke as softly as if he was sighing. “Xiao Chuan, as long as you're a good boy, we'll definitely treat you well.” Then, he held his chin and inserted his tongue into his mouth.

“Mh!” Without having much time to enjoy the warmth, the other party had bit down on his tongue without sparing him any mercy. Jiang Xuehang took his tongue back a little awkwardly, but his expression was still relaxed.

They had nothing but time.

One day, Xia Chuan will accept his kisses.

Xia Chuan quickly wiped the place where Jiang Xuehang's lips touched earlier, and his suppressed emotions finally broke out. He was like am agitated wild beast, and he ground his teeth together so hard they were creaking. He clenched his fists tight and flung them towards the two indiscriminately.

He was an even match for any one of the two. Or so to say, if he were to fight against both of them at the same time, he would definitely lose. Coupled with how he had just been done over and over by them for the whole of last night, all of Xia Chuan's muscles were unbearably numb and sore, while his two holes below that had been screwed to the point where they were beginning to protrude were so swollen that it was uncomfortable.

Very soon, he had dropped down to the bed, panting, and his entire body was quickly suppressed.

Su Ming's hot breath brushed past his sensitive ears, leaving gooseb.u.mps all across his skin.

“Calm down a little.”

A few days have pa.s.sed since then, fights broke out practically every day in their dormitory. But they could barely be described as fights, because it was always Xia Chuan's one-sided provocations. Jiang Xuehang and Su Ming never attacked him. They endured it and dodged his kicks and punches, waiting until he had exhausted all of his strength before suppressing him, and watched on as he struggled in exhaustion.

Jiang Xuehang liked to be intimate with him, but Su Ming was much rougher. He would even ignore Xia Chuan's attempts at resistance to pull down his pants and check on his recovery down there. At that time, he noticed that his p.u.s.s.y was still a little swollen, and actually blew towards the hole. “How long do we have to wait before we can enter?”

And the result of that was, Xia Chuan got wet, and Su Ming cracked out in laughter.

He didn't even laugh at Su Ming's erection, okay?!

With his c.o.c.k sticking up like that, he looked like a dog in heat.

Xia Chuan silently apologized to the dogs.

The two of them seemed to have decided to spend all their time stuck to him. They even followed Xia Chuan over to his general compulsory courses that used to allow him to escape them.

Sitting in the most inconspicuous corner of the lecture hall, Xia Chuan was playing mobile games under the cover of his textbook.

He had uninstalled “My Ex-girlfriend, Current Girlfriend, and Me” before he finished getting all the endings, now he didn't get to see all the catfight scenes. However, this “Unbelievable Kitty in My House” was right up his alley. The protagonist got a variety of cute cat-eared babes from a kemono girl gachapon machine and he began to raise♂ them up with love.

“You like cat ears?” Su Ming stared at his phone screen with intrigue.

“Cat ears are a way of life, I support the establishment of a kemono empire!” Xia Chuan stroked the tabby cat with his fingers affectionately through the walls between 2D and 3D.

“Then I'll let you wear your beloved cat ears next time…” Accompanied by these obscene words, Su Ming reached down under the table and wrapped his hands around Xia Chuan's hibernating desire underneath his jeans.

“Mh…” Any man would be shocked to suddenly be touched down there. Xia Chuan quickly covered his mouth and looked anxiously around to see if there was anyone sitting close to him. “Are you crazy? Let go!”

Jiang Xuehang who was looking at the general compulsory coursebooks had also turned over to admire Xia Chuan's uneasy profile.

“You have to maintain a happy state of mind, be adaptable, be open to criticism, get along with the people around you, and you can better complete the same activities that are generally accomplished by your peers. You must have the ability to adjust yourself to adapt to the changes both within yourself, and to the external environment…” The lecturer who was already in his fifties was still showing everyone the powerpoint presentation on the stage. The sounds of the students shuffling in their seats could occasionally be heard, and every stimulus he received in his lower body was magnified infinitely in this completely open environment. There was a great fear of being discovered, but that only served to multiply the pleasure he gained.

“Don't be too…nh…unreasonable…” Xia Chuan gritted his teeth. His waist was squirming in an attempt to move away from his touch. However, his waist was suddenly caught in place by something. Jiang Xuehang had pinned down his waist under the table.

As his cool fingers squeezed themselves between his flesh, Su Ming couldn't help himself from recalling the pleasure last time with the tight sensation. He was so sensitive inside that he could almost feel every line on his finger, and especially the frequency of the friction that mimicked

“You're disgusting!”

“Are we?” Jiang Xuehang raised the corners of his lips. “Didn't you always think that women were only va.s.sals for a man's pleasure? Since you have this growing out down below, it should only be reasonable for us to f.u.c.k it.”

Xia Chuan was speechless. Of course, the intense stimulation down there was also making him lose the ability to speak. With another finger added to the mix, his waist had already gone soft. Since he was afraid of having the unnatural blush on his face seen by anyone, Xia Chuan buried his head in his arms on the table to cover his shameful expression.

After a while, his insides managed to relax, but it was still tight enough to make Su Ming grit his teeth, and its sweet honey juices coated all over Su Ming's finger. The white liquid that had shot out from the front was received by Jiang Xuehang, but a few drops of it had still dripped down to the ground, and a bunch of white polkdots could be seen very clearly against the dark floor of the cla.s.sroom.

The fingers that were still covered in that sweet nectar could feel the tightening of his inner walls as they pulled out, almost as if it couldn't bear to let them go. Su Ming could feel a sense of numbness wash over him, and he wanted nothing more than to f.u.c.k Xia Chuan to death right at this moment.

The sound of the bell ringing could be heard ringing outside of the hallway. The teacher stopped his lecture, and the students had also packed up their books after he announced the dismissal of the cla.s.s. Those who were quick had already begun to leave, and were walking out of the room in large strides. Even though Su Ming and Jiang Xuehang had already fixed up Xia Chuan's clothes properly, he still couldn't get rid of the shame he felt from earlier. The fresh s.e.m.e.n at his c.o.c.k still hadn't been cleaned, and he could still feel the friction inside his p.u.s.s.y, but he was able to maintain his posture, and his hot cheeks that were buried under his arms were tightly plastered to the cool desk. He could hear the sounds of desks and chairs moving, and the cheerful laughter of the people around him with his blus.h.i.+ng ears.

A boy who was usually quite close to Xia Chuan pa.s.sed by with his bag and noticed that something was wrong. “What's wrong, Xia Chuan? You sick?”

“I might've caught a cold…” A m.u.f.fled voice came from underneath the desk. He really did sound as if he was sick.

“Then you better get it checked out at the school clinic!”

“We'll bring him.” Jiang Xuehang gave the boy a polite smile. Hearing that, the boy left, relieved.

Finally, when the cla.s.sroom was empty, Xia Chuan finally had the guts to raise his head and glared viciously at his dormmates. In his heart, he had already cursed 18 generations of their ancestors and grandchildren to all h.e.l.l.

A Straight Guy's Nightmare Chapter 7

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