The Villain Is Happy Being A Father Chapter 17

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Translator: s.h.i.+ Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

This will was for when Mr. and Mrs. Bai were not around and their daughter was too young to take care of theor business. They were afraid that their daughter would have no one care for her, so they notarized a will in advance just in case such a thing happened. 

It was also an unexpected situation that this came true so soon. Ghe accident happened just half a year later after the will's notarization.

According to the will, if both husband and wife were gone, whoever becomes their daughter's legal guardian woyld manage the Bai group on her behalf and help her manage the company till she reaches adulthood. The reward was to give them 10% of the company's shares after their daughter officially takes over the company.

Xia yang's hands were helpless and with a wry smioe he said: “My abilities are limited, and only suitable to be an a.s.sistant. Being in charge of such a large group? I have more than enough heart but not enough strength.”

“Last time, Master Luo saw that the company almost had an accident. If not for you later catching the culprit, I'm afraid it would not have be so easy to get through the difficulty.”

He shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I'm glad the company is OK for now. If something goes wrong…”

“In short, I'd like to ask Master Luo to fulfill Mr. Bai's will. Please help Bai family and miss Yinyin. She's too young to support her family. There are countless challenges in the future nd my abilities are limited. I can't guarantee that I can keep Bai group safe for 15 years.”

“To be honest with Young Master Luo, when you take over, I will offer to resign, marry my girlfriend and spend a honeymoon for a few years. After being long with the chairman, I always worked overtime day and night and had no time to accompany her.”

Luo Sheng touched a cigarette and put it on his hand without turning a bit. His eyes seemed to be deep, lost in thought.

“I know Young Master Luo doesn't lack these 10% shares, but please help Miss Yinyin. Don't wait for her to grow up without even a dowry…”

Afterwards Xia Yang left, Luo Sheng leaned back in his chair and n.o.body knew what he was thinking.

When Xia Yang got on the bus, the a.s.sistant asked, “President Xia, why did you find a dandy to help manage the company? What if it all goes wrong and you are defeated?”

A few days ago, the microblog was over searched on this issue. After several days of trouble, he stopped after seeing that the party didn't respond. Listening to the a.s.sistant's question, he stared at him and said, “What do you think will happen?”

The a.s.sistant was frank, but he didn't get angry. Then he said, “What I think? The Luo group behind him is the most important.” 

“The Luo family will not be greedy for the heritage of a three-year-old baby. They are a well known family and also famous and has a good reputation. President Luo's comments are good. I'm at ease.”

“Second, once Young Master Luo agrees, even if he can't do well, Mr. Luo will help him. No matter for fame or other reasons, Bai group won't have an accident. Not only that, they will still have to find a way to help!”

The a.s.sistant suddenly realized, “He's worthy of taking up the job. President Xia, you are so thoughtful!”

The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He exclaimed, “You're really a Genius!”

Xia Yang smiled and said nothing more.

It was the best time for him to quit. If the same crisis as last time happened again. It would be fine if everything was resolved smoothly but it is didn't, he would not only be sorry to be unable to help late chairman, but also won't be able to face the press and pressure of public opinion and the board of directors.

Xia Yang's eyes drooped. He was a coward. When Bai group got through the crisis, he quit, won a good reputation for himself and made a glorious point in his resume. What's more, if Bai group had any problems in the future, he won't be the one to be blamed.

It was not that Xia Yang was not willing to take care of the property left by his mentor, but he that he couldn't bear such a big responsibility. It was too heavy a burden to hold the family business for a three-year-old baby for 15 years.

In a quiet study.

Both father and son were together.

Mr. Luo's legs were not yet to start walking. He was sitting in a special wheelchair, squinting and deep in thought. After a while, he looked up at his son, who was hanging around in the house.

“Luosheng, what do you think of the matter of Luo group and Bai group this time?”

The man raised his eyelids lazily and sat on the desk half an hour , which made Mr. Luo have a white eye.

“No idea,” he said lightly

Mr. Luo couldn't look away from his face. “Really?”

Just two days after Luo family's accident, he was hospitalised, and when he woke up after the operation, the boy was nowhere to be found. After several days, when he reappeared, the culprit behind the accident was exposed in a scandal. Mr. Luo wouldn't believe it. He had been working in the mall for several years, and the last thing he believed was a coincidence.

Mr. Luo knew his son. He was not willing to say any and Mr. Luo knew that it was useless to ask any more questions. So Mr. Luo glared at him and said. “What's the use of you beating up a small company outside? Come back and help dad with the company. “

“I have to rest my legs for half a year. I'm going to take your mother and Yinyin around for fun when I'm ready to come back, the company will be given to you. You take care of the company and I'll stay at home. If you don't understand anything, please come to me at any time.”

Mr. Luo expected that his son would not agree to his proposal so easily, but he frowned and said, “YinYin? No way. “

“That baby is my daughter.”

Mr. Luo: “…”

He coughed and raised his eyebrows: “If you don't go to the company, I'll take Yinyin away and play with her in your mother's family home. You won't be able to see her!”

Luosheng: “…”

The father and son were evenly matched and neither of them won.

After a moment, he said, “The Bai family was here today.”

When he told Mr. Luo about the will, he hesitated: “In that case you go work at the Bai group first. After two years, it would be stable there. Then you could pick up dad's mantle. “

Mr. Luo sighed. “Xia Yang is right. An outsider can't interfere too much. He can't let YinYin grow up without a decent dowry. Now that we have adopted her, we have to help keep Bai company. It won't be easy to keep it either.”

Luo Sheng frowned, shrugged and walked out. “Tut, it's so troublesome to have a baby!”

Mr. Luo shook his head and laughed at his son's back. Being a father is different. The old bully who ate, drank, played and did everything he wanted to, now had a sense of responsibility at last!

Shortly after the birthday party, it was just in time for the new season of kindergarten enrollment, the girl was being sent to kindergarten.

Today was the first time for the little dumpling to go to school. As soon as Mrs. Luo got up early in the morning, she started to dress the dumpling up like a little princess. She put on a beautiful skirt, small socks and small leather shoes, ties two cute little braids, and was wearing a little princess crystal hair band.

Holding the small skirt angle, the little dumpling was so excited that her face was red and she was standing at the entrance of the stairs for a long time.

Mrs. Luo is discontented, roared in a loud voice, “Luosheng, you are coming down soon, all the people who have become fathers go with their children on the first day to school. Yinyin is going to school for the first time today. How can you not go?”

“Hurry up, whet your chirp.”

Mr. Luo got on the car in a wheelchair because of the inconvenience of his legs. He was going to send the dumpling to school together with Mrs. Luo. The three people in the family of four were ready, and the father of the girl was still dawdling.

The little dumpling was really anxious. Finally, she heard her Dad coming downstairs.

Her eyes went bright, and slightly red, she was happy and boastful, and she was a little proud: “My father is so beautiful today, he must be the most handsome Daddy in the kindergarten!”

The man was dressed in black formal clothes, even the collars were b.u.t.toned up, and the indolent temperament of a delinquent was restrained which was a little more ascetic and serious.

When he came downstairs, Mr. & Mrs. Luo saw him and wondered, “We haven't seen you wear formal clothes for so many years? Is the sun rising from the west today? “

The little dumpling had never seen her father in a black suit. She felt that he looked so cool. My father's legs are so long!

This kindergarten was also Mrs. Gu's home. The formalities had been successfully completed. Mrs Luo lead the girl to find the headmaster. Luo Sheng was like a bodyguard and door G.o.d, following them silently.

The little dumpling walked for a while and looked back at her father. When she saw that her father was still behind,she smiled contently and narrowed her eyes in glee!

All the way she was twittering and jumping. This was the most happy day of her life for the dumpling! She went to kindergarten for the first time, accompanied by her father!

The beautiful young female teacher tooka look over the little dumpling and subconsciously looked up at the man behind her. She couldn't see the brand of high set black formal clothes, with wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs. He was young and handsome. He didn't look at her. He looked down at the dumpling in her hand.

The teacher smiled and said, “Is Yinyin your daughter?”

Luosheng was too lazy to talk. So he let out a sound gently from his nose. The female teacher was not angry when she faced a wall. Most of the children in this kindergarten were sent to school by rich people. She had seen many rich people do this.

The female teacher led the girl to the cla.s.s, “Your child was the last to report, all other students of our cla.s.s are already here, I will now take the children to the cla.s.s roll call.”

Mrs. Luo nodded.

The little dumpling subconsciously looked back, and saw that her father was still standing behind her.

She was carrying a pink bunny schoolbag, which contained the snacks that Mrs. Luo allowed her to eat made by her aunt, as well as a small pencil picture book.

The previous excitement was gone. Seeing his father and grandmother standing at the same place and getting further away from themselves, Tuanzi suddenly broke away from the teacher's hand and ran back again, crying while running, “Daddy, Yinyin is not going to school!”

She rushed to hug her father's thigh like a small koala, with a cry: “Yinyin can't bear to leave Dad!”

Luosheng accepted everything that YinYin wanted without any problems. He was alwas gentle with YinYin in his own way and even played with her. But this time he suddenly stopped talking. At last, he threatened: “No school, no snacks for a year!”

YinYin: “…”

Dad is bad again. He's really fierce!

Mrs. Luo glared at her son, and patiently explained to the little dumpling: “When Yinyin is still young, you have to study, otherwise you will not understand anything when you grow up. How will you make money? Just by picking Is up rubbish? “

The young dumpling didn't understand what was wrong with picking up rubbish. “How nice the bottles are! It can sell for a lots of money!”

Mrs. Luo: “…”

This girl was getting into the garbage pit. That's right!

She thought for a while and said to the little dumpling to educate her, “Do you know we what should we do at what age? When we are young, we have to study. When we are as old as our father, we have to earn money to support Yinyin, right?”

Mrs. Luo also used her trump card: “If you don't go to school and study well, when you grow up, your father will be old. How can you support him by just collecting garbage? Grandma will also have to rely on YinYin since I would be old! “

After hearing this, the little dumpling immediately let go of her daddy's hand and grabbed his trouser leg. She ran back again, shouting, “Yinyin will go to school and study well!”

Just three years old dumpling had a great mission in mind. She had to study hard so that she could raise her father and grandmother in the future!

The little dumpling was born with Jade Snow lovely skin, looked naive and lively. The cla.s.s's little friends liked her very much. She had only been there for one day but still had won the hearts of all the children.

The only thing that surprised the dumpling was that brother s.h.i.+yuan was also in this cla.s.s.

And she really became a deskmate with him!

The introverted and elegant boy bit his lips. “I'm still young and I can't understand what teacher taught me. My mother asked me to read again.”

The little dumpling didn't know that there was no repet.i.tion in kindergarten. She believed it and looked at her beautiful brother sympathetically. She patted her chest and said, “It's OK. I'm smart. I'll teach you how to read later.”

It was clear that those who don't know a few big words didn't know anything about what was taught in the kindergarten, are not confident in themselves. They may be taught by brilliant dumpling. She could also teach the little brother who has been studying in the kindergarten for one more year.

s.h.i.+yuan's mouth turned up quietly, peeping at the cute little hair on his beautiful sister's head. “OK.”

The little dumpling was very popular in the kindergarten. The teacher liked her and her cla.s.smates liked her, especially the boys, their sister YinYin, who became the little princess in the cla.s.s.

But there were also some children who didn't like the little dumpling.

Yinyin finally got to the end of cla.s.s. The boy at the same table couldn't go to the toilet hand in hand with her. So she went to the bathroom hand in hand with Liu Zhenzhen, a new friend in the cla.s.s.

The little dumpling thought that she could go home after another cla.s.s. Dad said that he would come to pick her up today and promised her a small cake. The more she thought about it, the happier she was. She sang the nursery rhyme that the teacher had just taught her.

“That Bai YinYin is really annoying. She keeps showing off her father to us every day and robbed so many people. s.h.i.+yuan likes her too!”

“My mother said, Bai Yinyin's name is Bai, she is not from Luo family, her father is not her father! She is a child no one wants! “

“Her father is not good either. My father says that he is a useless and unproductive guy. He will lose his family fortune in the future! Bai Yinyin also praises her father every day. In fact, it's all a lie! “

The children who said these words didn't really understand the meaning, but they picked up the attack and robbed them of the limelight. They got all the favorite Bai YinYin!

Yinyin stepped into the pink toilet like a fairy tale cottage. Her short legs stopped, and she was stunned on the spot. Next to her, an apple faced kid pulls the corners of her clothes.

Suddenly, the little dumpling was enraged and rushed in. Her short legs were clattering.

She stood in front of the two children who said bad things about her father, like an angry bull, “You are not allowed to say bad things about my father!”

The two children were not afraid of being caught on the spot. They glared back. “We are talking about the fact that your father is a dandy, he is a bad boy. It's deceitful for you to show off your father every day!”

“A little bit, braggart!”

The little dumpling was obedient, naive and lively, but her biggest reverse scale was her father. No one could speak ill of her father! When Uncle system said bad things about her father, she always quarreled with him.

Seeing that two children from the same cla.s.s as her were still talking bad about her father, the little dumpling's hair stood on the ends with anger. YinYin rushed up to them with a roar and threw them to the ground, “Don't talk bad about Dad!”

The first day that the little dumpling went to kindergarten was also the first day that Luosheng formally took over Bai group.

No matter how busy he was, Luo Sheng would go to pick up the dumpling from the kindergarten. Usually, the little dumpling was always in the front line. When she saw his car, she would run very fast towards him. 

The kindergarten was over. There were rows of little dumplings and radishes leaving one by one with their parents. Luosheng sat  in the car and watched until the last child was picked up. He didn't see the girl who was always happy like a little fool running out towards him.

He frowned, opened the door and wanted to walk in to the kindergarten. The phone rang, showing the head teacher of YinYin.

h.e.l.lo, Mr. Luo? Your daughter had a fight with other children. She is in the office now. Would you please come here? “

The Villain Is Happy Being A Father Chapter 17

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