Life As A God 1 Chapter 1: Regre

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It should not have ended up this way, Chronos thought, looking down at the devastation that had fallen upon what was once a paradise.

    The sky was lined with dark, gray clouds that had only a few minutes ago produced great streaks of lighting. There were craters everywhere. Almost all of the vegetation had been reduced to ash. The creatures that had remained hidden during the conflict had started to take note of what had befallen their homes. It would be hundreds of years until the jungle grew back.

    "Everything is going to return to normal now that the war is over," Neko said, trying to comfort her master.

    "Not everything," Chronos replied, looking behind him at the graves of his fellow G.o.ds, remembering their sacrifice for their cause.

    "You could easily bring them back," she proposed.

    "That would be against the law," Chrono forced himself to say.

    "You do not have to the follow the Almighty's rules anymore, he is no longer our king."

    "They are not the Almighty's rules," he said starting to walk the stone path back to his half-destroyed mansion, "they are the rules of Heaven."

Life As A God 1 Chapter 1: Regre

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