Life As A God 29 Chapter 29: Description

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"Well, to start off, he has blue eyes. Like you, my Lord."

Oh, how interesting.

"Go on."

"He also has dark brown hair, also like you and..."


"He is in spirit form just like you are..."

That explains why I was mistaken for his target. By spirit he should mean ghost, right?

"Do you know of any other key features, the ones you spoke of are quite common minus the spirit part."

"I know that he was killed in this city just a few minutes ago."

Then it can't be me. After all, I was not killed.

"Then we should get a list of all the people in this city that have died in the last 30 minutes or so. Then we can narrow it down based on their appearance."

"That is a great idea, my Lord!"

"Right, do you have a name?"

" Yes, he goes by the name of Teo Garvale."

s.h.i.+t. That's my name. It couldn't be that he was after me right? But that would mean I was killed by someone.

"Why do you want to find him in the first place?" I asked, hoping that it wasn't to kill me.

"I was asked to bring him back to my home." Good, so he did not mean any harm. Why did he attack me though? (Shrug) Whatever, I will just tell him who I am and he can take to his home, where ever that is.

"Mistress Death wanted to bring him in for interrogation." I tensed. Interrogation? There might be more to this than I thought. I'm glad I refrained from speaking earlier. But who is Mistress Death? It certainly can not be someone good.

"Mistress Death?" I ask, raising a brow.

"Oh, my Lord would probably just call her Death. We add the 'Mistress' in since she is the ruler of the Underworld and whoever rules the underworld rules us."

So she is like Hades. Except she is well she. But what does she want from me? Is she not a G.o.d?
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"What can I, I mean Teo Garvale give her?" Good thing I corrected my self in time.

"Information on a missing soul."

"Missing soul?, " I asked, confused.

"Oh, right, since my Lord is usually up in Heaven it makes sense that you have not heard of the matters of the Underworld." Heaven? Since when was I there? My eyes widen, could it be that he has mistaken me for someone else? But why?

"You know how the soul guides keep track of souls?" I nod. After all, I can't give myself away. "Well, a missing soul is when they can no longer detect a soul."

Confused I asked, "Is it that bad of a problem?"

"Indeed, my Lord. There are only a limited amount of souls and if even one of them is lost the balance between them and the soulless will be destroyed. To compensate for this loss, a whole species of the soulless will have to be sacrificed."

"Just for one soul?" These measures we're clearly quite grave.

"You should know how must the Second Almighty loved his creations. He could not bear to see them killed so he created such a rule."

I try to digest all this new information as he continues talking, "The usual reason this happens is that they were chosen to serve as a G.o.d, but none have been chosen in the last 500 years. Besides, Lord Life would have to notify the guides if they were going to do so. So the only explanation is that the soul has been destroyed."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"With you? It has nothing to do with you my Lord, " he said, clearly confused. Oops.

To cover my mistake I say, " I meant with Teo. What does it all have to do with him?"

Though still confused at my slip up, he continued, "Teo was the last person to be in contact with the missing soul. Or rather the last person to be killed by the soul."

Life As A God 29 Chapter 29: Description

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