Life As A God 6 Chapter 6: A New Almighty?

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In Heaven, strange things happen. The weather was so bizarre that at one second it would be nice and sunny, and the next, it would be raining cats and dogs. The earth could turn into cheese for all you know. Such an occurrence was quite normal to the G.o.ds.

Yet that day something happened that shocked everyone. First, a Heavenly Contract appeared.

A Heavenly Contract signified that a new Almighty had been chosen.


The War:

In the war, a bunch of powerful G.o.ds banned together to get rid of the Almighty because of the beloved that he was not worthy to be their king. They succeeded in their rebellion and overthrew the Almighty. Since they needed a new ruler and only the current Almighty could pick a successor. So they reduced the Almighty's lifespan to 3 days and forced him to pick a successor before his death.

However, the almighty thought that there is no worthy successor in the current population of Earth and the Mirror World. So he travels to the future and picked a successor there.

When he did this, the current G.o.d of Contracts, who could sense this event happening, would create an agreement between the successor and the G.o.ds so that both parties will have equal power. A scroll would them appear in front of everyone. They had to sign it if they agreed to the arrangements.


That day such a contract appeared. However, the next second, before it could be signed, it was gone. Astonished, the G.o.ds did not know what to do.

The G.o.d of Time had already predicted that the contract will appear this year. So when they saw that contract, it was expected. However, for it to disappear like that! They did not even have a good look at it!

In the midst of the condition, the contract appeared again, causing greater chaos. The G.o.ds did not sign and instead decided to their respective High G.o.ds to figure out what to do.

Life As A God 6 Chapter 6: A New Almighty?

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