Life As A God 12 Chapter 12: Tea Pavilion Part 1

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"Stone tea?" He asked, holding up a cup that was literally full of rocks and tea. Well, he seems like an interesting character.

...A few minutes ago...

Looking at the others who were listing all the horrors that were a.s.sociated with him, I displayed an unbelieving look. Sure he says crazy stuff once in a while but don't we all? So in response to their chatter, I said, "Is he really that bad?"

There was silence. Well, at least they stopped talking. I could use some peace and quiet.

Then the G.o.d of Pride gave a sneer which set off a chain reaction and ended in everyone laughing as if I had made the joke of the century.

"Did I say something funny?"

"Foolish human, even if you are the Almighty do not a.s.sume that you know of all that exists in this world!" I was quite surprised when the G.o.d of the Sun said this. He had been quiet until now yet he spoke with so much pa.s.sion. Must be all those years he spent in that crystal without blood. Wait. If he has not had blood yet shouldn't he be in a coma or something. Or maybe real vampires aren't like that. I will ask Prophecy about it later.

"We'll see how you deal with him boy. Then you won't fell the same way anymore." Wow. He managed to sound tough while he was practically shaking from fear. As expected of Pride.

"How do we get out of here?" I ask, changing the topic.

"Through a portal that you are going to open." Prophecy says.

"I am?" I say which was followed by the echo of "He is?" Wow. They certainly have a lot of trust in me.

"He's the only one with powers right now."

"And the only one who doesn't know how to use them," Raphael says bluntly.

"He can learn." She argues.
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"Atiri, we don't have enough time for him to learn. It will take forever for him to be able to make a portal much less control where it leads."

"Well then get really for a long wait, Raf. You can go compose a poem in the corner." Raf releases a sigh and actually goes to the corner and pulls out a pen and paper out of his robe. The others also spread out each doing their own thing.

Turning to face me, Atiri says, "Let's get started shall we." She sits down and gestures me to do the same.

In the background, I hear Games saying, "I bet the King of Diamonds that he can learn it within an hour. In Earth time."

"No way, he'll take at least a day no matter how talented he is," Air responds, putting down a King of Spades.

"Ignore the idiots, and listen," Atiri says, grabbing my attention.

"Mana is the energy all around us. It is found everywhere. If mana doesn't exist in a place, the place does not exist."

"Then why is there no mana here?"

"There is. But is it just the bare minimum needed to keep this place in existence and nothing else. We can exist here only because we are G.o.ds. Anyway, as I was saying, we use that energy to activate our powers. Normally, one would have to absorb the energy in their body and refine it. Only then can they use it without killing themselves. But as G.o.ds, that restriction is lifted for us. We can directly use natural mana."

"Then why can't you use your powers now, if you can use the mana here?"

"Because if we did so this s.p.a.ce would fall apart."

"Then how can I use mana?"

"Because you are the Almighty. You produce your own mana and do not need to rely on the one already there. Any questions?"

"How do I make mana?"

"Well..." she said and I leaned in close to hear the answer. The others were also interested and came closer.

And when the suspense had reached the peak...

Life As A God 12 Chapter 12: Tea Pavilion Part 1

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