Mr. You, Please Dote On Me 14: Mr. You And I Are Just Friends

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After dinner, You Ze offered to drive her home, and s.h.i.+yao refused.

However, the man was better at s.h.i.+fting subject that he had drawn her address out of her in a few words before she knew it. s.h.i.+yao really wanted to give herself a slap in the face.

“Mr. You, you don’t have to….” s.h.i.+yao struggled.

At that time, his phone was ringing.

You Ze asked her to wait for a moment, and then turned on speaker with one hand to answer the phone, “Nana.”


“Is that his grandmother?” s.h.i.+yao strained her ears.

“How’s your date, A’ze?” a warm and cheerful voice came from the other side of the phone, “Is she beautiful?”

“She didn’t come, so I left.”

“Ah!” his grandmother asked, “Did you call the girl and ask why she didn’t come?”

Ah ha!

No wonder You Ze was there. He had a blind date, too!

“That’s right. Mr. You, why don’t you call her?” s.h.i.+yao whispered curiously, “Girls have many reasons to be late for date. Why don’t you stay a little longer?”

Although s.h.i.+yao’s voice was very low, his grandmother on the phone actually heard it.

“A’ze, you’re fooling me. Are you with the girl now?” Grandmother blamed You Ze.

“Nana, you get me wrong!” So embarra.s.sed, s.h.i.+yao quickly protested, “Mr. You and I are just friends.”

“h.e.l.lo,” grandmother seemed pleased with her calling, and said with some sly laugh in her tone. “Well, I know what you mean, but relations.h.i.+p can change! How about coming back for dinner, my dear future granddaughter-in-law?”

“No, Granny, you really misunderstood!” s.h.i.+yao glared at You Ze and pointed to the phone, gesturing him to explain.

You Ze just smiled and said to his grandmother, “Nana, I’m on the way, talk to you later.”

“Ok, see you!”

Then, grandmother hung up.

Speechless for a long while, s.h.i.+yao glared at the man in the driver’s seat, and finally said, “Mr. You, you’ve gone too far. Am I a buffer for your being stood up?”

“What do you fear? She can’t see you. Or you wanna come home with me?’

s.h.i.+yao thought about it, “That’s right. Why should I be so worried?”

As they drove into community and stopped downstairs, they met s.h.i.+yao’s mother coming back from the market.

s.h.i.+yao’s mother was wondering whose car was so nice, but when she saw her daughter get off the car, she was surprised, “Yaoyao? Your date is over? Why don’t you have lunch with him?”

Then a young man got out of the driver’s seat, closed the door and walked around the car. He was so high that s.h.i.+yao’s mother had to look up at him. What a gorgeous man.

“Aunt, nice to meet you,” You Ze politely greeted her.

“Nice meeting you, too! You are?” s.h.i.+yao’s mother stared at him wondering why the man looked different from the photo when s.h.i.+yao took her arm.

“Mom, he’s just a friend driving me home!”

“Thank you for taking s.h.i.+yao back. It’s so hot today. Would you like to have watermelon upstairs?” said s.h.i.+yao’s mother as she threw s.h.i.+yao a warning stare.

“Mom, I’m afraid not, he has something to do.” s.h.i.+yao answered before You Ze could speak, winking at him.

As if he didn’t see her, You Ze said softly with a gentle smile, “I'd love to. That’s very kind of you, aunt.”


Walking ahead with s.h.i.+yao, her mother was excited, “Yaoyao, your friend is handsome. Look at his nice car, what brand is it?”

“Bentley.” s.h.i.+yao answered without thinking. She was indeed shocked by the car, but when it came to her that he was the boss of airline, nothing seemed to be a big deal.

Not knowing car brand and s.h.i.+yao’s indifference made her mother value the car at only two or three hundred thousand yuan.

Even with a cheap car, You Ze made a good first impression to her mother.

After entering the house, s.h.i.+yao’s mother treated him warmly as son-in-Law-to-be, “The watermelon was bought yesterday, very sweet. Enjoy yourself!”

“I didn’t ask your name. How did you meet Yaoyao?”

Fearing that her mother talking too much would offend You Ze, s.h.i.+yao answered questions for him when her mother asked. Besides, she also sat beside You Ze, and whispered, “Mr. You, that’s what my mom is. You just need to eat your watermelon; I’ll answer her questions, ok?”

You Ze didn’t say a word and stuck a piece of frozen watermelon into her mouth with a small fork.

Mr. You, Please Dote On Me 14: Mr. You And I Are Just Friends

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