The Best Of You Chapter 4 Part1

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Sun Tiantian lost her first battle, her mood was a bit complicated.

When she had lunch with her roommate outside the school, Cheng Duo patted her shoulder, “Don't lose your hope, don't feel sad. You can do it. I'm very optimistic!”

Xie Yan and He Miao also said the same thing, “We are all optimistic about you!”

Sun Tiantian, whose hands were holding her chin while thinking of something, noticed the reaction of the three people in front of her and laughed. “I'm not depressed. What are you talking about?”

She had already prepared for a long-term battle from the start.

Cheng Duo said, “You have been so quiet, I thought you felt devastated and lost your confidence.”

Sun Tiantian giggled, “No, I'm thinking about what I should do next. Shen Nianshen is so much ignorant than I imagined.”

“See, we are not lying to you. The level of difficulty in approaching Shen Nianshen is indeed very high. Think about it, from the freshman until now, so many girls chased after him. All of them are very beautiful, and he didn't feel touched at all.” Xie Yan rubbed her chin with a doubtful expression, “No one knows what kind of girl he likes.”

Sun Tiantian smiled gently, proudly lifting her chin, “Who knows he is waiting for a girl like me.”

Cheng Duo patted Sun Tiantian's head and laughed at her, “That's enough, Donut! You're too narcissistic.”

Sun Tiantian held her head with one hand, tilted her head. In her mind, she still could remember Shen Nianshen's expressionless face. Even though he was cold and extremely indifferent, but he looked extraordinary. Besides, his face, when he was seriously listening to lectures, really charming.

Sun Tiantian could not help but bending her lips, her eyes staring at the ceiling, and again showed a stupid smile.

The three girls in front of her looked at each other, unable to stop themselves from smirking.

The girl who fell in love for the first time was terrifying.

After finished lunch, they left the restaurant. The four girls joined their hands and returned to school.

At lunchtime, some students who were usually in the dormitory come out to attend school events. The University became very crowded.

As they pa.s.sed Yuehu Avenue in front of the University Building, they saw the Student Union and Student Activity Club opened registration for new members.

Recruitment of new members to the Student Union and Student Activity Club should have started in September when the school began. However, just as the school began, Sun Tiantian and other first-year students were sent for military training at Mount Muyang. The military training ended on the Chinese National Day Holiday. Therefore, recruitment had only officially started now.

The Student Union Booth and Student Activity Club were on both sides of Yuehu Avenue. Each club's booth had one table and several chairs in front of it, on the table there were thick piles of A4 sheets paper.

No matter the Student Union or the registration of a new Student Activity Club, every registration point was crowded with students. This hype showed that everyone was very enthusiastic about their university life.

Xie Yan was a little excited and asked them, “Do you want to register? I have an interest in joining the Student Union.”

Cheng Duo said, “If you want to join, go and register on it. But I'm not very interested.”

Sun Tiantian: “I'm not interested, either.” 

“How about you, Miao Miao?” Xie Yan sincerely took He Miao's hand, “Please come with me. I'm afraid if I have to go there alone.”

He Miao was an introverted girl. She won't be interested in partic.i.p.ating in something like this, “I don't like it either.”

“All of you are so cruel! None of you willing to accompany me!” Xie Yan pulled He Miao's hand.

“Come on, accompany me to look around.” While speaking, she pulled He Miao to the Student Union registration point.

Sun Tiantian shouted, “You two go look around. Ah Duo and I will be waiting for you on the other side.”

Xie Yan replied no less loudly, “Okay! We will be back soon!”

Cheng Duo was not interested in the Student Union, but she was quite interested in the Student Activity Club. She pulled Sun Tiantian, “Let's take a look there. It looks like the student activity club is quite interesting.”

The student activity registration booth was opposite the Student Union, and there were so many clubs offered. There was a dance club, badminton club, volleyball club, language club, music club, public relations club, animation club, and so on.

Cheng Duo took Sun Tiantian to look around. At last, she pointed to the animation club, “How if we join this one?”

Sun Tiantian shook her head, “I don't want to, I'm too lazy.”

Besides being a university student, Sun Tiantian was a freelance comic artist. She often drew manga comics online. Even though she wasn't very popular, but everyone must always have their dream. It was not an impossible thing that she will be famous one day.

She was busy enough to go to the while drawing the manga, not to mention that she also had to pursue her beloved Shen Nianshen. How could she still have time to join club activities?

Actually, Cheng Duo wasn't very interested. After seeing that Sun Tiantian was not impressed in partic.i.p.ating, she also discouraged, “Never mind, let's wait for Yan Yan there.”

Cheng Duo walked along with Sun Tiantian to the side, just a few steps, suddenly a loud male voice sounded from behind, “Cheng Duo !?”

Cheng Duo was stunned. She looked in the direction the voice came from.

At the roller-skate club booth, Xu Li was very excited, “Wow! It turns out it was you, Little Sister!”

Cheng Duo's whole body trembled, “You!”

She pulled Sun Tiantian toward the huge booth of roller-skate club, and Cheng Duo looked at Xu Li from head to toe, “Hmph! It's been a long time, still so pretentious!”

Xu Li smiled and replied, “It's been a long time, and you still so tomboyish.”

Cheng Duo was stunned and slammed Xu Li's shoulder, “Do you want to die?”

Sun Tiantian was somewhat awkward when she looked at the interaction between these two people. She stared at Xu Li for quite a long time.

Was he the person she met in cla.s.s this morning? He was Shen Nianshen's friend.

Xu Li also noticed the presence of Sun Tiantian and suddenly laughed, “Wow, we quite have a fate, Beautiful Girl.”

Cheng Duo looked at Sun Tiantian, “Do you know this crazy person?”

Sun Tiantian nodded, whispering next to Cheng Duo's ears, “He's a friend of Shen Nianshen. This morning, I met him in the cla.s.sroom.”

Cheng Duo was shocked. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Xu Li.

Xu Li smiled pleasantly, shook the registration form in his hand, “You two, do you want to partic.i.p.ate in our club?”

Xu Li was the chairman of the roller-skate club, and he was worried about not being able to recruit the female students at his club.

Sun Tiantian's eyes sparkled and asked him, “Is Shen Nianshen coming too?”

Xu Li smiled at Sun Tiantian, “Although not, but I can tell him to come.”

There was a saying, get the benefits of people close to influential people. Plus, get to know your enemy to win each battle.

In short, this afternoon, Sun Tiantian successfully entered Shen Nianshen's inner circle. With the relations.h.i.+p between Cheng Duo and Xiu Li, every information about Shen Nianshen will be obtained easily from Xu Li.

Sunday, at 8 p.m. In the open area of ​​the 7th-floor lecture building.

Sun Tiantian, Cheng Duo, Xu Li were sitting on a brick, under a banyan tree.

Xu Li was on the phone, and Sun Tiantian was glaring at him.

When the phone call answered, Shen Nianshen had just finished bathing and came out of the bathroom. He answered the phone while drying his hair, “Portable PowerBank? Do you need it now?”

Xu Li: “Yes! My cellphone is almost drained, please help to bring it for me.”

“Oh, where are you?”

“The seventh floor of the lecture hall, where I used to play roller-skates.”

Shen Nianshen answered, “Hmm, wait a minute. I'll be there soon.”

The phone was hung off, Xu Li looked at Sun Tiantian and raised his eyebrows, “Done.”

Sun Tiantian smiled brightly, “Thank you, Xu Li.”

The distance between the male dormitory to the 7th-floor lecture building was not too far. It didn't take a long time for Shen Nianshen to arrive there.

From afar, he saw Xu Li waved at him, “Ah Nian, here!”

Shen Nianshen brought the PowerBank, walked without hesitate. When he approached Xu Li, he realized that two girls were sitting next to Xu Li, one of them was the one who left her phone number this morning in the cla.s.s.

His eyebrows slightly furrowed, glanced coldly at Sun Tiantian. He pa.s.sed through Sun Tiantian, went to the direction of Xu Li, and handed over the PowerBank, “I'm going to leave.”

Xu Li reached for the power bank, quickly stopped Shen Nianshen, “No, no, no. Don't leave so quickly.”

Shen Nianshen looked at him, “Is there any other problem?”

Xu Li: “Give me a hand, my club has recruited two new girls, but they can't use roller skates. I can't teach both of them by myself, how about helping me teach the other one?”

Shen Nianshen, “Not interested.”

After saying that, he walked away.

Xu Li began to worry, and he immediately held Shen Nianshen's arm, “Please, it's not easy for me to recruit two girls. I promised to teach them. If they can't mastered it, they won't register.”

“Then, just let them go.”

“Aiyo, please help me. Help me teach them just this once, can you?” After saying that, afraid that Shen Nianshen would refuse again, he immediately waved to Sun Tiantian, “Tiantian, come here! Ah Nian will teach you!”

Sun Tiantian went there while carrying roller skates, her face filled with a smile. When she saw Shen Nianshen, she bowed respectfully, “Senior! Sorry to trouble you!”

Shen Nianshen glanced at him, turned around, and left.

“Hey!” Sun Tiantian saw that he was going to leave, subconsciously pulled Shen Nianshen's hand. Shen Nianshen frowned and roughly drew his hand, “Don't touch me!”

His strength was so extraordinary, Sun Tiantian pushed away by him and almost fell backward. Sun Tiantian was shocked, looked at him with disbelief.

The Best Of You Chapter 4 Part1

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