Spring Blooms When I'm With You 100 The Anticipated Storm Is Coming

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A few solemn faces greeted Ren when he stepped inside the ward. The four of them were the employees who were injured due to the collapsed bridge. All of them stared at him with uncertainty when their supervisor came in front and introduced Ren to them.

They didn't expect that their President would be bothered to visit them. At the very least he would send a representative from the company to take care of them.

Ren immediately came to the hospital after he visited the site where the incident happened.

"I've heard of what happened and I've inspected the area." Ren spoke as he looked directly at their faces. Two of them had bandages around their head while the other two had cast on their leg. "I'll personally conduct an investigation. For now, please take care of your health. All of the expenses would be covered by the company."

Ren's speech was short yet it was enough. He didn't waste time by trying to s.h.i.+ft the blame to someone else without investigating first. Even though it was their first time meeting their president, the injured employees were truly grateful when he didn't throw the blame onto them.

"President, about our work..." The one who was sitting on a bed beside the wall started to speak softly before he became uncertain. He glanced to his friends. Their gazes turned complicated.

"What it is?" Ren could already guess what they were thinking but he still gave them a chance to voice out their concern.

"Now, we couldn't work..." The man continued as he saw Ren encouraged him to speak. "All of us are the breadwinners of our family. So could you please be lenient and..."

The man trailed off before he lowered his head. He looked ashamed of himself. His friends too turned their gaze away from their Big Boss.

Ren smiled slightly. "Don't worry about your work and salary. You're injured in your workplace so the company would cover your financial needs, including your family's. All of you just need to focus on your health before coming back to work. No one would s.n.a.t.c.h your jobs from you."

"Thank you, President Fuse."

"Thank you, president."

They sighed in relief when they heard him. The rumors were right. Fuse Corporation really took good care of the welfare of the employees, even the low ranking ones like them. With such a.s.surance, they didn't have to worry about their family anymore.

"But, how about Old Oda?" One of them suddenly thought of their other comrade.

"The one who's in ICU?" Ren asked. If he wasn't mistaken, the man who got his leg amputated was an old man in his fifties.

"Yes, President." The man near him nodded. "He couldn't do labor work again. But, it's so pitiful for him. Old Oda needs to raise his two grandchildren. He lost his son and daughter in-law in an accident three years ago."

"Mr. Oda would receive the compensation and even though he could no longer do the heavy labor work, the company wouldn't fire him."
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A chime rang in the air. Ren paused as he brought out his phone and opened an unread message in his inbox. There was a glint of amus.e.m.e.nt in his eyes after he read the message. He swiftly put the phone back inside his pocket before he refocused on the men before him.

"The company would give him chances to switch his current post to another one which would be more suitable to him. He could choose them based on his preferences and skills."

"Old Oda would be happy. Thank you, President!"

"Thank you, President!"

All four of them were elated. The old man wouldn't have to worry about anything! As comrades, they felt pain when they discovered that Old Oda was forced to amputate his leg in order to save his life. He was still unconscious in the ICU.

After chatting for a while longer, Ren left the ward. He had instructed the supervisor to take care of the employees' needs. Hibiki had just entered the hospital lobby when he spotted his boss walking with his entourage. His quickly ran to his side.


Ren nodded to him. He had read the message.

In their way back to the construction site, Hibiki drove while he reporting to Ren who was scrolling his phone screen at the back seat. There were just the two of them in the black car as the supervisor and his subordinates rode in a van.

"The meeting is successful. As the new CEO, Mr. Wada Tatsuya has announced the collaboration with our company. But, the media has released the news about the incident. There's some uproar at Z-Tech's side but it's still under control."

Ren laughed coldly. He sneered. Putting his phone aside, he stared directly at Hibiki through the rear view mirror. "That side is really prepared. It must be a shock for them to know that Fuse Corporation is the biggest supporter of Wada Tatsuya."

"Yes, Master." Hibiki agreed. "Mr. Sagara is making calls to overseas, probably to speed up the process of the contract signing. Have you contacted Mr. Walker?"

"Don't worry. We just have to change our plan for a bit."

The helicopter was already waiting for them. Ren and Hibiki climbed on to enter the helicopter. Something caught their attention when they looked at the pilot who was sitting on his seat. He stared right ahead without looking back at them behind.

"We're going back now, right?" Hibiki asked the pilot.

"Yes! Fastened your seatbelt." The pilot answered in a gruff voice, he hadn't looked behind at his pa.s.sengers. "We'll be taking off as soon as possible, President."

"Master," whispered Hibiki as he cautiously looked at the pilot.

Ren smiled. There was mockery and disgust in his darkened eyes.

"Change to Plan B. The storm we have antic.i.p.ated is already coming," Ren replied in a low tone. "You know what to do."


Hibiki walked slowly to the pilot's side. His muscled arm swiftly wrapped around the man's neck. The man shrieked as he didn't expect he would be attacked from behind. He tried to pull the arm away from his neck yet Hibiki's strength failed his attempts.

"Speak. What's your plan?" Ren asked in a low voice.

The man s.h.i.+vered in fear.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 100 The Anticipated Storm Is Coming

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