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"Yes, Madam!"

Matsuzaki snapped out of his senses and started to focus on Tsubaki who was standing before her. As he looked at the lady, he saw a faint trace of fear on her face. His Madam unclenched her fists as she continued to speak. It was clear than she was trying to act tough.

"Ren hasn't been found? And what about Hibiki? Wasn't he supposed to accompany Ren to Summer City Hotel?"

As they spoke about the crash earlier, Tsubaki's mind actually be reminded of the other special a.s.sistant of her husband. Hibiki would always follow Ren around wherever he went while Matsuzaki would handle the matters related to the company.

"Hibiki was supposed to be with Master in the helicopter but one of the workers said that he saw Hibiki got off the helicopter before it took flight."

"What if he knew that something was off and planned to save only himself?" Mr. Sagara took a seat before Tsubaki and sat leisurely. He didn't look like someone who was concerned about Ren's current state. "Who knows if that servant of President Fuse actually has a hand in this crash? This has never happen before."

"What do you mean, Mr. Sagara?"

The usual gentle voice that brought calm and peace suddenly turned cold as Tsubaki's sharp gaze fell on the older man's face. She didn't miss the hidden meaning behind Mr. Sagara's words. It was clear that this man was up to no good.

"The rescue team mentioned that the crash might be intentional, obviously meaning to target President Fuse." Mr. Sagara scrolled his phone. He was reading a trail of conversation in a messaging app. "They found that the engine was tampered. So far, they haven't found any bodies within the perimeter of the crash. President Fuse and the pilot might have jumped off the helicopter using the emergency parachutes."

"And you want to point Hibiki as the mastermind behind this crash?" Tsubaki asked. "I think this is not the time to point fingers at anyone. My husband hasn't been found and it should be our top most priority. If someone did tamper with the engine, we should leave the investigation for later."
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Mr. Sagara chuckled, it sounded sinister to Tsubaki's ears. She didn't like how this man was behaving.

"As expected from someone who doesn't know the rules of conglomerates." Mr. Sagara looked mockingly to Tsubaki. "The news of the crash has reached the ears of the media. Earlier, there's news about the Summer City Hotel. Now, the president of Fuse Corporation might be involved in a fatal accident. Do you think these news won't affect the shares?"

Tsubaki pursed her lips tightly. Even though she had almost zero knowledge about how big corporate worked, she at least knew that even the smallest negative news about the company could make the stocks prices to drop.

"The stocks are still in control," Matsuzaki abruptly answered as he saw the uncertainty in his Madam's eyes. "Don't worry, Madam. Even though it might drop for a moment, the stocks would soar high again."

Because it's not the time for the curtain call yet.

"a.s.sistant Matsuzaki, I know you want to help your new Madam but it's not wise to lie to her." Mr. Sagara looked up from his phone. "The other major shareholders are already calling for an emergency meeting tomorrow if we couldn't find President Fuse until 8AM tomorrow morning."

"So, you come here for..."

Tsubaki didn't continue. This man was seizing the chance to overthrow Ren and this was the right time for it.

"Mrs. Fuse." The way he addressed her with that t.i.tle seemed like an insult to Tsubaki. It didn't escape her notice of the scorn in his eyes. "We need to take immediate control. Fuse Corporation has just forming a collaboration with Z-Tech Group as its second largest shareholder so we shouldn't dilly dallying here. A representative from Z-Tech would join us for the meeting tomorrow."

"Mr. Sagara, it's quite rash to include the representative in our internal meeting," Matsuzaki objected. Anger was concealed in his words.

"You don't call the shot, a.s.sistant Matsuzaki." Mr. Sagara rose from his seat. He whispered something to his a.s.sistant before he glanced at both Matsuzaki and Tsubaki respectively. "I'm just here as the representative of the other shareholders. Time is money for us, anyway. Besides, who knows when will we find President Fuse. We can't let the company collapse because of him."

Mr. Sagara turned around to leave after he gave one last smile to Tsubaki. On the surface, Tsubaki kept her cool even though she was boiling deep within. This man was so bold in a.s.suming her husband wouldn't appear anymore!

After the two figures left the living room, Tsubaki signaled for Matsuzaki to follow her. They went inside Ren's study in the old house. The room was soundproof. Butler Yuuzo had just appeared from Old Madam Fuse's room when he saw both of them entering the study. He sighed in relief as he saw his Madam wasn't crying, unlike the Old Madam.

What is happening here? All of these are too sudden, the old man thought.

As he was thinking, there was the continuous sound of the landline ringing. It might be the relatives of the Fuse Family. He quickly went downstairs to pick up the call.

It's going to be a long night.

Inside the study, Tsubaki was standing before the gla.s.s window. Her eyes s.h.i.+fted to Mr. Sagara's car that had just left the estate. Matsuzaki was behind her, trying to find better words to speak. His mind was in a complicated state. He was still thinking when Tsubaki suddenly turning around to face him.

"Is Ren safe?" Her voice was low, almost a whisper in the study.

Matsuzaki nodded solemnly. He could just tell the truth. "Master is safe."

Tsubaki's eyes widened. She clasped her mouth with her hands as she tried to stabilize her emotions. She had a feeling that this incident wasn't simple. Knowing her husband's craftiness in the corporate world, she was in doubt when she had just received the news.

It was like there were loopholes everywhere.

But the way Mr. Sagara acted was like it was true that Ren was involved in the incident.

"Madam..." Matsuzaki tried to help Tsubaki as he saw her shoulders slumping down but Tsubaki just waved him off.

"I'm fine." Tsubaki leaned sideways against the big mahogany table. She could clearly feel how fast her heart was beating. Her legs felt wobbly but she forced herself to stand still. "I know that Ren was planning something and he would execute it today. But... is this incident a part of the plan?"

"No, Madam!" Matsuzaki quickly shook his head. "He would never play with his life! If he did so, he knew that he would worry you and the Old Madam. But, something has happened and we need to immediately change our original plan."

Tsubaki sighed in relief. After taking a few deep breaths, she looked up and stared at Matsuzaki. "Where is my husband?"


Spring Blooms When I'm With You 103 So, You Come Here For...

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