Spring Blooms When I'm With You 127 I Know You Can End This

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Tsubaki was utterly exhausted once they reached the cabin. Ren put her to sleep, making sure she was sleeping comfortably under the comforter before he stepped outside from the bedroom. He went to the veranda to make a call. After closing the doors behind him, he pulled out his phone from his pocket.

"h.e.l.lo, Master." Hibiki's voice could be heard from the end of the line.

"How's the situation?" Ren asked, his tone was low and heavy. He cast his sight on the sea of stars above him. His dark eyes dimmed as his mood turned complex.

"I've met with the key shareholders and they've agreed with our conditions. The acquisition would be announced to the media within two days' time," reported Hibiki.

He and Matsuzaki had been working hard since the absence of their Master. The media was still in an uproar following the news of Mr. Sagara's attempt to murder the President of Fuse Corporation. Since the man himself couldn't be contacted, they became the media's target.

"Pay extra attention to the acquisition. I'll return before the event. What about the things I asked you this morning?"

"Negative, Master."

Ren sighed inwardly. He furrowed his brows as a sense of dread clawing his heart. He felt so uneasy.
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"Try pressuring the old man. I want to know whether it was a coincidence or not when he suddenly sent his men to get me from the village."

"Understood, Master."

Without any further order, Ren hung up.

He put his hands inside his pockets, looking at the distant sky. The stars were twinkling brightly, marking their presence for everyone to see. Most people would love to see such a view from a night sky but right now, only loneliness and a sense of defeat accompanied him.

There were so many questions whirring inside his mind. And he was yet to prepare for the answers to come.

When Mr. Sagara's men appeared out of a sudden five years ago, the old man said it was because he had been tracking him before he finally found him. Ren didn't deny the fact since Hibiki had taken notice of his activity. But, right now a new possibility arose.

What if someone had intentionally led the old man there?

It seemed like Akas.h.i.+ would have extra work to do.

After standing in the cold for a long time, Ren finally retreated to their room. Because he didn't want to make Tsubaki felt uncomfortable because of his cold body, he went to take a hot shower before laying down beside her. He smiled as he was looking at her sleeping face. There was only peace on her face. He closed his eyes as he hugged her to sleep.

When he opened his eyes again, morning had already arrived. He rubbed his tired eyes while the other hand was patting on the cold side of the bed. Tsubaki wasn't there. Ren checked his phone. There were several messages from Hibiki and Matsuzaki. A sigh escaped his lips.

He immediately got up and went downstairs. Even before he reached the floor his nose caught the smell of delicious food coming from the kitchen.

Hearing the footsteps from behind, Tsubaki turned around from the stove. She smiled as she saw her husband walking over to her. He still looked sleepy. His black hair was messy, making him look younger.

"Morning, dear."

Tsubaki tip-toed and kissed his chin. Ren smiled lazily as he returned the favor on her forehead.

"We'll be going back to the city after breakfast. Hibiki said I need to be there at a meeting this afternoon." Ren put his hand around her waist as Tsubaki returned to the stove. It seemed like she was making soup.

"So soon? But this place is kind of far from the city." Tsubaki scooped the soup and used a small spoon to taste it. She added a sprinkle of salt and stirred it for a while. "I'll pack our things after this."

"We'll be going home using a helicopter." Ren had instructed his bodyguards nearby to arrange for the helicopter. "It's faster."

"A helicopter?" Tsubaki glanced at Ren, her face changed slightly.

"I know what you're thinking, sweetheart," said Ren in a low voice, full of tenderness. "There's nothing that could harm us. Don't worry."

"Okay..." Tsubaki nodded. She felt uneasy as she was reminded of what had happened days ago.

Ren smiled. He rubbed soothing circles on her back. He understood what made her upset so he silently comforting her.

After breakfast, Ren washed the dishes while Tsubaki went upstairs to pack. There weren't a lot of things so she was done in just a short time. When they were finally ready, two black cars came to get them. It was Ren's special team of bodyguards who Tsubaki had grown accustomed to.

While Tsubaki was burdened with negative feelings, Ren didn't press her to not overthink. He just let her sat beside him and comforted her with his touch. When the helicopter took flight, Tsubaki was a little scared but over time, the beautiful scenery outside the windows took her attention.

When Ren saw his wife being fascinated with the view, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Look, it's beautiful right?" Ren leaned closer to Tsubaki who was still watching the view outside the windows.

Tsubaki turned her head slightly. A smile bloomed on her face. "Yes!"

The helicopter landed on a helipad inside the vicinity of the old house. Grandma and Old Yuuzo had been waiting for their arrival alongside a row of helpers. Hibiki and Matsuzaki were already there too.

"Welcome home, Master, Madam."

"We're back."

While Grandma was hugging Tsubaki, Ren signaled Hibiki and Matsuzaki to wait for him in the car. The two special a.s.sistants obeyed the order. He then went to greet his grandmother.

"You've just come back and now you need to go to the company?" Grandma nagged.

"I'm sorry, Grandma. I've left the matters for quite a long time. I need to settle it as soon as possible," Ren smiled apologetically.

"Okay, just make sure there are no troubles. Hibiki said the media is still waiting for your arrival at the company."


Ren hugged Grandma briefly before he pulled Tsubaki to his side. Grandma smiled as she turned her back, wanting to give the couple some privacy.

"I'll be back soon, love. If you have anything, you could call me, okay?" He stroked her head lovingly. A pang of small guilt formed in his heart when he thought he needed to part from her even for a moment.

"Okay. Just focus on what you need to do, alright?" Tsubaki smiled. She patted his cheek lightly. "I'll be here. And I know you can end this."

Ren smiled in appreciation. He lowered his head and kissed her nose.

After saying goodbye, he left with Hibiki and Matsuzaki.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 127 I Know You Can End This

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