Spring Blooms When I'm With You 113 No Face-Slapping?

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Ren's words shocked the entire hall. Even Grandma was astounded even though she had already known that Mr. Sagara was trying to do something to harm her grandson. But, to the point of trying to kill him?

She wanted to storm off and demand the truth from Mr. Sagara but she canceled her intention when she looked at her grandson's face. Ren looked too calm, his eyes landed on Mr. Sagara's contorted face as if he wasn't speaking about an attempted murder centered around himself.

Grandma pursed her lips. It was right for Tsubaki to get out of this hall. If not, she wouldn't know how her soft-hearted granddaughter in-law would react. As for her? She wasn't known as the Matriarch of Fuse Household for nothing. Under her soft demeanor, she actually got a heart of steel.

Right after they snapped out of their shock, the media began to hound Mr. Sagara with questions.

"It is true, Mr. Sagara?"

"You planned to kill President Fuse?"

"Do you have any bad blood with President Fuse? To the point of trying to kill him?"

"Nonsense!" Mr. Sagara shouted out loud. "You'd actually believe him without any evidence?"

Mr. Sagara's breath turned heavy as he could no longer stand the questions from the media. His face flushed red in anger. His a.s.sistant tried to calm him down but he harshly pushed him aside.

"Evidence?" Ren chuckled lowly. The sound of it brought s.h.i.+vers to the people who heard it. There was a smile on his handsome face yet by looking at it they were reminded of the image of a cold, dark winter. Piercingly cold and hauntingly oppressing. Ren continued, "I've got plenty, if you asked for it. But first..."

Ren turned his head and faced Mr. Walker. He spoke in English, "We'd better finalize the contract soon, Mr. Walker. I'm afraid I'd be busy with my personal matter after this."

Mr. Walker nodded in agreement. "I could see that, Mr. Fuse. I've never seen a contract signing event being turned into a press conference of one's private matter but well, I could understand why would you be badgered by the media later."

"Thank you for understanding, Mr. Walker."

Ren signaled Matsuzaki to come to him. The special a.s.sistant reacted swiftly. Two men in professional suits followed him from behind. Both of them went to Ren's and Mr. Walker's sides respectively. They presented a contract in front of them.

"You just accused me of trying to kill you and now you want to steal my contract?" Mr. Sagara glared furiously at the man who was flipping the contract in leisure. "Don't you feel shame?"

Ren didn't answer as he reached out for a pen handed by Matsuzaki. It was as if he didn't hear him. He calmly signed the contract before he did the same for the copy in Mr. Walker's hands. Both of them shook hands to signal the process had already finished. It just took them a few minutes.

"I'm sorry for making you come to j.a.pan within a short notice." Ren smiled slightly. "And for failing to provide a decent contract signing event for you. I'll make up to it to you soon."

"It's okay, Mr. Fuse." Mr. Walker laughed as he shrugged his shoulders. "This is nothing. Actually, I'm already tired of the normal contract signing ceremony. By doing this, I could shorten the time and focus on what should be done."

Ren chuckled at the foreign man's attempt in humoring him. "I'll see you soon, Mr. Walker. May we have a pleasant collaboration."

"So do I, Mr. Fuse."

Mr. Walker left under the protection of the bodyguards. He didn't even turn his head to look at Mr. Sagara who was calling for him. Another group of bodyguards blocked his path, preventing him from moving.

"Fuse Ren!"

Mr. Sagara knew he could no longer gain support from W Group. For now, he needed to save his face in front of the journalists who were watching him with piqued interests. He coughed once as he adjusted his crook necktie.

This is not the end, Mr. Sagara thought to himself. Even though I've lost the contract, I shouldn't give up yet. I've come so far.

"Earlier, you blatantly accused me of attempting to kill you and you even said you've got the evidence. Are you sure you're not the one who's planning the crash from yesterday to conceal the fact that you wanted to distract me from these dirty tactics?"

Ren stood tall on the stage. He lowered his head as he locked his gaze at Mr. Sagara with a sneer on his face. Slowly, he turned his head and met Matsuzaki's eyes. Matsuzaki went backstage. While they were antic.i.p.ating what would happen next, they were shocked when they saw a group of policemen followed Matsuzaki from behind.

What... is this?

President Fuse has already called the police?

The media was dumbfounded with the sudden appearance of the police. When they saw Special a.s.sistant Matsuzaki went backstage, they first thought it was to broadcast the evidence of Mr. Sagara's crimes in front of them.

President Fuse just simply called the police? That was it? No face-slapping?

This was too anti-climatic to their taste. The journalists sighed inwardly They were hoping to get the most out of the events happening today. Premeditated murder of a president of a big corporation! Surely it would cover the headlines for weeks!
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Even though they were disappointed, but the journalists didn't give up too easily. They would still have scoops to be covered so they immediately regain their focus and started to write or record the scene before them.

One of the police stepped out from behind Matsuzaki and walked over to Mr. Sagara whose face was pale beyond white. The stern face of the man made him tremble to the core. This man wasn't ordinary police. From his uniform, he could conclude that he was a man of status.

"Mr. Sagara, we're here to arrest you for the charges of trying to murder President Fuse." The man glanced at his subordinates and two of them swiftly held Mr. Sagara and handcuffed his hands. "You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer the questions. Bear in mind, your words could be used against you during the court trial."

"What are you doing?!" Mr. Sagara roared. He tried to push the officers aside but failed as they gripped his hands and shoulders tightly. "You just arrested me here because of his words? Aren't you afraid I'd sue you back?"

The head officer's face turned grave. The look he gave Mr. Sagara was like he was looking at an idiot. "Evidence? President Fuse has submitted all of the evidence of your crimes. And it's not only about your attempt to kill him. Do you think we, the police, could be bribed easily?"

Are you taking us as fools of money? The head officer thought as he signaled his subordinates to bring Mr. Sagara with them.

"Let go of me! LET GO!"

The media didn't even take a break for a second as they continued taking pictures and video of Mr. Sagara being detained by the police. The man's roar could be heard the entire hall. As the police brought him away, the headlines on the internet have started trending with the news of Mr. Sagara and President Fuse.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 113 No Face-Slapping?

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