Spring Blooms When I'm With You 15 I'll Drive You Home

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"So, Mr. Fuse got to know my sister through her business?" Satsuki sneered inwardly.

"Yes. I heard that you're sick. How's your condition?" Ren knew the little brat sitting on the bed was silently mocking him.

"I'm good. It's not something important anyway." Satsuki felt so awkward conversing in a formal way with Ren. He just wanted this to end quickly.

"How could you say it's not anything important?" Tsubaki glared at him. A hint of disappointment flashed past her eyes.

Uh oh... Satsuki realised that he had said something wrong. His sister didn't like it when he spoke about his health in an uncaring manner. He seriously didn't care but he understood why his sister would be upset.

"I'm sorry..." Satsuki mumbled. He lowered his head, feeling guilty.

Tsubaki sighed. "It's okay. I shouldn't be mad anyway."

Ren knew that Tsubaki never even like when her brother spoke of his health nonchalantly. Even though she wasn't a superst.i.tious person but she believed positive words would bring them closer to their hope while any negative vibes would hinder one's growth process either physically or mentally.

Tsubaki suddenly realised there was another person in the room. She quickly turned to the tall figure beside her. "I'm sorry if I've stalled you. Do you have anything urgent regarding your friend?"

Tsubaki was guilty when she thought of the man's precious time. Even one hour of his time worth more than all her savings combined when it came to the man. A man of his standing shouldn't be hindered from his packed schedule.

"Are you going home after this?" Not answering her question, Ren took a look at his watch. It was quarter to nine.

"Yes... I'm going home straight. Why?" Tsubaki looked confused. She was startled by the unexpected question.

"I'll drive you home." Hands in pockets, Ren said with a serious look on his face indicating he wasn't joking.

"Wha... what?" If she was confused earlier, now she was dumbfounded.

What's wrong with this man and his offer?

"It's okay, Mr. Fuse. I appreciate your offer but you don't have to go out of your way. I could go home by myself."

Tsubaki quickly recomposed herself. She looked up to directly meeting his dark eyes. He was tall, a skysc.r.a.per to her pet.i.te figure. Even when she was wearing her one inch shoes, her eye level could only reach the base of his throat.

"It's not a problem. Plus, it's already dark outside. I couldn't let a young lady like you going home alone." Ren tried coaxing her to accept his invitation. His excuse was almost similar to the one he used a few nights ago.


"Mr. Fuse has already said it's okay." Satsuki interjected, sensing his sister's further attempt to reject the offer. "It'd put my mind at ease knowing someone could accompany you till you reach home."

Seeing Ren's clear gaze and Satsuki's pleading look, Tsubaki could only yield to the offer. She glanced at her brother before turning to Ren.

"Well then... I'll accept your offer. Thank you, Mr. Fuse."

"I'll be waiting at the lobby after I'm done with my job. Take your time. And..." Ren took out a notebook and a pen from his inside pocket and scribbled on it. "This is my personal number. Give me a call if you couldn't find me."

Ren tore the page and gave it to Tsubaki. When he ordered her cakes before, he only gave her his business card with his work number. Only a selected few people knew his personal one since Ren disliked being bombarded with people calling him.

"Thank you again, Mr. Fuse."

Ren only nodded looking at her reserved smile, his face gentler. He looked at Satsuki in appreciation. After saying good bye, he left the room. Once Ren closed the door and the sound of his footsteps faded away, Tsubaki quickly pinched Satsuki's cheek.

"What did you think, you brat?"

"I was just worried, okay?" Satsuki rubbed his cheek, his eyebrows furrowed with the ungrateful act of his sister. "Don't your heart flutter by being able to have the Fuse Ren driving you home?"

A pale blush tinged Tsubaki's cheeks. Hearing Satsuki's remark, she was reminded of Chiyo's teasing after she left the meeting. She shook off the thoughts. Her fingers once again met Satsuki's cheek.

"Enough with your nonsense." Tsubaki puffed up her cheeks in frustration seeing her brother's cheeky expression. "You had dinner already, right? I brought your favourite unsalted breadsticks."

Tsubaki brought out a paper bag from the inside of her tote bag. The smell of fresh bread and dried fruits wafted in the air. Satsuki felt his mouth watered. The smell was enough to entice his appet.i.te. After all he was kind of bored with the bland food served by the hospital. His sister even generously topped them with dried apples to give them better taste.

"Thank you, sis!" Satsuki exclaimed in excitement.

Tsubaki smiled contentedly seeing her brother's happy face. She knew he was tired with the 'rabbit food' as he named the hospital food. That was why she took some of her free time to personally baked Satsuki his favourite bread.

As a patient with kidney problems, Satsuki needed to be careful with his diet. Tsubaki had long gotten used to baked the breads he could eat. For her only brother, she was willing to do anything.

In the Department of Nephrology.

Ren walked inside a doctor's office. A man who was around his age was sitting behind a desk. He looked up from the stack of papers in front of him. A mocking smile curled up on his face.

"h.e.l.lo, President Fuse."

Ren just grunted in response. He looked bored. A trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 15 I'll Drive You Home

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