Spring Blooms When I'm With You 35 Our Marriage Certificate

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Ren invited Tsubaki to sit in the living room while he went inside his study upstairs. He opened the safe hidden behind a movable book shelf. The book shelf could be moved with a flick of a switch. He brought out an envelope. He immediately went downstairs, didn't want to left her alone for a moment longer. But his feet stopped shorts in the middle of the stairs. His eyes focused on the lady sitting on the couch.

A small smile played on his lips. He had always dreaming of having her here, inside his house. This place was big and comfortable but it had always felt cold. Like winter. But once she stepped inside, he could finally call this place home.

Only a little longer and she would finally be a part of this.

"Mr. Fuse!" Tsubaki stood up when she noticed him standing on the stairs. It was awkward for her to be in another man's house. Even though he was her husband.

"Please sit. I don't want you to be uncomfortable." Ren understood what she was thinking.

Once she was seated, he handed her the envelope. She curiously looked at the crease-free paper. Slowly she reached out, heart beating furiously. Her slender fingers held the envelope. Her plump lips formed a thin line.

Ren didn't urge Tsubaki to quickly look inside the envelope. She was preparing herself to see a piece of paper that could change her life. It was impossible for her to unsee it once everything was made clear.

Tsubaki took a deep breath, embracing herself to accept what would be laid before her. She unsealed the envelope and took a peek inside. A hard paper came into her view. Biting her lips, she brought the paper outside. Her eyes scanned the content of the paper carefully.

Marriage Certification.

Fuse Ren. Hanada Tsubaki.

It was indeed an authentic marriage certification! She even recognised her own signature on it.

"This... how could..." Tsubaki was unable to form another words. Her mind was filled with new questions. Alas, she could only helplessly stare at the man's calm face.

"We only knew each other for almost two months before I realised my feelings for you." Ren looked directly into her eyes, trying to convey his feelings. "And it took me almost half a year courting you before you finally agreed to marry me. I don't have much at the time and even though you were angry because I hid my real ident.i.ty, you accepted me regardless."

Tsubaki averted her eyes from his. She still couldn't recall what he had said so it was still quite hard to believe. But, the piece of paper in her hands couldn't be denied its existence.

"When you said I know who you were..." Tsubaki's eyes fall on the certificate. "... didn't you think that I accepted you because of your family name?"

"I knew you weren't the one to be swayed by money or status. I always know."

"But, Mr. Fuse..." Tsubaki sighed. "This is too sudden. I couldn't..."

"I didn't tell you this for you to suddenly hold the position of my wife." Ren cut her off. His tone was gentle and calm. "I understand that in your state you shouldn't be pressured like this but forgive me, I am actually selfish enough to have you at least know about our matrimonial bond."

"Mr. Fuse..."

"You are still my wife even though you couldn't remember me." Ren smiled, wanting to ease her guilt. "For now, I'd be satisfied with having you near me again."

Tsubaki kept quiet. His words resounded clearly in her heart, filled with sincerity.

"The sun has already set. Come, I'll take you home." Ren glanced at his wrist.w.a.tch. "I'd tell you the rest next time. About us and why did I disappear. I'll definitely tell you. But, you've had enough for today."

Tsubaki nodded weakly. She gave the marriage certification back to him. As determined as she was about knowing the hidden secrets, she had to admit that she felt tired. Her body was totally drained of energy.

Both of them didn't speak as Ren drove Tsubaki home. Her mind was filled with heavy thoughts while his was filled with fear. Once they arrived, Ren got off the car after Tsubaki and stood outside. She was standing before him.

"I'm sorry if I made you uneasy." Ren looked down to the lady's face. "I won't force you immediately accept me back but at least, please let me court you again."

"Yes..." Tsubaki's voice was so low.

He smiled when he saw her cheeks bloomed in red. She was so beautiful. It was his honour to have her as his wife.

His wife.

"I'll... go inside first." Tsubaki didn't look up, feeling shy admist confusion. "Thank you... for today."

She turned around, ready to leave.


She stopped and finally looked at him. It was the first time he had called her by her name. Her heart tightened once she saw his rueful expression.

"Good night, love."

She blushed. "Good night." With a red face, she ran towards the stairs.

Ren watched until her figure disappeared. He wanted to hug her so badly yet he knew she still needed time to accept him. He would work hard. For her. For both of them.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 35 Our Marriage Certificate

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