Spring Blooms When I'm With You 41 Do You Find Me Handsome?

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As the operation hadn't finished yet, both of them decided to eat their meal to replenish their energy. It wouldn't do them any good if one of the collapsed due to hunger or exhaustion. Tsubaki wasn't too hungry but Ren certainly was.

"Are you okay with just onigiri?" He looked at the unwrapped rice ball in her hands. "I could ask Matsuzaki or Hibiki to deliver you some food."

"You're the one who should get a proper meal." Tsubaki replied with a smile. "I hope this bento could satisfy you."

"Of course it couldn't." Ren said without a second thought.

Tsubaki was taken aback, didn't expect him to reply in a curt manner. But, he was a master of a prominent family in the city. He wouldn't eat a boxed meal in a normal basis.

"Right..." She mumbled, disheartened.

"I could only be satisfied with your home cooked meal." Ren stifled a laughter seeing her downcast look. "It's been years since the last time I ate it."

"Okay." Tsubaki bit her onigiri, eyes landing randomly on a poster pasted on the white wall.

After he was done with his lunch, Ren neatly tidied up and threw the box in a recycle bin nearby. Tsubaki was staring at a piece of a paper. His curiosity was piqued.

"What are you looking at?" He opened the bottle and drank. He could see childlike scrawl on the paper.

"Do you remember the young boy, Kouichi?" Tsubaki smiled adoringly at the cute note. "I went to the pediatric ward looking for him. He has been discharged but the nurse said he left me a note. Wanna see?"

She handed him the note.

Pretty sister! I'm sad that you're not coming to see me again but nevermind, I'll leave you my address just in case you're looking for me. Please bring me the handsome uncle too!

An address and a landline were written under the note.

"This brat." Ren scoffed. "Why did he call me 'uncle' when he obviously called you 'sister'?"

"But, he said you're a handsome uncle." Tsubaki giggled, didn't expect him to be bitter with a child.

"So, do you find me handsome?" He leaned in closer to her. As he was taller, it looked like he was towering the pet.i.te lady.

Tsubaki immediately turned her body around. Her entire face flushed red. "I didn't say anything."

Ren chuckled. He could see how red her ears had became.

At that time, the lights of the board went off indicating the operation had been concluded. Both of them rushed to the door. A sleeping Satsuki was being wheeled out by two attendants.

"How is he?" Ren asked Tos.h.i.+ro.

Tsubaki took of his surgical mask. "The surgery was a success. The patient would be monitored in the ICU first to observe his condition. But so far, I could say it was a smooth operation."

Tsubaki was overjoyed. She looked at her brother's face. Tears dripping on her cheeks. Her heart felt lighter. She turned her body to Dr. Moris.h.i.+ta and bowed deeply.

"Thank you, doctor."

"Yes. Thank you, Tos.h.i.+ro." Ren bowed slightly, his expression was serious.

Tos.h.i.+ro laughed as he couldn't bear to see Ren acting seriously like this to him. "It's a good idea to make the Fuse Ren owed me a favour, right?"

"As long as you're not making any ridiculous demand. Knowing you, it isn't impossible." Ren shrugged.

Satsuki was going to be monitored in the ICU for 24 hours. If his condition stabilised without any complications, he would be relocated in the normal ward. According to Tos.h.i.+ro, the surgical team didn't encounter any problem throughout the entire surgery. As Satsuki wouldn't wake up soon, Tsubaki went to see the kind-hearted donour. She was a young lady, probably only one or two years younger than her.

"Thank you so much." Tsubaki bowed down, unable to fully express her grat.i.tude. "For helping my brother. I know donating your kidney wasn't an easy decision to be made."

"It's nothing to worry about. It's embarra.s.sing but I traded one of my kidneys for money after all." The girl replied straightforwardly. She looked at the black suited man standing beside the teary eyed lady. "Your husband paid me a lot. I'm the one who should be thankful. I didn't have to worry about my family anymore."

Tsubaki was dumbfounded. As the girl had to rest, they didn't overstay their welcome. Once they were outside, she gazed at the man, searching for answers.

"She lost her parents and has to support three of her siblings. I offered her an amount that could get them back to their feet in a few years until they could enter the society. It's legal, by the way."

"I know you wouldn't do anything illegal." She held his gaze. "How much did you give her?"

"I won't speak about money with you. Just consider it as my responsibility as your husband."

Ren started to walk away but Tsubaki still stood still. Seeing his back, her heart was filled with clas.h.i.+ng emotions. Clenching a fist on her left chest, she opened her mouth.

"You always speak about your responsibility as my husband. But, what about mine?"

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 41 Do You Find Me Handsome?

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