Spring Blooms When I'm With You 74 I Miss You

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Ren was baffled.

He was feeling stressed over meeting President Esumi earlier. He thought he should try forgetting it by burying himself in his never-ending works. But, he didn't expect a surprise was waiting for him inside his office. His gloomy mood disappeared once he saw her standing beside his working table. More so when she ran to him and threw herself onto him for a hug. His lean body wavered due to the sudden weight. He quickly caught her and steadied his body.

"I didn't know you would be here." Ren chuckled. He returned her hug, enveloping her inside a tight embrace. "Or did I miss your message? I was in a meeting earlier."

"I know, a.s.sistant Matsuzaki told me." Tsubaki looked up, smiling brightly. Loosening her embrace for a bit, she stared at her husband's face. "I miss you. That's why I came here."

Ren was lovestruck. He looked at Tsubaki's smiling face in a daze. His thin lips were opened slightly. That sentence was a simple one but he didn't realise that the impact was so powerful over him. He snapped out of his daze and eagerly went for her lips.

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Tsubaki was startled yet she didn't reject him. She didn't expect that by her saying that would make her husband acted like this. She really shouldn't underestimate her power over him when he was so much in love with her.

"Hey... stop it." Tsubaki placed her palm over Ren's lips, her little face flushed red. She was breathless already. She could feel Ren's lips curling into a smile before pecking her palm.

"Alright, I'll save it for later," Ren teased.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness growing inside his heart was indescribable. He thought he was already happy enough when he finally found her, but the feelings kept on growing until he was afraid if suddenly she would be gone from his life again. He couldn't breath, he couldn't live if that were to happen.

"Thank you for coming, love." Trying to hide his teary eyes, he lowered his heck to the crook of her neck.

"Alright, alright. Time to eat. I've asked Matsuzaki to bring us lunch." Tsubaki patted her man's back, could sense something was off yet she knew he wasn't ready to share it with her.

Everyone needed a s.p.a.ce even from their loved ones. By doing so they could remain being themselves while showering others with their love.

Both of them took a seat at the small dining table located besides the gla.s.s wall overlooking the city. Matsuzaki entered with two boxes of meal. He placed them on the table before going to have lunch by himself. As a single man, he could only depend on himself.

"Is this from the cafeteria downstairs?"

Tsubaki opened the lunch box and took in the delicious smell coming from it. The presentation was good and the dishes had definitely caught her appet.i.te. The employees were sure lucky to have a considerate employer like Ren. From what she knew, there were also a gym and games arcade prepared for the employees.

"Yes. Grandma chose the chefs herself. She said she wanted the people at the company eating well. The policy started even before the company prospered."

Tsubaki hummed in amazement. Grandma was really a good person. She cared so much even for thousands of employees working for Fuse Family. Even with her endless wealth and power, she remained grateful and generous.

"Let's eat."


The view outside the tall skysc.r.a.per was magnificent for someone like Tsubaki who rarely came to a building like Fuse Corporation. It was a different kind of experience having lunch while overlooking the city. The sky was bright. It would be good if she could have a walk with Ren at the park below after lunch.

"How's Satsuki?" Ren asked after carefully munching the steamed vegetables. His eyes never left his wife's face.

"He's good, just a bit bored of the hospital." Tsubaki laughed when she remembered her brother's anguished face.

"I have arranged for him to stay in one of my apartments in the city. He already chose one."

"You did?" Tsubaki was shocked. She put down her chopsticks and staring at Ren's calm face. "Why you didn't say anything to me? And... it is okay for him staying in your place?"

Even though Satsuki had a good relations.h.i.+p with Ren but Tsubaki still feeling bad. She felt like both of them were taking advantage over Ren's fortune. Her husband had paid for Satsuki's surgery and post-surgery medical fee. Now, he wanted to aid her brother by finding him a place to stay?

"He's my brother too, it's what I should do." Ren reached out a hand and patted Tsubaki's head.


"I know you feel uneasy but it's okay. If I don't spend my money on you and Satsuki, for whom should I do so? Plus, Satsuki said he want to get a job to support himself. He chose an ordinary apartment so it shouldn't be a burden to him. At least it'd save him some trouble since he already has a place to stay."

The apartment was located near the city center and most of the tenants were people with ordinary jobs. The environment was safe and public transports was easily accessible too. The apartment unit had one living room, two bedrooms, a toilet and a small kitchen. Ren had persuaded Satsuki to choose a better one but the young man remained adamant with his choice.

"I'd take you there before he gets discharged. Maybe we could decorate the place according to his liking."

"Okay." Tsubaki reluctantly agree. "Thank you, Ren."

Ren pursed his lips in a straight line, earning Tsubaki's confusion. Why did he somehow look unhappy? She thought she hadn't done anything to offend her husband. Or, did she?

"Why?" She asked timidly, afraid of asking.

"Is that how you thank your husband?" Ren asked with a serious face. His sharp eyes sizing up his wife up and down.

"Er... what should I do?" Tsubaki started feeling uneasy.

"Come here."

Tsubaki wanted to refuse but with the way Ren was looking at her like a domineering ruler, she reluctantly stood up from her seat and went to his side. Ren pulled her to his lap and swiftly locking her between his arms.

"What are you doing?" A look of bewilderment flashed past Tsubaki's eyes. She was sensing danger coming from the man's body.

"Earning my thanks for helping your brother." Ren smirked.

Before Tsubaki could react, he brought her face towards him. One of his hand supported the base of her head while the other embracing her waist. She wanted to struggle but he tightened his hug, unwilling to let her go.

In the end, she surrendered.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 74 I Miss You

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