Spring Blooms When I'm With You 86 A Chance Meeting

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A waitress welcomed their arrival and led them to a table for two. She gave them the menu and returned to the counter in order to give them a bit of them choosing their food. Tsubaki pointed at her recommended dishes as Ren asked her some questions. Having made their decision, Tsubaki signaled for the waitress to come get their order.

"Are you sure you could finish all this?"

Ren was marveled over his wife's choice of menu. He knew she loved food especially dessert, but over their time together he hadn't seen her ate too much. Even after their living together, she just ate modestly.

"I know what you're thinking right now." Tsubaki smiled sheepishly. She was deep in thought before she decided to tell him. Staring at his expectant face, Tsubaki said, "Actually, after I woke up from the accident, I told myself that it's okay to indulge myself in things that make me happy. Either food, clothes or the way I live. So, I'd occasionally treat myself to good food or a short vacation. Even though mostly it'd be food since I didn't dare to over expense since Satsuki was still hospitalised before."

Ren went quiet, he didn't know how to respond to her. Both Tsubaki and Satsuki lived in a modest way since they didn't have the luxury to spend their money over something insignificant. Most of the money went to Satsuki's medical fee. Even when he tried to help them with his labour fee before, it wasn't enough.

After some time, Ren finally opened his mouth. His eyes darkened yet it held determination inside him.



Tsubaki realised there was something in her man's mind yet she didn't dare to probe. She silently looked at him.

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"Bring me to your favourite spots later." Ren curled up his lips, his eyes softened at the sight of her being in daze. "I'd like to experience them together with you."

Her eyes widened, she was touched when she heard his suggestions. Slowly she nodded her head. Her eyes twinkling, she agreed. "Okay!"

Ren reached out his hand to hold hers.

It felt warm.

"Pretty Sister!"

The sudden call made both of them startled. Tsubaki and Ren quickly turned to the sound. It was like a young boy's voice. A small boy dressed in T-s.h.i.+rt and pullovers ran to them. His face was familiar.

"Kouichi!" Tsubaki exclaimed in disbelief, yet she felt happy.

"Pretty Sister! I saw you through the windows and I thought I was imagining things and... Oh! Handsome Uncle is here too." Kouichi looked at both of them. He focused on Ren. He smiled sneakily while eyeing him. "Are you going out with Pretty Sister? A date?"

"Well, I think it's not a bad idea to have a date with my wife," Ren answered while patting his head. "Why are you here? Are you here alone?"

But, his questions fell on deaf ears. Kouichi was more excited with his earlier words. His little face brightened and he suddenly jumped up and down in excitement. "You two are married?"

Tsubaki was perplexed when she saw the little boy's reaction. Joy was clearly reflected on his small eyes. This was their first time meeting each other, even though due to coincidence, yet his focus was on her and Ren's relations.h.i.+p?

"Yes, we're married." Tsubaki still answered his question. She looked directly to his face, easing up a little, she repeated Ren's words, "Are you here alone?"

She was glad to finally meet Kouichi again. She had plans to visit him since he gave her his address but with many things happened, she lost track of time. And now they suddenly met here? Did he live around this area?

Before Kouichi could answer, a gentle voice came behind him. "Kou-chan, what are you doing? Leaving Grandma behind?"

A small old lady came to a stop beside Kouichi. She looked at Tsubaki and Ren before peering at the little boy's face. "Do you know them, Kou-chan?"

Kouichi immediately nodded his head, he excitedly holding his grandmother's hands. "They are the Pretty Sister and Handsome Uncle that I've told you before! I didn't expect to see them here!"

"Oh?" Grandma Nagao smiled in affection. "I've heard of you two before."

"Yes, madam." Tsubaki rose from her seat, giving the old lady a bow as a form of respect. "We met at the hospital before."

Ren did the same. He stood beside Tsubaki. "We too didn't expect to see Kouichi here. Are you here for lunch? Why don't we sit together then?"

"It's okay, young man. We shouldn't impose on your time together." Grandma Nagao quickly declined his invitation. She could see that both of them were on their date.

"Have lunch with us, Kou?" Tsubaki asked Kouichi, feeling that the old lady won't further refuse if her grandson would accept their invitation. "The more, the merrier."

"Okay!" Kouichi gladly agreed. He immediately took a seat beside Ren. Kouichi looked expectantly at his grandmother.

Grandma Nagao guiltily looking at the couple's face. "Aren't we interrupting you?"

Tsubaki chuckled. She pulled out a chair beside hers, inviting the old lady to sit. "Do join us. We want to go and visit Kouichi actually but we didn't have the time yet. This rare chance meeting shouldn't go to waste."

"Yes, madam." Ren gesture for her to sit. She and Kouichi definitely didn't interrupt him and Tsubaki. More over, he felt happy meeting the little boy again. While he helped tying a napkin around Kouichi's neck, Ren continuously urging her to join them. "Come, join us for lunch."

Sensing the couple's sincerity, the old lady felt she would be rude if she being persistent. She smiled, the corner of her eyes wrinkling. Her face seemed soft, bringing calm. "Then, I thank you for your invite."

Her old eyes peered at Tsubaki's face for a moment. She carefully watched her, even the tiny details of her face. She was somewhat perplexed, but she didn't show it on her face.

How could she look so similar... to her?

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 86 A Chance Meeting

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