Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 116 I Could Never Hate You

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Just as Lu AnLing was entering Kang Jun's, Old Chong exited the hospital doors. He was looking for his son, but upon arriving outside he witnessed a scene he could not believe.

After being the Kang family's doctor for so many years, Old Chong, despite being retired, still had the privilege of coming and going from the old family house as he pleased.

But, even so, rarely would he run into Kang Jun.

In the past few years, Old Chong had really only seen Kang Jun once and he didn't even get to speak to him because the man had been entering his car and then left.

Gazing at the car and it's license plate as the car drove away, Old Chong approached his son.

"Was that Kang Jun's car?" Old Chong asked.

"You have a pretty keen eye for an old man." Chong Feng said.

Hearing this, Old Chong didn't react. Usually, he would hit his son but he wasn't in the mood at the moment.

He just stared at the direction of Kang Jun's car, afraid to ask the question that floated around in his head.

"D-did I just see…"

Seeing that his father was tongue tied, Chong Feng smirked. "Yeah, it seems like Miss Lu is being courted by out dear young master Kang. Isn't that enchanting?! So I really can't marry her dad. No matter what you or Granny Lu do, I really don't feel like dying at the young age of 37, alright?"

Chong Feng's tone of voice made him sound like he was joking but he was entirely serious.

Looking at his son, Old Chong nodded quickly. Chong Feng believed it was because Old Chong didn't want to interfere with Kang Jun but in truth, it had more to do with Lu AnLing.

In the coming days, Old Chong would make arrangements to leave the country.


In the car, Kang Jun and Lu AnLing were on the brink of an important conversation.

"Tell me." Kang Jun said without taking a breath.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing felt her whole body warm. It was strange for anyone to be so willing to help. She hadn't even said a word but still, he looked as if, whatever she would ask for, however unreasonable, he would help her.

If Lu AnLing was a manipulative b.i.t.c.h, Kang Jun's love could have hurt and destroyed many people. Thinking about this, Lu AnLing was reluctant to speak.

By the time Lu AnLing was ready to speak, they had already arrived at Hotel Helios.

Kang Jun got out of the car and then he opened the door for Lu AnLing. He placed his hand in front of Lu AnLing and she took it without hesitation. He helped her out of the car like she was a princess.

"You can tell me once we're upstairs."

Lu AnLing nodded.

It was already near four in the morning but Lu AnLing and Kang Jun didn't seem tired.

It didn't take them long to go upstairs but they both didn't speak so a strange silence lingered between the pair, threatening to drown them in their deep thoughts.

Once in Kang Jun's room, they both sat. Each claiming a bed as their own.

Lu AnLing still wore her white cheongsam. It was so beautiful that Kang Jun couldn't help but examine the way it fell on her figure and how it laid on the floor but his mind wasn't thinking of anything perverted.

"What do you need?" Kang Jun spoke first.

For a small moment, Lu AnLing was still reluctant to answer. What she was about to say would sound bad to Kang Jun's ears. She was throwing suspicion on people he knew after all.

"First, could you promise me you won't get mad or offended… or hate me?"

Confusion flashed across Kang Jun's eyes but he agreed to her request nonetheless.

"I could never hate you."

He was in love with her.

There were a limited amount of things she could have done for him to hate her and because they weren't in a relations.h.i.+p yet and they had never been in one, the things that could lead him to hate her were impossible.

Hearing his reply, Lu AnLing sighed a sigh of relief and then, she bit her lip before she began to speak.

"The day I gave birth the doctor and nurse that were in charge of me were Doctor Chong and your ex-fiancée…"

Kang Jun's face twisted.

Out of all the things he had expected her to say, he didn't expect it to be this.

"Chong Feng and Rong Yue Wan?" Kang Jun wanted to confirm.

Lu AnLing: "No! Not Chong Feng… his father."

"Chong Wei and Rong Yue Wan took your child?"

"I know… it sounds crazy, but I remember it clearly. Also, I met both of them and I can confirm it was them."

A lot of questions flashed through Kang Jun's mind but he didn't say a thing. Kang Jun had a lot of investigating to do.

Staring at Lu AnLing, Kang Jun tapped his lip with the side of his index finger. This situation perplexed him but it was a lead.

Kang Jun: "I understand. I'll help you with anything you need… but I need you to help me first."

"Okay," Lu AnLing said through pursed her lips, but then, she realized she had agreed without knowing what Kang Jun wanted from her so, she then looked at the man shyly.

Lu AnLing: "With what?"

Kang Jun refused to look at the girl in the eyes for a second.

He couldn't find the words but after taking a deep breath, Kang Jun replied calmly, with a small smile plastered on his handsome face, "Marry me."

He was faking confidence. Inside, his heartbeat was erratic. He was completely nervous. Not only because he knew Lu AnLing could reject him but also because if he failed at this, he would fail at helping Kang Mingyu.

Both would break his heart.

Meanwhile, Lu AnLing was left dumbfounded.

'Marry him? Why?' Lu AnLing wondered in her mind but she didn't say anything out loud.

Seeing the confusion on the girl's face, Kang Jun made a decision.

"Remember how you told me you had a goal?"

Lu AnLing nodded but she didn't say a word as she watched him intently.

"I have a goal too…"

Kang Jun paused for a moment. He didn't know where to begin, but then he began to voice his predicament.

Starting with his brother's death, to the succession wars within the Kang family to what was happening to Kang Mingyu.

Hearing Kang Jun speak about Kang Mingyu's abuse, Lu AnLing's heart hurt and she began to feel an intense hate for Qiao Lan. Lu AnLing had only met her once and her opinion of the woman had been one of indifference but now she couldn't believe how irresponsible the elder of the Kang's was and how cruel Qiao Lan could be.

Kang Mingyu was such a precious boy, but Lu AnLing had noticed that sometimes the boy acted slightly strange. Mostly when she had first met him.

Looking into Kang Jun's eyes, Lu AnLing saw a mix of sadness and hate.

"I want to save him."

By the way he spoke those words, Lu AnLing felt the sincerity penetrate her heart.

Lu AnLing: "I understand. But can I ask you some things?"

"Of course,"

"Why do you want to marry me? And what about your niece, the one I met at the Starlight Event? Is she okay?"

Kang Jun frowned slightly. "Kang Mei Xue is obedient. She never strays away from Qiao Lan, she never asks for anything, she does what she is asked to do and she doesn't complain… So she has never needed to be disciplined."

Hearing this Lu AnLing began to feel sick.

Judging by the little girl's looks, Kang Mei Xue was only six or seven years old, but the person who Kang Jun was describing didn't even sound like a child at all.

"But when it comes to Kang Mingyu, it's different… I'm not sure why, but he's gone through too much. I want to free him. Because I made a bet with my grandfather, I should be able to do it but as for Kang Mei Xue, it's much harder. "

Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 116 I Could Never Hate You

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