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As AnLing walked around doing the odd jobs Manager Hong requested of her, Liang Ke followed a couple steps behind her.

She began to feel like she had gotten a pet dog…

Every so often Liang Ke would try to make conversation but AnLing would ignore him. She was pretty annoyed that he was following her around, in the first place.

Had he forgotten his image?

He was an artist. What was he doing following a small a.s.sistant around?

Several times AnLing tried to lose him but to no avail. The man was super persistent. Lucky for her that he wore a baseball cap and he had put on a mask when he exited the shop or else they would have both been in trouble.

Though, her more than him...

By his happy-go-lucky demeanor, AnLing could tell that this man hadn't faced a single hards.h.i.+p in his entire life. She hadn't met a person like this in a long time and it was like a breath of fresh air but also a big shock.

The entertainment industry was a dark place. Even she, who was fairly new to the industry there, had seen things that made her doubt the humanity of some of these so-called stars. Yet how did Liang Ke end up staying so bright and pure?

Seeing that AnLing didn't protest much to his presence anymore, he took it a step further.

"Can I have your number?"He asked using the most charming smile he had.

The abrupt question caused AnLing's to turn to look at him with eyes wide.



At the office, Kang Jun was working. He had just finished up a meeting. Kang Corporation had encountered some stressful times The project which they had had problems with previously had completely fallen through and being the boss, Kang Jun had no choice but to fix everything.

Within a small amount of time, he had been able to reduce the impact on the company. Though, it would take him a few weeks to fully finalize it.

Kang Jun was tired.

He wanted to lay back and sleep but he knew that it wouldn't help him regain his vigor so he picked up his phone and texted AnLing.

At the moment, he had no idea that a bug had approached her neither did he know the hard time she was having trying to shoo him away.

Kang Jun: [Were still going out tomorrow?]

After a few minutes, she replied. AnLing: [Yes]

Kang Jun: [ Where do you want to go?]

AnLing: [Let Mingyu chose.]

Reading that message, Kang Jun smirked. He wouldn't do that. Instead, he had a better idea. He wanted to surprise them both with something special.

He called for Mr. Long before replying to AnLing.

Kang Jun: [I'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow. It's a date then. I'm looking forward to it.]

Kang Jun purposely wrote more than usual.

He didn't receive another message after that. He knew that it would be like that because she was probably embarra.s.sed by his message.

He was beginning to get used to all of AnLing's quirks.

With nothing else left to do, Kang Jun grabbed some doc.u.ments and looked at them with hawk-like accuracy. He scanned them and scanned them until something caught his eye.

Mr. Long entered the room. "You called?"

"Mmm... Book Rainbow Valley for three. Tomorrow night," he said, not even lifting his eyes from the doc.u.ments. His expression was cold, but his eyebrows furrowed slightly giving off an expression of anger.

Mr. Long's face turned pale. "R-r-rainbow Valley…?"

"Did I stutter?"

'No I did!' Mr. Long felt a strong headache coming along.

"Sir, that place needs to be booked months in advance!" Mr. Long tried his best to keep his voice calm and strong but it didn't work. The questioning seeped through slapping him in the face.

Kang Jun put down the doc.u.ments and then stared at Mr. Long unflinching. His cold gaze made Mr. Long feel small. Despite being older than him Mr. Long felt lower than Kang Jun; like a slave or sometimes even a pet.

"Are you questioning me?" Kang Jun's voice dripped with malice and an icy undertone.

Mr. Long: "N-no, but—"

"Do you want to lose your job?"

"No, sir!" My Long felt his blood run cold.

"Then go!" Kang Jun commanded

Quickly, Mr. Long ran out of the room.

As he walked away, his eyes were reddening and his eyebrows knitted.

Who as so important that the boss had to bring them to Rainbow Valley? Why was he so angry today? Did he have a fight with his G.o.ddess?

Mr. Long questioned but no answers came to him.

Though his thoughts were completely warranted, Mr. Long was completely mistaken. It was the complete opposite actually. And if Mr. Long knew that all of this stress upon him was because of a date, he would surely die of anger and shock.

There was probably no sleeping for him tonight.

If he didn't complete this a.s.signment, he feared for his future.


Liang Ke c.o.c.ked his head and then smiled innocently. "And why not? Did I do something wrong?"

'Wrong? Of course, you did something wrong! Leave me alone' AnLing wanted to cry on the inside.

She wanted to scream at the man kick him in the stomach and run away but he was an artist. If she so much touched a hair on his head she would get slapped by a lawsuit and ripped apart by the man's fans.

AnLing ma.s.saged her temple."Because I don't know you and we aren't friends!"

Liang Ke laughed. "Oh, okay."

Oh okay?

'What do you mean by oh okay?!' This wasn't the answer she had expected. She thought he would try harder. AnLing felt a sense of calmness but at the same time, rage burned within her.

This man had pretty much stalked her only to give up? Why couldn't he have just continued on with his day when she'd shown she was clearly not interested in talking to him?

"Let's become friends then." Liang Ke said with complete sincerity.

AnLing had completely underestimated him. She should have given him time to finish talking before she allowed her brain to react…

"I refuse!" AnLing screamed and then ran as quickly as she could. She hailed and taxi. Once the driver had stopped, she immediately entered the car and screamed, "drive!"

The man, seeing the girl pale-faced and sweating, didn't have the heart to say anything. He just drove away as fast as he could, leaving the blond man who came running after her dumbfounded.

Liang Ke watched as AnLing disappeared into the horizon and then burst out in laughter.

The girl was so strange.

But at the same time, he couldn't deny that he was stranger. His level of shamelessness had gone up since the last time he had gotten fired up.

Against this AnLing girl, he would probably be forced to get worse and worse.

But what could he say? She had the voice he wanted.

Still slightly laughing, Liang Ke took out his phone and dialed a number he remembered by heart. It didn't take long for the person at the other end of the line to answer him.

"Hey Brother Chen, you know that new artist, named Ning Jie? Invite her to the Starlight Event."

Liang Ke tapped his middle finger against his thumb.

" Why? No reason. Can you do it?" Liang Ke was waiting for a definitive answer before hanging up.

If anyone could help him, it was his brother Chen.

"Yea? Thanks!" His voice resonated loud in the streets. Liang Ke believed he had already won.

AnLing wouldn't be able to escape him.

Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 38 Pe

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