Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 88 Turning Into An Idio

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Everyone in the room was shocked by Kang Jun's words. He was clearly in love with the girl and everyone, with the exception of Kang Mingyu, felt completely horrified.

What demon could have done this to a devilish man such as Kang Jun?

Curiosity burned at the bellies of the two men, but they didn't speak.

After a small while, Kang Jun ordered Rong Xin to bring Kang Mingyu to diner with Kang Mei Xue and Mr. Long. At first, the boy was reluctant to leave his aunties side, and Kang Jun understood this, but it was best for the boy to leave.

"Don't worry," Kang Jun said as he touched the little boy's cheek. "When you come back auntie will be awake and then I'll leave you here with her, okay? Also, Mei Xue is waiting downstairs. You haven't seen her in a while."

This did not move Kang Mingyu's heart. Mostly not when his auntie was sick.

Seeing this, Kang Jun felt the urge to frown. He didn't want to resort to guilt-tripping the boy, but it seemed like he had no choice.

"Your auntie wouldn't be happy that you didn't eat dinner. She would blame herself."

Hearing this, Kang Mingyu's eyes widened with sudden realization. Pulling on Rong Xin, the boy spoke.

"Let's go."

Staring between uncle and nephew with slight disbelief, Rong Xin let himself be led out.

Kang Jun watched as they walked out and Doctor Chong watched Kang Jun with an expression of amus.e.m.e.nt.

Without looking at Doctor Chong, Kang Jun began to speak.

"Do me a favor," Kang Jun started to say. Doctor Chong nodded and then looked at Kang Jun. "Go eat dinner with Mingyu, Mei Xue, Rong Xin, and Long Rui. When you're done, bring the kids to the hospital and examine them both. I don't think they've had their check up yet this year."

Listening to Kang Jun, Doctor Chong nodded his head.

Doctor Chong was at the beck and call of the Kang's, like his father and his grandfather before him. He had been born and raised to serve as the Kang families personal doctor and so, he didn't mind being ordered around.

He was used to it.

"Got it." Doctor Chong said. "Though it'll be extra charge."

Hearing this, Kang Jun shrugged.

As the man left, Kang Jun pinched the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows and then sighed. This should give the girl plenty of time to rest in peace and quiet and it would also give Kang Jun some time to watch over her.

Kang Jun turned to look at the girl who lay like Snow White, covered in the pure white sheets. The man stood over her, and then touched her pale forehead gently. Once he touched her, he felt her temperature as it mixed with his own.

No fever. That's great.

The man's hands were cold, and it caused the woman to flinch slightly, but soon, her face relaxed and her complexion improved.

Kang Jun smiled at the girl as he watched her chest rise and fall with every breath she took. The sound of her soft exhales tickled and warmed his heart and body as if he could feel her breathing on his own skin.

He s.h.i.+vered slightly, and his hand moved from her forehead to her cheek. His hand traced the contours of her face before he touched her lips with his thumb.

Lu AnLing's warm breath could be felt.

Kang Jun wanted to climb into bed with her and hold her safely in his arms, but he knew he shouldn't. He pushed himself away from her bed.

He had to back away before he did something stupid. He was beginning to question his sanity.

He was drained because of the day's previous events and it didn't help that he hadn't been sleeping well for weeks but it didn't explain the strange sensation growing within him. It was almost uncontrollable and he didn't like it one bit, but at the same time he had an inkling that it would only grow.

Kang Jun desired the girl. Not only in a corporal manner but in a way that he wanted to protect and possess her heart.

The feeling was foreign and strange but at the same time, it felt right. He didn't want others to possess her and he didn't want to see her hurt.

He knew that illness and the actions of people other than himself was something that he couldn't control but he felt as if he could become a G.o.d just to protect the girl.

His own thoughts and emotions made the man frown.

Kang Jun was never an irrational person, but the thoughts that traveled through his mind were completely crazy. Running his hand through his silky black hair, Kang Jun sighed.

He needed to calm down. He was becoming an idiot.

"Could desire make a person turn into an idiot?" Kang Jun muttered under his breath.

He hoped not.

Taking another minute, Kang Jun looked at Lu AnLing's sleeping face. After taking it in, for a moment, Kang Jun went to sit on a chair.

He watched Lu AnLing almost all evening, as he waited for her to wake up. There were some moments where he did some work and then others when he went to check the girl's temperature, but not for one moment did the man leave her side.

During this whole time, her phone had buzzed probably several dozen times. When the new bunch of buzzing came in, Kang Jun picked up her phone, ready to turn it off but just as he was doing that, the phone buzzed once more revealing all the notifications.

Kang Jun hadn't meant to read any of her messages but something suddenly caught his eye. It was a contact of Lu AnLing's named LoverboyMS.

As soon as Kang Jun saw that, he frowned hard, but once he read a couple of messages, Kang Jun could see that the boy was just a friend or rather, a very close relative.

Feeling slightly bad about reading her messages, Kang Jun turned to look at the sleeping girl. He felt a pang in his chest, that told him to turn off the phone and leave it at that.

He proceeded to do just that, but then suddenly, the phone buzzed again. This time, the person texting her didn't have a name. It was just a number, but looking at the number, Kang Jun's face twisted.

Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 88 Turning Into An Idio

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