Landing In The Fantastic World Chapter 10 Shangguan Yier

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The beautiful woman bowed towards the white clothed female, then pointed to Mu Yu beside her: "He is the new disciple, Mu Yu. I let him come and help young miss serve your rabbit."

The girl in white was also surprised. She didn't expect the beautiful woman to find a male disciple to take care of her rabbit.

She blinked her eyes that were as beautiful as the stars, and curiously looked towards Mu Yu, and said: "You … Will they really take care of the rabbits? "

This voice was too beautiful and soft, just like the sound of nature.

If he could stay by such a beautiful lady's side, even if it was just taking care of the rabbits, it would be a type of enjoyment!

Mu Yu quickly patted his chest and promised: "Of course, when I was young, I had rabbits raised in my house before, so I have a lot of experience in this field, so I hope that Miss can be at ease."

Actually, how did Mu Yu take care of any rabbits? He was just spouting nonsense, randomly blowing around.

Hearing Mu Yu's confident look, the white-clothed girl giggled. "Then, I'll have to trouble you to take care of the rabbits for me from now on."

"And my name is Shangguan Yier. You have already entered the sect, and can also be considered to be my junior brother. You can just call me senior sister from now on."

"It's only the first round, and it's already called junior and junior brother. Isn't this progress a bit too fast? I feel a bit embarra.s.sed, haha …"

Mu Yu secretly rejoiced in his heart.


"Trigger a one star mission, help Shangguan Yier take care of the rabbits."

"Mission reward: 1,000 experience points per day."

d.a.m.n, Big Bro System, you came at just the right time!

He had to do this mission before, and now he even gave her an extra 1000 experience points every day. Awesome!

After a few simple conversations, Mu Yu found out that Shangguan Yier was actually the granddaughter of the sect master of the Boundless Sect.

Her status was n.o.ble beyond compare, she was simply the little princess of the Immeasurable Sect.

The beautiful woman was called Qiu Yu Ming and was also an elder in charge of the Immeasurable Sect. Her Qiu Family was loyal to the Shangguan Family for generations, so she called Shangguan Yier Miss.

After the beautiful woman left, Shangguan Yier brought Mu Yu to the backyard where they keep rabbits.

Her pair of bright red eyes were staring straight at Shangguan Yier and Mu Yu, causing Mu Yu to be slightly baffled.

"One, two …" How many rabbits are there? "Senior sister, it's fine if you raise a rabbit, but don't tell me that you like to eat rabbit meat?"

Of course, Mu Yu would never say these words because he felt that he was lucky.

However, all of his expressions were seen by Shangguan Yier.

Shangguan Yier's cheeks slightly blushed, and said somewhat embarra.s.sedly: "There are indeed a lot of them, so it's been hard on you, Junior Brother. If Junior Brother can take good care of them for me, Senior Sister will naturally not treat you unfairly."

Once he heard that there were still rewards, Mu Yu's eyes immediately lit up, and said: "Senior Sister, there is no need to mention it, Junior Brother helping Senior Sister is only a matter of course, so why do I need Senior Sister to reward me?"

Thus, in the next few days, Mu Yu began to take care of these "n.o.ble" young masters of rabbits.

Three days later, when Mu Yu was feeding in the backyard, he found a rabbit who had been squatting in a corner the entire time.

Mu Yu was curious and quickly walked over. Picking him up, he carefully examined him.

He discovered that the rabbit's right hind leg had been pressed down by something heavy. Blood flowed out and its leg bones were fractured.

Nothing can happen to this rabbit!

Mu Yu hurriedly carried it and walked out of the courtyard.

"Junior brother, where are you going to carry my rabbit?"

At this moment, a light and agile voice sounded from behind him.

Landing In The Fantastic World Chapter 10 Shangguan Yier

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