Landing In The Fantastic World Chapter 51 Start Of Banquet

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"I've already collected all the herbs. I'm only missing a cauldron."

Mu Yu slightly muttered to himself, then left the guest room and walked out of the Bai Palace.

Early in the morning on the second day, the Bai Clan had already begun decorating the place with lanterns, bustling with work for Bai Ruolan's birthday.

After a while, the guests arrived.

The mansion was filled with joy and bustling with noise and excitement.

The banquet consisted of hundreds of tables, and all the famous people of the Holy City were invited.

Among them, there were many young men. Most of the people who came here this time, were towards Bai Ruolan.

Although they all knew that Bai Ruolan was terminally ill and would not live to be eighteen years old.

However, as long as they took Bai Ruolan as their wife, they would be son-in-law in the Atractylodes Macrocephala.

For the rest of his life, he would be rich and prosperous, and his status would be completely changed.

When Mu Yu walked into the banquet, the hundreds of tables were already filled up.

Little Princess and Tian Hanyu, who had a conflict with Mu Yu in the Hundred Herb Hall yesterday, were also present.

Beside them were well-dressed youths gathered at a table, discussing something.

At their table were princes, Young Prince s, sons of ministers, and disciples of large sects.

This was the symbol of the supreme status.

Mu Yu randomly found a spot with no one around. In any case, besides Bai Ruolan, he didn't have any other friends, so she wouldn't go and join in the fun.

Seeing Mu Yu's figure, Tian Hanyu revealed a disdainful look, but he suddenly thought of a plan in his heart, and laughed: "Sixth Prince, Young Prince, Brother Ye Chen, look at that young man in the corner, yesterday Princess and I saw that he was very close to Miss Bai, and even kissed me like he was our good son-in-law in Miss Bai's heart."

After hearing what Tian Hanyu said, they frowned. They had come here for Bai Ruolan today, but they did not expect someone to take the initiative.

Sixth Prince's eyes looked at the Little Princess, who immediately nodded, and said: "That is indeed the case."

After hearing the little princess' affirmation, Sixth Prince's expression became sullen, he slammed the table and said: "Which family is he a disciple from, why have I never seen him in the Sacred City?"

"Him? "Family?" Tian Hanyu scoffed, "I've investigated him. He's just a wandering ranger, he's not the descendant of some aristocratic family."

The expressions of those present relaxed as disdain flashed in their eyes. He was just a travelling adventurer, how could he compare to them?

The Young Prince snorted, a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he said: "I hope he knows his place, and doesn't have any presumptuous thoughts, if not, I will make sure he doesn't return."

"To be able to be highly regarded by Miss Bai, he must not be an ordinary person. Why don't we go greet him?"

The corner of Ye Chen's mouth curled up into a smile. Combined with his natural temperament and feminine looks, even the little princess, who was sitting beside him, was a little stunned.

Ye Chen was also one of the Misty Cloud Seven Prides, he was only ranked at the bottom, which was not as good as Hu Qinfeng and Mo Lan.

Compared to the t.i.tle of the Misty Cloud Seven, he also had the t.i.tle of the most beautiful man in the Misty Cloud Sect, and was greatly loved and respected by the female disciples in the sect.

And on top of the Mu Yu Mountain, Ye Chen had coincidentally left the mountain, so Ye Chen did not know anything about Mu Yu's actions in the Misty Cloud Sect.

Just as Mu Yu had nothing to do and was preparing to close his eyes and rest, Tian Hanyu walked over with the rest.

"Brother Mu, I'm afraid sitting alone in a corner would be very boring. Do you mind if we share a table with you?"

Landing In The Fantastic World Chapter 51 Start Of Banquet

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